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Better NPC Names 1.0.4

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Message added by Krungh Crow,
  • API Provided to monetize all npc names in the same style 
  • Fixes npc Corpse Display Name
  • Injects the corpse with fat and skulls.
  • Fixes the loot transferred from npc to corpse.
  • Optional clears either (main/belt/wearables)

this does more then just rename the npc's it fixes allot of other stuff with npc

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About Better NPC Names

Better NPC Names wil give the nameless NPC's a title and/or name instead of their id number or NPC type.
And has API to monetize your npc naming if other plugins are willing to use it.

Features :

  • Setup custom titles
  • Names will be generated on random
  • Generated names will be having a Uppercase first letter
  • A random initial can be generated.
  • Set up how you want your npc name to be
  • This will not modify existing custom npc names
  • Corpse name will be having the npc full title and name instead of the generic Scarecrow or Scientist titles
  • Option to use a player corpse panel instead of a simple box panel. (New v1.1.4)
  • Does not interfere with BotReSpawn npc's
  • Waits for server to be fully initiated after a restart or wipe before naming the npc
  • When other plugins use the API the Name Buildup will be used from this config monetizing the npc names

Extra Bonus Features :

  • Corpses of the npc will contain skulls body fat and human meat
  • Corpses will take over npc inventory from custom npc
  • Option to clear default loot
  • Option to clear Beltbar items
  • Option to clear Clothingbar items
  • API support for other plugins

Configuration :

  • {Title} : Uses the [Npc Titles]  variables for each type
  • {RandomName} : Uses the location for the generated name
  • {RandomLetter} : Location for a initial

You can change the naming order around , see the examples below :

  •  "{Title} {RandomName} {RandomLetter}"
  •  "{RandomName} {RandomLetter}"
  •  "{Title} {RandomLetter} {RandomName}"
  •  "{Title} {RandomName}"


  "Name the npcplayertest": true,
  "Npc Titles": {
    "Frankenstein": "Franky",
    "Scarecrow": "Crow",
    "Scientist": "Doctor",
    "UnderwaterDweller": "Subber",
    "TunnelDweller": "Rail worker",
    "npcplayertest": "testplayer"
  "Name Buildup": "{Title}{RandomLetter}.{RandomName}",
  "Corpse setup": {
    "Use Playercorpse": true,
    "Clear Deafault loot": false,
    "Clear Belt": true,
    "Clear Clothes": true


string GiveName(global::HumanNPC npc, string Title,bool UseName,bool UseLetter)
string GiveName(ScarecrowNPC npc, string Title,bool UseName,bool UseLetter)

example call :

if (BetterNpcNames != null) npc.displayName = (BetterNpcNames.Call<string>("GiveName",npc , configData.NpcTitle, true, true));


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