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About Random Tips

Send Gametip messages on a timed interval to online players

Features :

  • Simple configuration.
  • Sends Gametip messages on a configurable timed interval and duration (seconds).
  • Can use a permission to ignore a player to get the messages.
  • API support for other plugins to use its simplified queue system.

Permissions :

  • randomtips.exclude : To exclude the player from getting the Gametips sent by this plugin

Configuration :

  • Show Messages is set to false by default so it will not run the standard messages on plugin install.
  • If you don't want to use a prefix , then you can leave it empty.
  • Warning tips (RED) have a max lifetime of 5 seconds


  "Show Messages": true,
  "Prefix": "[YourServer] ",
  "Interval (seconds)": 600,
  "Global Tip Duration (seconds)": 5.0,
  "Show as warning (max 5 sec)": false,
  "Messages": [
    "Join our Discord ,Click <color=orange>[view webpage]</color> button.",
    "We run several cool Plugins !",
    "Grab one of our kits using /kit .",
    "<color=red>Color</color> code is supported"


void TIP(BasePlayer player, string message, float dur , bool warning)

example call

RandomTips?.Call("TIP", player, "Your text here", 6f ,true);


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