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Welcome Music 1.0.9

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About Welcome Music

Play music for players when they join the server...

You can set music to play for the players when join they the server, support setting playback delay and duration.

And supports playback for first-time join the server player only.

Chat Command:

/wm   -  Disable / Enable the Welcome Music.

/musicto <Player> <MusicURL> <MusicDuration> - Play music for target player (Requires welcomemusic.toplayer permission).

/musicall <MusicURL> <MusicDuration> - Play music for all player (Requires welcomemusic.toplayer permission).

/testwm  -  Test Welcome Music (Not need to rejoin the server | only admin) .

Console Command:

musicto <Player> <MusicURL> <MusicDuration> - Play music for target player.

musicall <MusicURL> <MusicDuration> - Play music for all player.


  "Permission Name": "welcomemusic.use",
  "Need Permission": true,
  "Music URL": "https://yourwebsite.com/music.mp3",
  "Use Random List": false,
  "Random Music URL List (URL | Duration)": {
    "https://github.com/blgarust/music/raw/main/NeverGonnaGiveYouUp.mp3": 30.0,
    "https://github.com/blgarust/music/raw/main/WelcomeToOurServer.mp3": 5.0
  "Music Duration (sec)": 15.0,
  "Music Delay (sec)": 5.0,
  "Only first-time join the server": false,
  "(First-time) Music URL (Empty = none)": "",
  "(First-time) Music Duration (sec)": 15.0,
  "Players can disable the WelcomeMusic (/wm)": false,
  "Welcome Message (Empty = No Message)": "Welcome To Our Server, Now playing music for you~ (You can use command /wm to disable)"


  1. Music URL must be a valid mp3 stream link.
  2. Not recommended to set the music duration to more than 30 seconds.
  3. You must have a space where you can upload your .mp3 file (You can upload to Github).
  4. Music delay is how many seconds after the player join the server before music is played.
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