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About NPC Grenades

Simple plugin to turn F1 Grenades into throwable NPC spawners! Spawn Bears, Wolves, Scientists, Murderers, Scarecrows, Heavy Scientists, Bradley APC and more wherever the grenade lands and explodes!


  • Optional support for Teams, Clans, Friends (Spawned NPC wont target)
  • Enable/Disable different types
  • Optional permissions for greater control
  • Support for Server Rewards, Economics etc
  • Configure number to spawn, radius, aggression range and many more via data file
  • Set spawned NPCs as Turret, Bradley, NPC & Animal safe
  • Optional Sleeper Safe option


  • npcgrenades.bear
  • npcgrenades.wolf
  • npcgrenades.boar
  • npcgrenades.stag
  • npcgrenades.chicken
  • npcgrenades.scientist
  • npcgrenades.heavy
  • npcgrenades.juggernaut
  • npcgrenades.murderer
  • npcgrenades.scarecrow
  • npcgrenades.mummy
  • npcgrenades.bradley
  • npcgrenades.admin (required to use give command)

Chat Commands:

  • /npcnade.give <type> <player>

Console Commands:

  • npcnade.give <type> <SteamID>



There are many configurable options within the data file ("/oxide/data/NPCGrenades.json"). Below is an explanation of the different variables:

Name - The display name of the NPC (and corpse/backpack for human NPC)

Prefab - The path to the prefab for that NPC (Do not change!)

Health - The starting health of the NPC

KillInSafeZone - Kills NPC spawned in any safe zone

DespawnTime - The time in seconds until the NPC despawns if not killed

NumberToSpawn - Number of NPC to spawn from each grenade

SpawnRadius - If NumberToSpawn is greater than 1, NPC will spawn randomly within this radius

GrenadeSkinID - The item skin ID for the custom grenades (Do not change!)

Permission - The permission for that NPC which will be registered when plugin loads

ExplosionSound - Path to the explosions sound played when the NPC spawns


Human NPC Specific:

SightRange - How far away the NPC can spot targets

RoamRange - How far from the spawn point the NPC will roam

AggressionRange - The distance that the NPC will become aggro on targets

DamageScale - Damage multiplier for the NPC, 1.0 is normal, 2.0 is double, etc

RadioChatter - Enable/Disable radio sound effects (Scientist NPC only)

DeathSound - Enable/Disable death sound when NPC dies (Scientist NPC only)

KitList - List of any kits you wish the NPC to use, if more than one, kits will be chosen at random (requires Rust Kits plugin)


Bradley Specific:

ViewDistance - How far the Bradley can see targets

SearchRange - How far the Bradley will search for targets

PatrolRange - The size of the area the Bradley will travel within when spawns

PatrolPathNodes - When a grenade spawns a Bradley, it will add this many patrol points within the PatrolRange

ThrottleResponse - How quickly the Bradley will accelerate

CratesToSpawn - How many crates to spawn when destroyed


Coming Soon:

More corpse loot options such as strip corpse loot, keep kit loot etc.



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