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Thank you for looking at my plugin, if you have any questions or if you need help, please open a Support Thread or reach out to me on my Discord at https://discord.gg/pJCtT4KWdt

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About NPC Grenades

Simple plugin to turn F1 Grenades into throwable NPC spawners! Spawn Bears, Wolves, Scientists, Murderers, Scarecrows, Heavy Scientists, Bradley APC and more wherever the grenade lands and explodes!


  • Optional support for Teams, Clans, Friends (Spawned NPC wont target)
  • Enable/Disable different types
  • Optional permissions for greater control
  • Support for Server Rewards, Economics etc
  • MANY configurable options via the config and data file
  • Configure number to spawn, radius, aggression range, kits, option to strip corpse loot or not etc...
  • Set spawned NPCs as Turret, Bradley, NPC & Animal safe
  • Optional Sleeper Safe setting
  • Compatible with NPC plugins such as Zombie Horde, BotReSpawn etc.


  • npcgrenades.bear
  • npcgrenades.polarbear
  • npcgrenades.wolf
  • npcgrenades.boar
  • npcgrenades.stag
  • npcgrenades.chicken
  • npcgrenades.scientist
  • npcgrenades.heavy
  • npcgrenades.juggernaut
  • npcgrenades.tunnel
  • npcgrenades.underwater
  • npcgrenades.murderer
  • npcgrenades.scarecrow
  • npcgrenades.mummy
  • npcgrenades.bradley
  • npcgrenades.admin (required to use give command)

Universal Commands (Prefix with / when using in chat):

  • npcnade.give <NPCType> <PlayerName/SteamID>

(NPCType is the same as the permission but without prefix "npcgrenades.")



There are many configurable options within the data file ("/oxide/data/NPCGrenades.json"). Below is an explanation of the different variables:

Name - The display name of the NPC (and corpse/backpack for human NPC).

Prefab - The path to the prefab for that NPC (Do not change!).

Health - The starting health (HP) of the NPC.

MaxRoamRange: Maximum distance the NPC will roam from spawn point.

SenseRange: Max distance (m) NPC can sense threats.

ListenRange: Max distance (m) NPC can hear.

AggroRange: Distance NPC will become hostile to threats.

DeAggroRange: Distance NPC will stop becoming hostile towards a previously hostile target.

TargetLostRange: Distance at which a NPC will stop looking for a target.

MemoryDuration: Memory time of NPC in seconds.

VisionCone: FOV in degrees of the NPCs line of sight.

CheckVisionCone: NPC only becomes aggro on threats within it's VisionCone.

CheckLOS: NPC only attacks if has line of sight.

IgnoreNonVisionSneakers: Threats crouch-walking outside of the NPC VisionCone are ignored.

DamageScale: Damage scale as a percentage.

PeaceKeeper: NPC only attacks hostile targets.

IgnoreSafeZonePlayers: Players in Safe Zones are ignored.

RadioChatter: Scientist radio chatter enabled or not.

DeathSound: Scientist death sound enabled or not.

NumberToSpawn: Number of NPC to spawn.

SpawnRadius: Radius in which NPCs spawn if NumberToSpawn is greater than 1.

DespawnTime: How long before the NPCs are despawned if not killed.

KillInSafeZone - Kills NPC spawned in any safe zone

StripCorpseLoot: Strip corpse of all loot when killed if true. If false, bots will keep their loot/kits.

KitList: List of all kits which this NPC can use. If more than 1 kit, they are chosen at random.

Speed: Overall maximum speed of NPC (default = 6.2).

Acceleration: How quickly the NPC can get up to speed (default = 12.0).

FastSpeedFraction: Running speed of the NPC between 0.1 - 1.0 (default = 1.0).

NormalSpeedFraction: Normal walking speed of the NPC between 0.1 - 1.0 (default = 0.5).

SlowSpeedFraction: Slower walking speed of the NPC between 0.1 - 1.0 (default = 0.3).

SlowestSpeedFraction: Slowest walking speed of the NPC between 0.1 - 1.0 (default = 0.1).

LowHealthMaxSpeedFraction: Walking speed of NPC when health is critical (default = 0.5).

TurnSpeed: How quickly the NPC can turn around (default = 120.0).

GrenadeSkinID - The item skin ID for the custom grenades (Do not change!)

ExplosionSound - Path to the explosions sound played when the NPC spawns

DefaultLoadout - The default items the NPC should spawn with if no Kits specified


Bradley Specific:

ViewDistance - How far the Bradley can see targets

SearchRange - How far the Bradley will search for targets

PatrolRange - The size of the area the Bradley will travel within when spawns

PatrolPathNodes - When a grenade spawns a Bradley, it will add this many patrol points within the PatrolRange

ThrottleResponse - How quickly the Bradley will accelerate

CratesToSpawn - How many crates to spawn when destroyed


Item SkinIDs (For Shops):

Scientist: 2640541557

Heavy Scientist: 2640541496

Juggernaut: 2647297156

Tunnel Dweller: 2676146196

Underwater Dweller: 2676146329

Murderer: 2643502595

Scarecrow: 2647297210

Mummy: 2643385137

Bear: 2647301111

Polar Bear: 2868239755

Wolf: 2647303718

Boar: 2643502513

Stag: 2647297256

Chicken: 2647297056

Bradley APC: 2643385052


Example for Bradley APC Grenade in ServerRewards Shop:

    "grenade.f1_2643385052": {
      "shortname": "grenade.f1",
      "customIcon": null,
      "amount": 1,
      "skinId": 2643385052,
      "isBp": false,
      "category": 6,
      "displayName": "Bradley Grenade",
      "cost": 2500,
      "cooldown": 0

For other grenade types, copy the above but change the relevant SkinID to what type of NPC you want from the list above.

If you get stuck, open a Support request.



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