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About Kits

A unique kits system with the greatest possible functionality and beautiful design



  • Beautiful user interface
  • Performance
  • Auto kits
  • Auto wipe (optional)
  • Can give custom items
  • Can give commands
  • Advanced item settings
  • Work with CopyPaste
  • Delay after wipe (optional)
  • Block of receiving a set in Building Block (optional)
  • Logging (optional)
  • Chances of kit items (optional)
  • Skills support


  • kit open interface
  • kit help get help with kits
  • kit autokit enable/disable autokit
  • kit list get a list of available kits
  • kit [name] get the kit
  • kits.resetkits delete all kits and player data
  • kits.resetdata reset player data
  • kits.give [name/steamid] [kitname] give the player a kit
  • kits.convert convert from old Kits


  • private string[] canRedeemKit(BasePlayer player)
  • private void OnKitRedeemed(BasePlayer player, string kitName)
  • private double OnKitCooldown(BasePlayer player, double cooldown)



  • private string[] GetAllKits()
  • private object GetKitInfo(string kitname)
  • private string[] GetKitContents(string kitname)
  • private double GetKitCooldown(string kitname)
  • private double PlayerKitCooldown(ulong ID, string kitname)
  • private int KitMax(string kitname)
  • private double PlayerKitMax(ulong ID, string kitname)
  • private string KitImage(string kitname)
  • private bool IsKit(string kitname)
  • private bool isKit(string kitname)
  • private void GetKitNames(List<string> list)
  • private double GetPlayerKitCooldown(ulong userId, string name)
  • private void SetPlayerCooldown(ulong userId, string name, int amount)
  • private int GetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name)
  • private void SetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name, int amount)
  • private JObject GetKitObject(string name)
  • private int GetKitMaxUses(string name)
  • private string GetKitDescription(string name)
  • private string GetKitImage(string name)





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