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About Kits

Unique kit system with the highest possible functionality and beautiful design. This will please you (no need to sit in the config every time, and try to fill in some incomprehensible values, etc. You just start editing items right in the game), and your players (convenient, clear, informative interface).



  • Beautiful user interface
  • Performance
  • Setup kits and items immediately in the game
  • Auto kits
  • Auto wipe (optional)
  • Can give custom items
  • Can give commands
  • Advanced item settings
  • Work with CopyPaste
  • Delay after wipe (optional)
  • Block of receiving a set in Building Block (optional)
  • Logging (optional)
  • Chances of kit items (optional)
  • Skills support


  • kit (open interface)
  • kit help (get help with kits)
  • kit autokit (enable/disable autokit)
  • kit list (get a list of available kits)
  • kit [name] (get the kit)
  • kits.resetkits (delete all kits)
  • kits.give [name/steamid] [kitname] (give the player a kit)
  • kits.convert (convert from umod Kits)


private string[] canRedeemKit(BasePlayer player)

private void OnKitRedeemed(BasePlayer player, string kitName)

private double OnKitCooldown(BasePlayer player, double cooldown)



private string[] GetAllKits()

private object GetKitInfo(string kitname)

private string[] GetKitContents(string kitname)

private double GetKitCooldown(string kitname)

private double PlayerKitCooldown(ulong ID, string kitname)

private int KitMax(string kitname)

private double PlayerKitMax(ulong ID, string kitname)

private string KitImage(string kitname)

private bool IsKit(string kitname)

private bool isKit(string kitname)

private void GetKitNames(List<string> list)

private double GetPlayerKitCooldown(ulong userId, string name)

private void SetPlayerCooldown(ulong userId, string name, int amount)

private int GetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name)

private void SetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name, int amount)

private JObject GetKitObject(string name)

private int GetKitMaxUses(string name)

private string GetKitDescription(string name)

private string GetKitImage(string name)





Q: I have a question/problem. What should I do?

A: You can write to me in a PM on the site, create a ticket. Or write me in Discord: Mevent#4546

Q: Does the Kits plugin support other plugins?
A: Yes, this Kits plugin has an API similar to other popular kits plugins. If the plugin works with Kits - it works with this plugin too.


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