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Found 10 results

  1. Steenamaroo


    Version 1.1.6


    Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition. Configurable via UI. General information. Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed. Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents. Notes : Please make sure that the weapons you're giving to the npcs are suitable. Oilrig npcs, in particular, seem to become stupid with certain weapons. Place weapon in the first, left-most, slot of the kit's belt container. Optional dependencies. Kits. Permissions. NPCKits.allowed - allows use of UI customisation, by chat command. Chat commands. /npckits - Opens UI, if user has NPCKits.allowed permission Configuration. NPC types. Military Tunnel Junkpile Scientist Mounted Scientist (CH47) Compound Scientist BanditTown ScareCrow CargoShip HeavyScientists Excavator OilRig Launch Site Airfield Trainyard MissionProviders (fishing/stables/bandit) Boat Shopkeeper Bandit Shopkeeper Desert Scientist (roamtethered) Options per type: "enabled": false, "Kits": [], "Health": 100, "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 100, "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100, "Dropped_Weapon_Has_Ammo_Percent_Chance": 100, "Wipe_Default_Weapons", Removes default spawn weapons from npcs. "Wipe_Default_Clothing", Removes default spawn attire from npcs. "Wipe_Main_Inventory_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in main by Kits plugin "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in clothing by Kits plugin "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in belt by Kits plugin "Default_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 - Remove from corpse default loot given by Rust Note : Kits follows the same format as BotSpawn kits. If multiple are listed, one is chosen at random each time. "Kits":["Kit One"] "Kits":["Kit One", "Kit Two", "Kit Three"] API: Object hook OnNpcKits(ulong) is provided. Return non null to prevent this plugin from giving kits to your spawned npcs.
  2. Mevent


    Version 1.2.4


    Unique kit system with the highest possible functionality and beautiful design. This will please you (no need to sit in the config every time, and try to fill in some incomprehensible values, etc. You just start editing items right in the game), and your players (convenient, clear, informative interface). Features: Beautiful user interface Performance Setup kits and items immediately in the game Auto kits Auto wipe (optional) Can give custom items Can give commands Advanced item settings Work with CopyPaste Delay after wipe (optional) Block of receiving a set in Building Block (optional) Logging (optional) Chances of kit items (optional) Skills support Commands kit (open interface) kit help (get help with kits) kit autokit (enable/disable autokit) kit list (get a list of available kits) kit [name] (get the kit) kits.resetkits (delete all kits) kits.give [name/steamid] [kitname] (give the player a kit) kits.convert (convert from umod Kits) Hooks private string[] canRedeemKit(BasePlayer player) private void OnKitRedeemed(BasePlayer player, string kitName) private double OnKitCooldown(BasePlayer player, double cooldown) API private string[] GetAllKits() private object GetKitInfo(string kitname) private string[] GetKitContents(string kitname) private double GetKitCooldown(string kitname) private double PlayerKitCooldown(ulong ID, string kitname) private int KitMax(string kitname) private double PlayerKitMax(ulong ID, string kitname) private string KitImage(string kitname) private bool IsKit(string kitname) private bool isKit(string kitname) private void GetKitNames(List<string> list) private double GetPlayerKitCooldown(ulong userId, string name) private void SetPlayerCooldown(ulong userId, string name, int amount) private int GetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name) private void SetPlayerKitUses(ulong userId, string name, int amount) private JObject GetKitObject(string name) private int GetKitMaxUses(string name) private string GetKitDescription(string name) private string GetKitImage(string name) Video FAQ Q: I have a question/problem. What should I do? A: You can write to me in a PM on the site, create a ticket. Or write me in Discord: Mevent#4546 Q: Does the Kits plugin support other plugins? A: Yes, this Kits plugin has an API similar to other popular kits plugins. If the plugin works with Kits - it works with this plugin too. Config and Data Examples Config Data
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a collection of kits for the Kits plugin by Mevent. They are primarily for NPC characters, and perfect for roleplaying servers. If you're using NPCKits, or BotReSpawn, this is definitely the package for you. Once you have downloaded the file, you can place it in your oxide/data/Kits/Kits.json file. Each kit listed below has varying styles. The format for the line item is as follows: Kit Name, Clothing Variations, Weapon Variations Each kit if they have more then one clothing variation has the same weapon variations. For example, if the kit named "test" had 2 clothing variations, and 6 weapon variations, that means that a total of 12 kit profiles have been generated for that kit name. If the kit name only has one number next to it (i.e. "Kit Name,2"), that means that there is only one clothing variation, and 2 weapon variations. All weapon variations have a different skin for each variant, so they aren't just unskinned weapons. Boom,2 Bewm,1 Captain Flynt,2 BadMaw,1 Pyro Pete,1 The Sandman,1 Bandit Guard,7 Bandit Shopkeeper,3 Boat Shopkeeper,1 Shipmate,3,5 Outpost Guard,5 Desert Scientist,5 Excavator Miner,7 Mission Giver,1 (Just a Nomad Suit, and a skinned gun) Roughneck,3,7 Tunnel Rat,1,14 Underwater Dweller,1,8 Office Staff,4 Rocket Scientist,3 Launchsite Security,3 Radiation Cleaner,6 Cargo Worker,4 Heavy Equipment Operator,4 The Forgotten,4 Butcher,3 Pilot,8 Airplane Mechanic,4 Arctic Explorer,6 Ship Repairman,4 Scrapper,4 Car Mechanic,4 Miner,1 Cashier,1 Safety Inspector,4 Plumber,4 Electrician,8 Conductor,3 Radio Technician,2 Farmer,1
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Armored Train Information Cheat Sheet This configuration is an easy setup for both above ground and below ground. The setup takes into account that there shouldn't be a helicopter that spawns with the underground trains, and also makes the bradley's that spawn underground a bit easier to kill. It also features 16 different train cars. 8 Loot cars, 4 Bradley Cars, and 4 SAM Site cars. All split into either easy, medium, hard, or expert difficulties. There are also easy, medium, hard, and expert locomotives as well. To better see all the train cars, use the "atrainstart testing" command and a train will spawn with all cars except the caboose, as that is just a standard car. The order of the train cars on the testing train are as follows: easy_loot_1 easy_loot_2 medium_loot_1 medium_loot_2 hard_loot_1 hard_loot_2 expert_loot_1 expert_loot_2 bradley_easy bradley_medium bradley_hard bradley_expert samsite_easy samsite_medium samsite_hard samsite_expert NPCs I have also included the Kits data. This data is used by the Kits plugin by Mevent. You don't necessarily need this plugin, however you do need to have some type of kits plugin installed in order to get the kits to spawn on the npcs. You can make the kits yourself, and not have to edit the ArmoredTrain config as long as you set the kit name to what is defined below. npc_easy Health: 150 Kit Name: npc.armoredtrain.easy npc_medium Health: 150 Kit Name: npc.armoredtrain.medium npc_hard Health: 175 Kit Name: npc.armoredtrain.hard npc_expert Health: 200 Kit Name: npc.armoredtrain.expert Conductor Kit Name: npc.armoredtrain.conductor Available Train Cars SAM Sites samsite_easy Sam Site Health: 250 Number of Turrets: 2 samsite_medium Sam Site Health: 500 Number of Turrets: 2 samsite_hard Sam Site Health: 750 Number of Turrets: 2 samsite_expert Sam Site Health: 000 Number of Turrets: 2 Bradley Cars bradley_easy Health Per Bradley: 150HP Number of Bradleys: 1 Number of Turrets: 2 bradley_medium Health Per Bradley: 250HP Number of Bradleys: 1 Number of Turrets: 2 bradley_hard Health Per Bradley: 350HP Number of Bradleys: 2 bradley_expert Health Per Bradley: 500HP Number of Bradleys: 2 Loot Cars All loot cars expect you to use the AlphaLoot plugin as that is what is set to default by this config. If you aren't using AlphaLoot you can change what the loot table is by replacing the following line in the config with its replacement below: Find This Line "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot; 4 - Add Items)": 2 Replace With: "Which loot table should the plugin use? (0 - default; 1 - own; 2 - AlphaLoot; 3 - CustomLoot; 4 - Add Items)": 0 easy_loot_1 1 Military Crates 1 Elite Crate 1 Normal Crate 1 Locked Crate 2 Easy Turrets 1 NPC easy_loot_2 1 Normal Crates 1 Locked Crate 2 Military Crate 2 Easy Turrets 1 NPC medium_loot_1 2 Military Crates 2 Elite Crate 1 Locked Crate 2 Medium Turrets 2 NPC medium_loot_2 2 Military Crates 2 Elite Crates 2 Heli Crates 2 Medium Turrets 2 NPC hard_loot_1 2 Heli Crates 1 Bradley Crates 1 Elite Crate 1 Locked Crate 2 Hard Turrets 2 NPC hard_loot_2 1 Heli Crates 2 Bradley Crates 1 Elite Crate 1 Locked Crate 2 Hard Turrets 2 NPC expert_loot_1 2 Heli Crates 2 Bradley Crates 2 Elite Crates 1 Locked Crate 2 Expert Turrets 1 Hard Turret 3 NPC expert_loot_2 2 Bradley Crates 2 Locked Crates 2 Elite Crates 2 Expert Turrets 1 Hard Turret 3 NPC
  5. Sabby


    Version 2.0.4


    Spawn in a lift ,parts ,modules ,chassis or car with permissions and shared cooldown. They still need to be fixed before driven ! Features : Updating to v2.0.0 will reset the garage prices only (backup the cfg file) !!! Set kits and sell them through the shop Use of Economics or ServerRewards (combined to 1 button as of v2.0.0) Configurable colors/backgrounds/transparency/buttons This is a Garage so no complete vehicles incl parts attached are planned in the near future Logging of each sale or attempt to a misbuy is saved in the log folder Garage is now able to use HumanNPC vendors. Changes made in 2.0.0 Rewrite of the plugin (phase 1) Added additional kit checks and added a chat message if not. Currency will now be combined into 1 purchase button for Eco/SR Backup your config price settings (images colors remain) Naming of prices changed this will reset all prices to the ones set in the plugin. Relocated buttons and images accordingly Added the Armored Passenger Module Permissions : garage.use : for using the Plugin garage.usenpc : Grants permission to use HumanNPC shops (new) garage.nocost : for free purchases (Shows in the UI you have the Free perm) garage.nocooldown : to have no cooldown on spawning them in Commands : /garage ui or /garage : to open Garage Shop /garage info : to show the commands and info in chat Logfiles : Log files are found in the oxide.logs folder garage_kits : All actions by using Kits will be in this file saving purchases errors and/or if the player didnt had enough cash garage_sales : Will list all sales/errors and/or players didnt had enough cash regarding buying parts/cars/chassis/modules Configuration : For use with HumanNPC : you can add multiple npc id's to the configuration. Make sure the npc has a clear area to spawn the chassis and cars to make sure there is room for them. Place the npc outside would be highly recommended. You can also only give the Cars and Chassis a Shared cooldown to avoid spamming. What can you change in the cfg.json ? Can you spawn inside (false by default) Cooldown (only cars/chassis) Using ServerRewards Settings Using Economics Settings Background image Kit Images Modules images Parts Images Button colors (cars/chassis/modules/parts) , (lift) and (close button) each share their colors ( ). Button text colors (cars/chassis/modules/parts) , (lift) ,(close button) and kits each share their colors ( ). Can change the Garage Title text on topside and its color which is (Garage By Krungh Crow v1.0.8) by default. Prices for all the cars/chassis/mods/parts and kits For making kits u make a "KIT" you would normaly do then add just the kits name incl uppercases for example The kits can be configured like normal the cooldowns will be taken over from the kits plugin so if u set the cooldowns in the Kits.json config file it will use that cooldown same goes for the amount of times u can take it (kit Title) : To show a short description/name for the kit (Icon Url) : Link to the image used for the kit (Kit name ID) : full kit name (use the kitnameID from the kits plugin) (Price) : Price tag Set prices to 0 if you will be using the cooldowns from the kits plugin !!!!!! Example config below : { "Cooldown": 5, "BuildingSpawn": false, "NPC Vendor settings": { "Use NPC shop": true, "NPC Id's": [ "5769350144" ] }, "Use ServerRewards": true, "Use Economics": true, "Garage shop Title": "Midlands PVE Garage Shop", "Garage Text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 1", "Button color (RGBA)": "0.05 0 0 0.80", "Button text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 0.90", "Menu Button color (RGBA)": "0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0", "Close Button color (RGBA)": "0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0", "Close Button Text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 0.90", "Button Lift color (RGBA)": "0.05 0 0 0.80", "Button Lift Text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 0.90", "Use Background Image": false, "Garage shop Background Image Url": "https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/718923255574167665/768477956007526400/Garage-Poster.png", "Garage shop Background Transparancy (0-1)": 0.95, "Main page button icon Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/pLdsMQV/Green.png", "Modules page button icon Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/s1xqmTX/Purple.png", "Parts page button icon Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/Cbtx3rc/Blue.png", "Close button icon Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/84xBH5Y/Red.png", "Kits text color (RGBA)": "1 1 1 0.90", "Kit 1 (kit Title)": "HQ Engine Parts", "Kit 1 (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/2NpSvZX/parts.png", "Kit 1 (kit name ID)": "car1", "Kit 1 (Price)": 3999, "Kit 2 (kit Title)": "Mechanics Outfit", "Kit 2 (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/Vm5drNd/mechanics-outfit.png", "Kit 2 (kit name ID)": "mechanic", "Kit 2 (Price)": 500, "Kit 3 (kit Title)": "Refuell", "Kit 3 (Icon Url)": "https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/play-rust/images/2/26/Low_Grade_Fuel_icon.png/revision/latest?cb=20151110002210", "Kit 3 (kit name ID)": "fueling", "Kit 3 (Price)": 500, "Kit 4 (kit Title)": "Carkit 4 description", "Kit 4 (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/JBmNcC0/carkitpink.png", "Kit 4 (kit name ID)": "car4", "Kit 4 (Price)": 0, "Kit 5 (kit Title)": "Carkit 5 description", "Kit 5 (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/R3SXcvY/carkitred.png", "Kit 5 (kit name ID)": "car5", "Kit 5 (Price)": 0, "Kit 6 (kit Title)": "Carkit 6 description", "Kit 6 (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/Fs0VqDQ/carkitgreen.png", "Kit 6 (kit name ID)": "car6", "Kit 6 (Price)": 0, "Lift (Icon Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/Sfd2kxH/modularcarlift.png", "Lift (Button Text)": "Get A lift", "lift (Price)": 2500, "Simple Cockpit (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/tcg16yg/vehicle-1mod-cockpit.png", "Simple Cockpit (Price)": 1000, "Armored Cockpit (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/SPvDV9c/vehicle-1mod-cockpit-armored.png", "Armored Cockpit (Price)": 1500, "Cockpit+Engine (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/TtLNz4G/vehicle-1mod-cockpit-with-engine.png", "Cockpit+Engine (Price)": 1250, "Large Fuell Tank (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/2YSbbRD/vehicle-2mod-fuel-tank.png", "Large Fuelltank (Price)": 1000, "Engine (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/1dzkVVV/vehicle-1mod-engine.png", "Engine (Price)": 1250, "Short Flatbed (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/s62zLrg/vehicle-1mod-flatbed.png", "Short Flatbed (Price)": 1000, "Long Flatbed (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/VNMpXtp/vehicle-2mod-flatbed.png", "Long Flatbed (Price)": 1250, "Passenger Module (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/3cBtXSL/vehicle-2mod-passengers.png", "Passenger Module (Price)": 1500, "Rear Seat (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/KLJsdXQ/vehicle-1mod-rear-seats.png", "Rear Seat (Price)": 1250, "Storage Module Image Url": "https://i.ibb.co/BN2qFzp/vehicle-1mod-storage.png", "Storage Module (Price RP": 1500, "Armored Passenger Module (Image Url)": "https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/vehicle.1mod.passengers.armored.png", "Armored Passenger Module (Price)": 1500, "Camper Module (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/kQN6XQC/vehicle-2mod-camper.png", "Camper Module (Price)": 2000, "Taxi Module (Image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/HCLzx2S/vehicle-1mod-taxi.png", "Taxi Module (Price)": 1500, "Pistons Icon Url": "https://i.ibb.co/2qh1Q0G/pistons.png", "LQ Piston (Price)": 500, "MQ Piston (Price)": 750, "HQ Piston (Price)": 1000, "Crankshafts Icon Url": "https://i.ibb.co/THY34QF/cranks.png", "LQ Crankshaft (Price)": 500, "MQ Crankshaft (Price)": 750, "HQ Crankshaft (Price)": 1000, "Sparkplugs Icon Url": "https://i.ibb.co/YQ3g4sf/plugs.png", "LQ Sparkplug (Price)": 500, "MQ Sparkplug (Price)": 750, "HQ Sparkplug (Price)": 1000, "Valves Icon Url": "https://i.ibb.co/qkYPV9R/valves.png", "LQ Valve (Price)": 500, "MQ Valve (Price)": 750, "HQ Valve (Price)": 1000, "Carburetor Icon Url": "https://i.ibb.co/Wk9yQqz/carbs.png", "LQ Carburetor (Price)": 500, "MQ Carburetor (Price)": 750, "HQ Carburetor (Price)": 1000, "Small Chassis (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/VMbLdzN/chas2.png", "Small Chassis (Price)": 2500, "Medium Chassis (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/q0QRcqn/chas3.png", "Medium Chassis (Price)": 3500, "Large Chassis (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/164Fxxs/chas4.png", "Large Chassis (Price)": 4500, "Small Car (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/Tk38DWd/howard-schechtman-car1.jpg", "Small Car (Price)": 5000, "Nedium Car (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/vJWGtcw/howard-schechtman-car2.jpg", "Medium Car (Price)": 7500, "Large Car (image Url)": "https://i.ibb.co/zXpDRht/howard-schechtman-car3.jpg", "Large Car (Price)": 10000 } Localization : English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder. { "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use that command!", "InvalidInput": "Please enter a valid command!", "IndoorsBlocked": "You cannot spawn indoors only outside!", "Info": "\n\n/garage ui : to open the Garage Shop.\n/givelift to buy a lift directly", "Cooldown": "You are still on a cooldown!", "Spawned": "You spawned a {0}!", "Prefix": "<color=yellow>[Garage]</color> ", "Lift": "You just recieved a lift!", "BoughtSmallCar": "You just Bought a Small Car, Have fun!", "BoughtMediumCar": "You just Bought a Medium Car, Have fun!", "BoughtlargeCar": "You just Bought a Large Car, Have fun!", "BoughtSmallChas": "You just Bought a Small Chassis, Have fun!", "BoughtMediumChas": "You just Bought a Medium Chassis, Have fun!", "BoughtlargeChas": "You just Bought a Large Chassis, Have fun!", "FreeCar": "You just Got a free Car, Have fun!", "FreeChas": "You just Got a free Chassis, Have fun!", "Nokit": "No kit has been assigned!", "ReceivedCockpit": "You just recieved a simple cockpit!", "ReceivedCockpitArmored": "You just recieved a Armored Cockpit!", "ReceivedCockpitEngine": "You just recieved a Cockpit with a Engine attached!", "ReceivedFuelltank": "You just recieved a empty Large Fuelltank!", "ReceivedEngine": "You just recieved a Engine Module!", "ReceivedSingleFlatbed": "You just recieved a short Flatbed Module!", "ReceivedDualFlatbed": "You just recieved a Long Flatbed Module!", "ReceivedPassengers": "You just recieved a Passenger Module!", "ReceivedRearseat": "You just recieved a Rear Seat Module!", "ReceivedStoragemodule": "You just recieved a Storage Module!", "ReceivedArmoredPasmodule": "You just recieved a Passengers Armored Module!", "ReceivedTaximodule": "You just recieved a Taxi Module!", "ReceivedLowPart": "You just recieved a Low quality engine part!", "ReceivedMedPart": "You just recieved a Medium quality engine part!", "ReceivedHighPart": "You just recieved a High quality engine part!", "NoBallance": "You Dont have enough points!", "NotSet": "This currency is not set to true or not installed on this server!", "OnlyNPC": "The garage is only available at the Garage NPC in Town", "ReceivedCamper": "You just recieved a Camper Module!", "UIFreeBanner": "<color=green>For having Permission ,You get Items for Free</color> " } Credits * Steenamaroo for help with the cooldowns and ui

    Kits Menu

    Version 1.0.1


    The system creates kits, with a unique and minimalist design. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Eye-pleasing design Issuing an Auto Kit Autowipe sets and player dates Optimization Convenient loading of items in the kit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chat Commands: /kit - Open the Kit menu /kit new <namekit> - Create new Kit /kit remove <namekit> - Remove Kit /kit edit <namekit> - Update the items in the Kit /kit <namekit> - Take a Kit Console Commands: kit.wipe - Wipe Kit List and player dates kit.give <name/steamid> <namekit>I ssuing a kit to a player kit.reset - Return of the last sheet with the kits kit.list - Displays a list of all kits in the console -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- API: object GiveKit(BasePlayer player, string kitName) bool IsKit(string kitName) void GetKitNames(List<string> list) int GetKitMaxUses(string kitName) int GetKitCooldown(string kitName) int GetPlayerKitUses(ulong playerID, string kitName) double GetPlayerKitCooldown(ulong playerID, string kitName) string GetKitObject(string kitName) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configuration:
  7. Khan


    Version 1.0.0


    Designed to bring some call of duty-like feel to your server's game-play experience. You can set up permission-based loadouts or simply grant them loadouts.spawn which will allow them to spawn randomly with 1 of 3 random pre-configured basic loadouts If you wish to allow them to make their loadouts simply grant them the loadouts.use permission! There is a fully functional UI Limit Editor for admins/staff to use to control and limit what players can and cannot save/make into a loadout. Supports Custom Ammo, Skins, Container type, Bullet count, fuel, water, snow weapons, attachments, slot positions, stacks, etc Permissions loadouts.spawn - is required to spawn with any config saved loadouts or player-created/saved loadouts loadouts.use - is for players to create their own loadouts, not required for players to receive random/perm-based loadouts. loadouts.manage - is for the admin/owner to set up the default config loadouts Player commands for loadouts.spawn /loadout list - shows the player all available loadouts that they have permissions for "if any" /loadout select name - sets loadout on next respawn only works for players that have multiple permission-based loadouts assigned Player commands for loadouts.use /loadout rewrite name - rewrites existing loadout /loadout create name - creates loadout /loadout select name - sets loadout on next respawn /loadout remove name - removes loadout /loadout list - shows the player all available/saved loadouts Admin commands for loadouts.manage /loadout setnew <number> - a new number that does not already exist as a loadout, creates a new config permission-based loadout /loadout delete <number> - deletes permission saved config loadout and removes from all players that had permission to use it /loadout set 1 - 1 through 5 sets the server permissions based config loadouts permission loadouts are only given to players who you give permission to & the last permission granted is the one they will get /loadout random 1 - numbers 1 through 3 "defaults" sets / overwrites the selected random given config loadout /loadout randomnew 1 - numbers 1 through 3 already exist by default creates/adds a new random config loadout to the list /loadout randomremove 1 - 1 through 3 already exist doing so removes random selected loadout from the config/available list /loadout wipe - wipes the whole data file for loadouts /loadout reset < name or ID > - resets a specified players data file back to defaults /loadout ban - bans all items in your inventories /loadout unban - unbans all items in your inventories UI Limits Editor Search Bar Commands /loadoutedit - opens the UI Limits Editor for player created/saved loadouts. set used true - true or false sets that whole category set stacks true - true or false sets that whole category Notes * Container Limits that = 0 || Max Limits that get set to 0, means that item cannot be saved to a loadout. * If you have questions or require help please feel free to add & message me directly on Discord @Khan#8615 * You can use the UI Editor without needing the ImageLibrary plugin installed set this config option to true & reload the plugin "Disable ImageLibrary Requirement / Images for UI Editor": false, * Shout Out to all my Beta Testers + JBird for sending his config over and allowing me to provide you all with his defaults out of the box. TODO LIST * Add Currency Systems / Limits / Cooldowns * Add Player UI Limits Viewer / Builder * Add ability for players to buy / gift / earn loadouts * Add Lang API Support for multi lang * Add Arena Support / Hooks / Ability to lock loadouts to prevent items from being taken out of inventory * Add more features Lang File { "perm": "Requires {0} permission", "argc": "Invalid arguments: /loadout create <name>", "arge": "Loadout by that name already exists.", "argm": "Max Loadout limit of {0} has been reached", "rewritten": "Loadout {0} was rewritten and set as next respawn", "rewrittennew": "Loadout {0} was rewritten and set as next respawn \n Because one or more of your saved loadout items exceeded the new server limits", "created": "Loadout {0} created and set as next respawn", "argis": "Invalid arguments: /loadout select <name>", "argni": "Loadout by that name {0} does not exists.", "argperms": "You do not have permission to use this loadout", "selected": "Loadout {0} set.", "arga": "Available saved loadouts \nDo /loadout select name\n{0}", "argre": "Invalid arguments: /loadout remove <name>", "removed": "Loadout {0} removed.", "deleted": "{0} Successfully removed from config and all players", "default": "Successfully Updated config loadout for {0}", "createdperm": "Successfully Created config loadout {0}", "invalidcreation": "Invalid Creation, /loadout set new <number>", "wiped": "Loadout data wiped.", "banned": "Loadouts has banned all items in your inventory", "unbanned": "Loadouts has unbanned all items in your inventory", "stacked": "Stacked items are not allowed to be saved in a loadout", "banneditem": "\n This item is banned {0}", "banneditemnew": "\n This item is now banned {0} and will be removed from your loadout", "stacknotallowed": "Item {0} is not allowed to be saved as a stack", "stacknotallowednew": "Item {0} is not allowed to be saved as a stack anymore and will be reduced from your loadout as 1", "stacknotallowednewlimit": "Item {0} is not allowed to be saved as a {1} stack anymore and \n will be reduced from your loadout to the new limit of {2}", "maxslot": "Max stacksize for {0} is {1}", "maxslots": "Max Slot Limit per container for {0} is {1} \n Used are not counted unless stacked", "maxitemlimit": "Maximum Item Limit for {0} is {1} \n You have {2}", "maxitemlimitnew": "New Maximum Item Limit for {0} is {1} \n You had {2} and will be reduced", "maxslotlimit": "Maximum Slot Limit for {0} is {1} \n You have {2}", "maxslotlimitnew": "New Maximum Slot Limit for {0} is {1} \n You have {2} and will be reduced", "zeroloadouts": "Zero Saved Loadouts found, Create one! \n /loadout create name", "pminvalidcreate": "Invalid syntax: Options are /loadout <create> <rewrite> <select> <remove> <list>", "pminvalidset": "Invalid syntax: Options are /loadout <setnew> <set> <delete> <random> <wipe> <ban> <unban>", "InvalidSearch": "Wrong input please do /loadout reset name or id", "playersfound": "Multiple players were found, please specify: {0}", "noplayersfound": "No players found with name or ID '{0}'", "resetplayer": "You have successfully reset {0}, {1} loadout data file!", "permgranted": "You have been granted {0} permission, loadout is now set for next respawn!", "permrevoked": "You have been removed from {0}! next default is now set", "permwiped": "You have been removed from loadouts.use! personal loadouts where cleared!", "wrong": "Invalid Selection {0} does not exist", "wrongrandom": "Invalid Selection random loadout {0} does not exist\n Available selection is {1}", "randomexist": "This random loadout {0} already exists please choose a different number", "randomcreated": "Successfully Written random loadout {digit} to the config!", "randomremoved": "Successfully Removed random loadout {digit} from the config!", "randomerror": "Please do /loadout randomnew <number that is not currently in use>", "randomerrordelete": "Please do /loadout randomremove <number that is currently in use>" } Config File { "Enable Console Logs": false, "Set Max Player Saved Loadouts": 3, "Enable Item Limits": true, "Chat Prefix": "<color=#32CD32>Loadouts</color>: ", "Sets global command prefix": "loadout", "Enable UI Editor": true, "Disable ImageLibrary Requirement / Images for UI Editor": false, "Sets GUI Editor command": "loadoutedit", "Sets Default Category to open": "Attire", "UI - Background Image Url": "https://i.imgur.com/DU7995V.jpg", "Sets any item to this image if image library does not have one for it.": "https://imgur.com/BPM9UR4.png", "UI - Text Settings": { "Loadout Editor Welcome Msg": "Loadouts Editor ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜", "UI - Filter Label": "Search", "UI - Stack Size Label": "<color=#81d4fa>Stack Size</color>", "UI - Container Item Limit Label": "<color=#81d4fa>Container Limit</color>", "UI - Max Item Limit Label": "<color=#81d4fa>Max Limit</color>", "UI - Back Button Text": "◀", "UI - Forward Button Text": "▶", "UI - Close Label": "✖" }, "UI - Color Settings": { "UI - Display Name Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "UI - Text Color": "#FFFFFF", "UI - Search Text Color": "#bfbfbf", "UI - Input BackGround Color": "#0E0E10", "UI - Close Button Text Color": "#bfbfbf", "UI - Editable Input Field Color": "#728c44", "UI - Button Text Color": "#9ab36d", "UI - True/False Button Text Color": "#01579b", "UI - Forward & Backward Text Color": "#9ab36d" }, "Randomly Selected Given Loadouts": { "RandomList": { "1": [ { "Shortname": "arrow.wooden", "ItemID": -1234735557, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 15, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.handmade.shell", "ItemID": 588596902, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 82, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rocket.smoke", "ItemID": -17123659, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 3, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rocket.fire", "ItemID": 1638322904, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 4, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rocket.hv", "ItemID": -1841918730, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 5, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "ItemID": -1321651331, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 101, "Slot": 6, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rifle", "ItemID": -1211166256, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 70, "Slot": 7, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rifle.hv", "ItemID": 1712070256, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 100, "Slot": 8, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.rifle.incendiary", "ItemID": 605467368, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 100, "Slot": 9, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "ammo.nailgun.nails", "ItemID": -2097376851, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 84, "Slot": 2, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "crossbow", "ItemID": 1965232394, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": true, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "stonehatchet", "ItemID": -1583967946, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "stone.pickaxe", "ItemID": 171931394, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 2, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "pistol.eoka", "ItemID": -75944661, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 3, "IsWeapon": true, "Ammotype": 588596902, "AmmoAmount": 5, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "attire.hide.boots", "ItemID": 794356786, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 4, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "pants.shorts", "ItemID": -1695367501, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 5, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "tshirt", "ItemID": 223891266, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 6, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] } ], "2": [ { "Shortname": "arrow.wooden", "ItemID": -1234735557, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 15, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "crossbow", "ItemID": 1965232394, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": true, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "stonehatchet", "ItemID": -1583967946, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "stone.pickaxe", "ItemID": 171931394, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 2, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "attire.hide.boots", "ItemID": 794356786, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 4, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "pants.shorts", "ItemID": -1695367501, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 5, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "tshirt", "ItemID": 223891266, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 6, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] } ] } }, "Permission Based Loadouts": { "SetPermission": { "loadouts.1": [ { "Shortname": "hatchet", "ItemID": -1252059217, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "pickaxe", "ItemID": -1302129395, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "woodtea.pure", "ItemID": -557539629, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 2, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "oretea.pure", "ItemID": 1729374708, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 3, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "potato", "ItemID": -2086926071, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 3, "Slot": 4, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] } ], "loadouts.2": [ { "Shortname": "arrow.hv", "ItemID": -1023065463, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 12, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "fish.cooked", "ItemID": 1668129151, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 5, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 2, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "bow.compound", "ItemID": 884424049, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 0, "IsWeapon": true, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "hammer.salvaged", "ItemID": -1506397857, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 1, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 1, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "tshirt", "ItemID": 223891266, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 6, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "attire.hide.boots", "ItemID": 794356786, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 5, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] }, { "Shortname": "pants.shorts", "ItemID": -1695367501, "SkinID": 0, "Amount": 1, "Slot": 4, "IsWeapon": false, "Ammotype": 0, "AmmoAmount": 0, "Container": 0, "Mods": [] } ] } } }
  8. Version 1.0.3


    JuanTime gives players a kit one time per wipe. JuanTime will wipe its data of who has had the kit on map change/Server wipe. Give one Kit, or a random kit from list Dependency Umod Rust Kits Configuration Easy one line config.. place name of kit in config, save and reload. (Case Sensitive) Default: { "KitName": [] } One Kit: { "KitName": ["autokit"] } Multiple (picks one at random): { "KitName": ["autokit","poop","bum"] } Command JuanWipe << will wipe the list of people who have had the kit awarded to them (which is saved in Data) Video (ignore config part.. its changed.. look above)
  9. Version 0.1.1


    This mod will allow you to give up to 8 items as Random Kits to your players with cooldown options you can set in the config. You can make it daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly when the kits maybe redeemed...the option is up to you. This mod will automatically and randomly apply selected kits established within the config when a player claims them. In the config you have options for Items (clothing/items/electrical/so on), Weapons, Ammo (with a variable to give a min and max), Resources (also with a variable to give a min and max amount), and Food (plus a variable to give a min and max set amount). Items will drop on the ground if the player's inventory is full so they don't lose their kit. An item pop up will also show on the right side of the screen when kit items are recieved. Also added is a personal chat message to let them know that they have received a kit at the same time. (NOTE: You may delete lines in the config for items you may want to remove to shrink the kit size. You can't add more than 8 items per kit...this maybe expanded on later) Commands for use: /random.kit - Players can use this chat command to redeem their random kit bind <whateverkeyyouwish> chat.say /random.kit - To bind the redemption command to a key Permissions: randomkits.use - Allows player to use the /random.kit chat command randomkits.cooldown - Allows player to ignore the command cooldown Example Config: { "1. Command cooldown": 86400.0, //Initially set to 24 hours but you can set it to whatever amount in seconds you wish "2. List of weapons": [ { "Item1 shortname": "burlap.shirt", "Item2 shortname": "burlap.shoes", "Item3 shortname": "burlap.trousers", "Item4 shortname": "burlap.gloves.new", "Weapon shortname": "pistol.eoka", "Ammo shortname": "ammo.handmade.shell", "Minimal ammo that be given": 10, "Maximal ammo that be given": 100, "Resource shortname": "wood", "Minimal resource that be given": 10, "Maximal resource that be given": 10000, "Food shortname": "pumpkin", "Minimal food that be given": 5, "Maximal food that be given": 50 } //add a , and you can copy the list above and insert after to add more kits to make it more random ] }
  10. TF Crazy


    Version 3.0.0


    Default Kit management tool. # DOCUMENTATION • Features - Define group or permission - Define default kit respawn - Define start / end - Clear inventory (admin only) • Info The plugin, has the base developed for my server. It has been designed so that when the command is executed, the kit replaces the contents of the inventory with the new contents. I will soon add an option to choose to replace the contents or not. # CHAT COMMAND /kit <command> /clear -- View command (admin) /clear all -- Clear all inventory (admin) /clear main -- Clear main inventory (admin) /clear belt -- Clear belt inventory (admin) /clear wear -- Clear wear inventory (admin) # START / END CONF "7. Start": [ { "DAY": "17", "MONTH": "03", "YEAR": "2020", "TIME / H24 / 08:00": "10:05" } ], # DEFAULT CONFIGURATION { "KITS": [ { "1. Name": "Default", "2. Chat Command": null, "3. Short Desc": "Kits give when a player respawn", "4. Oxide group or permission": null, "5. Kit default": true, "6. Kit active": true, "7. Start": [], "8. End": [], "9. BELT": [ { "SHORT NAME": "rock", "SKIN ID": 804791902, "AMOUNT": 1, "CONDITION": 100.0, "AMMO": 0, "AMMO TYPE": null, "INSTANCE DATA": null, "CONTENTS": null }, { "SHORT NAME": "torch", "SKIN ID": 0, "AMOUNT": 1, "CONDITION": 50.0, "AMMO": 0, "AMMO TYPE": null, "INSTANCE DATA": null, "CONTENTS": null } ], "10. Main": [], "11. Wear": [ { "SHORT NAME": "tshirt", "SKIN ID": 0, "AMOUNT": 1, "CONDITION": 0.0, "AMMO": 0, "AMMO TYPE": null, "INSTANCE DATA": null, "CONTENTS": null } ] } ] } # ADD KIT In config file { "1. Name": "TRY", "2. Chat Command": "test", "3. Short Desc": "Test kit", "4. Oxide group or permission": null, "5. Kit default": false, "6. Kit active": true, "7. Start": [], "8. End": [], "9. BELT": [ { "SHORT NAME": "crossbow", "SKIN ID": 0, "AMOUNT": 1, "CONDITION": 100.0, "AMMO": 0, "AMMO TYPE": null, "INSTANCE DATA": null, "CONTENTS": null } ], "10. Main": [], "11. Wear": [] ] },


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