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Zombie Themed Kits for Npc's 1.0.0

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About Zombie Themed Kits for Npc's

Zombie-styled kits profiles if you want to have true-looking zombies on your server. BRAAAAAAINS!
A ready-to-use data file for Rust Kits plugin from uMod. The kits are perfect for any PvE server. Works with almost any bot-spawning plugins (such as BotReSpawn, NPCKits, Events like Convoy, ArmoredTrain, etc).

After you download the file, you can place it in your oxide/data/Kits/kits_data.json directly or merge it with your existing datafile (PLEASE do a backup first of your Kits data if you do merge with my file)

Kits are Zombie themed (based on the Frankenstein parts) and Scientist/Hazmat themed.

NOTE: Due to Frankenstein parts having extra protection, you might need to tweak their stats via a plugin or adjust your NPC settings in the corresponding plugin (the bot's health, for example)

Each zombie/hazmat style has a couple of weapon variations (ex., light1, light3, scarecrow1, scarecrow2, nomad1, nomad2, etc.). There are a lot more kits than the preview images.
Kits do not have images in-game, but I am sure you won't need this anyways.
(If a lot of users request images, I will add them in the future, maybe an image of the weapon that's used in the kit)

Kits are visible only to the players with kits.admin permission and auth level 2, so you do not have to worry about being claimed/seen by the regular players.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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