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Craft Menu Complete Cosmetics Collection 1.0.41

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About Craft Menu Complete Cosmetics Collection

I wanted to allow all my players being able to use seasonal / dlc items (without owning them on steam) but flooding server loot crates with them sucks. That's why Craft Menu is the best solution for this problem. If you bought the plugin for exact same reason feel free to use my config and save a lot of valuable time instead of wasting it for adding fireworks, snowman, cauldron, foggers, lanterns, chairs and etc.

Currently (till December 18th) data file includes
- 99% of all DLC pack (Instruments, Sun Burn and Voice Props)
- 99% of all Halloween/Xmas decorations and some other General decorative steam items too
- 99% of all Seasonal/Special attire items (redirected skins like Nomad/Space suit are not added, you can add them if you want) 
- Includes all 9 Frankenstein parts under res category
(only items you can't craft normally from the vanilla crafting menu and DOES NOT include weapons and stuff intended to be not craftable like grenade launcher, lr-300, m249, etc)
(no promise to update config in the future but will try to maintain it form time to time)

- All craft costs are 99% accurate from the vanilla recipes.

*Cardtable is in-game item (give cardtable) and do not require plugin for it.
*Personal Water Well and Personal Slot Machines require bmg's plugins. (you can decide either to download them or just delete the crafting recipes)

Important: crafting tabs are divided into 6 groups:
holidays, specials, dlc, fireworks, clothing, res
you have to add the same categories into config file or edit them as you wish in the recipes datafile...

That's all I guess... ENJOY!

Also go check @STIVI and @ArtiIOMI configuration because they also made a good one. Mine was planned for personal use and probably not perfect/polished... Just pick the one which best suits for you!



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