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GUIShop Custom Pre-Built Config 1.1.1

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About GUIShop Custom Pre-Built Config

Here is a GUIshop Pre-built Config for the GUIShop on UMod by Khan, It is designed for scrap based use based off the in-game value of scrap, and what the items of the game recycle down vs those items value in the vending machines/scrap.

This config supports all of the following plugins:

Backpacks by whitethunder

Lock-on-Rockets, by killyou

ExtendedRecycler by TheFriendlyChap

This Config Has taken many hours to create and fine-tune to provide a "fair" and "non-broken" feeling.

Workbenches also influence cost of the item Based on which workbench is required to craft it via a multiplier - this was T3 items are not cheap (rockets/c4/ect.)
Gunpowder also has its own multiplier to make boom less convenient to buy.

With the Current setup you can only "sell" items in the "sell" tab back to the store. These items are the items found in the sell vending machines at Bandit Camp, with the exception of Horse Dung - which you cannot buy due to a duplication exploit with buying dung, and selling fertilizer.

The "Sell" tab also Includes the "special" items in the game to sell if you have any plugins that add them to the Loot-Tables (blood bags, sticks, paper, ect. ect. ect.)


  - Make sure ImageLibrary, LangAPI, and of course GUIShop is up-to-date
  - Download file and replace GUIShop's Config in your server/oxide/config folder
  - Good to go!

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