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About Random Kits

This mod will allow you to give up to 8 items as Random Kits to your players with cooldown options you can set in the config. You can make it daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly when the kits maybe redeemed...the option is up to you.

This mod will automatically and randomly apply selected kits established within the config when a player claims them. In the config you have options for Items (clothing/items/electrical/so on), Weapons, Ammo (with a variable to give a min and max), Resources (also with a variable to give a min and max amount), and Food (plus a variable to give a min and max set amount).


Items will drop on the ground if the player's inventory is full so they don't lose their kit. An item pop up will also show on the right side of the screen when kit items are recieved. Also added is a personal chat message to let them know that they have received a kit at the same time.


(NOTE: You may delete lines in the config for items you may want to remove to shrink the kit size. You can't add more than 8 items per kit...this maybe expanded on later)

Commands for use:

/random.kit - Players can use this chat command to redeem their random kit

bind <whateverkeyyouwish> chat.say /random.kit - To bind the redemption command to a key


randomkits.use - Allows player to use the /random.kit chat command

randomkits.cooldown - Allows player to ignore the command cooldown

Example Config:

  "1. Command cooldown": 86400.0, //Initially set to 24 hours but you can set it to whatever amount in seconds you wish
  "2. List of weapons": [
      "Item1 shortname": "burlap.shirt",
      "Item2 shortname": "burlap.shoes", 
      "Item3 shortname": "burlap.trousers",
      "Item4 shortname": "burlap.gloves.new", 
      "Weapon shortname": "pistol.eoka",
      "Ammo shortname": "ammo.handmade.shell", 
      "Minimal ammo that be given": 10,
      "Maximal ammo that be given": 100,
      "Resource shortname": "wood",
      "Minimal resource that be given": 10,
      "Maximal resource that be given": 10000,
      "Food shortname": "pumpkin",
      "Minimal food that be given": 5,
      "Maximal food that be given": 50
    } //add a , and you can copy the list above and insert after to add more kits to make it more random


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