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Drop Inventory 0.0.3

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About Drop Inventory


Allows the user or admin with permission to drop inventory, useful for claiming kits fast in battlefield type servers or for admins to clear target players items


dropinventory.use - for players to use the /drop command to drop there inventory 

dropinventory.cooldown.bypass - to bypass cooldown restrictions 

dropinventory.admin - to use the admin chat command /drop.admin


/drop - Players chat command to clear there inventory 

/drop.admin (playername or steamid) - Admin chat command to drop targert players inventory 

drop.admin (playername or steamid) - Console command


  "Version": "0.0.3",   // Current plugin version number (do not change)
  "ChatPrefix": "<color=#FF0000>[DropInv]</color> ",    // Change the chat prefix 
  "SoundPath": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/gestures/drink_vomit.prefab",   // Change the sound when the inventory is dropped 
  "ItemVelocity": 5.0,    // Change the velocity of the items dropped 
  "CommandCooldown": 60.0,   // Chat command cooldown (default 60 seconds)
  "DropMainContainer": true,   // Enable/Disable Main inventory (default enabled)
  "DropBeltContainer": true,   // Enable/Disable Belt inventory (default enabled)
  "DropWearContainer": true,   // Enable/Disable Wear inventory (default enabled)
  "PlayerChatCommand": "drop",   // Change player chat command 
  "AdminChatCommand": "drop.admin"  // Change admin chat command


  "Cooldown": "Drop is on cooldown. Time remaining: {0:F1} seconds.",
  "DropAll": "Your Main, Belt and Wear items have been dropped.",
  "DropMain": "Your Main items have been dropped.",
  "DropBelt": "Your Belt items have been dropped.",
  "DropBeltWear": "Your Belt and Wear items have been dropped.",
  "DropMainBelt": "Your Main and Belt items have been dropped.",
  "DropMainWear": "Your Main and Wear items have been dropped.",
  "DropWear": "Your Wear items have been dropped.",
  "NoContainers": "No containers are enabled for dropping items.",
  "AdminDroppedItems": "Your items were dropped by an admin."


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