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About IQChat

IQChat the best chat for your RUST server, proven by time and users! A great solution for your server!

An extensive number of settings, both in the configuration and in the LANG file!

Huge functionality and a large database of supported plugins!
The functionality is getting more and more with each update, plugin support and updating according to your wishes!
A neutral design has been selected that is suitable for all servers without exception! It will fit into any of your builds, and you can also adjust it in the configuration file.

Part of the possibilities :
- There is a full configuration of the entire functionality of the plugin
- Neutral plugin design that can be changed
- Ability to change the layout of the design
- Protection from spammers and advertisers
- The ability to select two types of prefix/nickname color/chat color installation design, in the form of a slider or drop.sheet
- View the list of players with their prefixes by team
- Logging commands from players in discord
- There is a smart renaming system, you can change your nickname and SteamID on the server thanks to the chat! Your nickname will change in the chat and in the Iqchat interface, as well as your avatar!
Your ID will also change, and if a player clicks on your message and decides to open a profile, he will be taken to the profile that you specified when changing the ID
- There are pages in the drop.the sheet
- Chat blocking management both in the UI interface and by chat commands
- There is a possibility of hidden chat blocking
- There is a possibility of hidden chat unblocking
- There is a system of ignoring players, it works both with chat commands and UI interface
- Built-in automatic chat blocking system for forbidden words, you configure this function yourself, or you can disable it
- Chat settings for the users themselves, they can disable sound alerts, private messages, chat alerts, which makes using the chat more comfortable
- Convenient formatting of the nickname, which allows you to keep one design in the interface
- Protection against simultaneous blocking of the chat by moderators
- There is a sorting by players in the chat lock management and ignore menu
- There is a search for players in the chat lock management and ignore menu
- Automatic setting of the prefix / chat color / nickname color when obtaining rights to it
- Automatic reset of the prefix/ chat color/nickname color when the rights to it expire
- Setting up automatic reset and installation in the configuration file
- Output of chat messages and private messages to RCON
- There is a built-in answering machine for keywords in messages
- You can change the design for yourself, adjust the color, the location of the interface, the material
- You can create absolutely any nickname color, messages and prefixes
- Built-In Anti-Spam
- Built-in filter of bad words, you configure yourself what you want to block in the chat
- Lots of notifications :
- Automatic chat notifications
- You can customize the type of notification output
- Two types of notification output:
- 1.Random messages
- 2.Alternate
- Notification UI
- Custom UI notifications, enter any text you want, at any time
- Custom text notifications
- Formatting of messages
- There are private messages between players
- There is ignoring between players
- There is a mention of players in the general chat, according to the methods of @nickname message, this message will be highlighted and enlarged in the general chat for the recipient
- There is a built-in system for hiding what the administrator took from the item list, you don't need extra plugins, everything is built in the chat!
- You can change your nickname in the chat to hide from the players
- There is immunity for Anti-Spam rights
- You can customize alerts as you want by changing the color, avatar, and even the prefix for this alert
- Sound alerts when you receive a notification or a personal message
- Multi-prefixes, you can give players the opportunity to put as many prefixes as they want at once
- There is a built-in system for blocking text and voice chat
- You will be able to make a unique notification for new players by creating your own messages with a greeting to the players who have just come in
- You will be able to turn on the notification of the player's entry or exit separately
- You decide to display the reason for the exit or not
- You decide to display the player's country or leave just a notification of entry
- Automatic and customizable chat messages
- Support for a new application from the developers of the game RUST+
- Lots of APIs for developers to work with the plugin
- Full support with IQ branch and other plugins

Absolutely everything is configured in the configuration file! Everything is very clear and easy!
A large and fine tuning that will not confuse your head!

CONFIGURATION - https://pastebin.com/k61qPDMU

Permissions :

Permissions for prefixes, nickname color and messages are configured manually in the configuration file!

Permissions to be able to rename yourself in the chat - iqchat.renameuse
Permissions to use chat blocking controls - iqchat.muteuse
The Permissions to immunity to anti-spam are configured in the config - iqchat.antispamabuse
Permissions to create notifications - iqchat.alertuse
Permissions to hide yourself from the list of players (/)online - iqchat.onlinehide
Permissions to hide notification about player connection to server - iqchat.hideconnection
Permissions to hide notification about disconnecting a player from the server - iqchat.hidedisconnection
Permissions to the buttons "Block all chat" and "Block all voice" - iqchat.adminmuted



Note: Square brackets are made for a convenient example, they do not need to be used while writing commands!

Chat Commands :

/chat - open the chat management and settings menu
(There is a button with the chat lock control menu, do not forget to grant rights so that it appears)
/pm [Nick] [Message] - send a message to the player in a personal correspondence
/r [Message] - send a message to a player who participates in personal correspondence with you
/rename [New Nick] [New SteamID (optional field, ID must be existing, this will also affect the opening of the profile via chat and avatar)] - change your nickname, permission is required, configured in the configuration
/alert [Message] - send an alert to the server, to all players
/alertui [Message] - send a UI alert to all players
/ignore [Nick] - add or remove a player from the list of ignored ones, also available in the UI interface
/hmute [Nick/STEAMID] [Reason] [Time(seconds)] - sets a hidden chat block to the player for your reason (only you and the one who was stirred up will see)
/hunmute [Nick/STEAMID] - secretly removes the chat lock
/mute [Nick/STEAMID] [Reason] [Time(seconds)] - sets the chat block to the player for your reason
/unmute [Nick/STEAMID] - removes chat blocking
/online - displays a list of players in the chat

Console Commands :

alertui [Message] - send a UI alert to all players
alert [Message] - send an alert to the server, to all players
alertuip [STEAMID] [Message] - send a UI alert to a specific player
saybro [STEAMID] [Message] - send a private message to the player via the console
hmute [Nick/STEAMID] [Reason] [Time(seconds)] - sets a hidden chat block to the player for your reason (only you and the one who was stirred up will see)
hunmute [Nick/STEAMID] - secretly removes the chat lock
mute [Nick/STEAMID] [Reason] [Time(seconds)] - sets the chat block to the player for your reason
unmute [Nick/STEAMID] -removes chat blocking
online - displays a list of players in the console


string API_GET_NICK_COLOR(ulong ID) ///- returns the nickname color (HEX)
string API_GET_CHAT_COLOR(ulong ID) ///- returns the color of the message (HEX)
string API_GET_PREFIX(ulong ID) ///- returns the prefix of the player
bool API_CHECK_VOICE_CHAT(ulong ID) ///- returns true/false, whether the voice is blocked or not
bool API_CHECK_MUTE_CHAT(ulong ID) ///- returns true/false, whether the chat is blocked or not
string API_GET_DEFUALT_PRFIX() ///- returns the default default prefix
string API_GET_DEFUALT_COLOR_NICK() ///- returns the default nickname color
string API_GET_DEFUALT_COLOR_CHAT() ///- returns the default chat color
void API_SEND_PLAYER(BasePlayer player,string PlayerFormat, string Message, string Avatar, Chat.ChatChannel channel = Chat.ChatChannel.Global) ///- sends a message to the player with all formatting
void API_SEND_PLAYER_PM(BasePlayer player, string DisplayName, string Message) ///- Sends a private message to the player from the player with the nickname that you set
void API_SEND_PLAYER_CONNECTED(BasePlayer player, string DisplayName, string country, string userID) ///- sends the "connection" of the player with the specified nickname, country and ID to the general chat, the user ID is used for the avatar
void API_SEND_PLAYER_DISCONNECTED(BasePlayer player, string DisplayName, string reason, string userID) ///- sends to the general chat the "disconnection" of the player with the specified reason, country and ID, the user ID is used for the avatar
void API_ALERT(string Message, Chat.ChatChannel channel = Chat.ChatChannel.Global, string CustomPrefix = "", string CustomAvatar = "") ///- sending a message from the plugin in the form of an "Alert" with all settings, the ability to set your prefix and icon by Steam64ID
void API_ALERT_PLAYER(BasePlayer player,string Message, string CustomPrefix = "", string CustomAvatar = "")  ///- sending a message to one player from the system (with all settings from the chat). If you do not fill in the Custom Prefix, it will be by default, as configured in the plugin config, Custom Avatar - sets your avatar by Steam64ID, which you specify, if you leave empty, there will be an avatar from the configuration
void API_ALERT_PLAYER_UI(BasePlayer player, string Message) ///- Sends a UI notification to the player with your message
bool API_IS_IGNORED(ulong UserHas, ulong User) ///- returns true/false information about ignoring one player by another


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