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About IQCases

IQCases - the best cases for your server with great features, settings and a nice design!

Required Plugins 

Supported Plugins

Advantages :

  • Nice design in the style of RUST'a
  • Support for my plugins from the IQ branch
  • IQChat support
  • IQRankSystem support
  • Ability to open cases by rank
  • IQEconomic support
  • Economics support
  • Issuing cases for rights ( If required, configuration settings)
  • Opening cases for rights ( If required, configuration settings )
  • All plugin support is configured individually in the configuration!
  • Each case is configured INDIVIDUALLY, there are no general settings, which allows you to expand the capabilities of the plugin and improve the gameplay thanks to this
  • The ability to make each case its own type of rewards, such as "Fixed-1 reward" or "Dynamic-the player chooses 1 of 3 provided"
  • There is an animation when opening the case.
  • There is an in-game inventory with storage of items
  • Ability to enable automatic inventory cleaning in WIPE
  • Dynamic animation, adjusts to the number of items in the case itself
  • Ability to view what is in the case
  • The ability to enable / disable the drop of cases from the boxes when loot
  • Ability to customize the chance and boxes for dropping cases
  • The ability to turn on / off the drop of cases for the game on the server
  • The ability to set the time for issuing the case, individually for everyone
  • Ability to enable / disable the sale of the case (IQEconomic / Economics)
  • Ability to set the sale price of the case (IQEconomic / Economics)
  • Ability to enable / disable the purchase of the case (IQEconomic / Economics)
  • Ability to set the purchase price of the case (IQEconomic / Economics)
  • Ability to change the prefix, prefix color (IQChat)
  • Ability to enable alerts both in the chat and in the interface (IQChat)
  • Support for teams in rewards
  • Support for skins in rewards


Configuration - config.json



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