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IQAlcoholFarm 1.0.7

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About IQAlcoholFarm

IQAlcohol – an unusual plugin that allows you to create an unusual alcohol farm among players on your server!
Players can make their own alcohol and consume it, getting various bonus and negative effects, which will add interest to the game!
It will also allow you to sell alcohol among players or for merchant Ivan, who will exchange a bottle of alcohol for interesting resources that you can customize!

CONFIGURATION - https://pastebin.com/w8SegLAt

Plugin Features :

Full customization of alcohol:

  • Changing the SkinID of alcohol
  • Change of SkinID wort (alcohol consumable)
  • SkinID change for Alcohol bottle

Full customization and control of effects for a sip of alcohol:

  • The cost of one sip (how much liquid will be taken)
  • The time of intoxication after one sip
  • After what time will the negative effects work
  • How many calories will one sip take off
  • How much thirst will one sip take away
  • How much health will be added after a sip
  • Chance of negative effects
  • How much to take away health after activating the negative effect
  • How much to take away thirst after activating the negative effect
  • How many calories to take away after activating the negative effect
  • You can specify the positive effects modifiers yourself

Setting up the fermentation of alcohol

  • Frequency of berry processing in seconds
  • The number of berries in one processing tick (for wort)
  • How much wort gives out for one processing tick
  • How much wort fits into a barrel
  • The size of the processor's inventory is wort
  • How much water to process per minute
  • Rates of wort and alcohol processing (IN the CAMPFIRE)

Setting up NPC Merchants

  • Selection of places where NPCs will be installed (Airport, peaceful city, bandit city)
  • Configuring the appearance of an NPC
  • Clothing and SkinID
  • The appearance of the NPC itself
  • DisplayName NPC
  • Setting up an NPC Exchange
  • You can fully customize the exchange rate and the items that the NPC changes things for

Setting up voice acting :

  • There is a voice acting for NPC (30% Russian (Ivan from Russia))
  • There is a database with a lot of greetings and goodbyes to the players
  • NPC Animation
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