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Found 18 results

  1. Monster


    Version 1.1.2


    XRPG - rpg system. Lumberjack, miner, hunter. - When changing the monitor resolution, the panel moves along with the heal bar. - Storing player data in - oxide/data/XRPG - There is a lang ru/en. - Setting the maximum category level. - Setting the panel size. - Setting rates for resource gathering. - Setting rates for resource pickuping. - Setting rates for killing animals. - Permission rate multiplier setting. [ Players with permissions will increase rates faster ] - Setting the maximum boosted rates for permissions. - The ability to block the boosting of RPGs with certain tools. - Ability to disable the panel or messages. - The ability to slow down boosting. [ The higher the rates, the slower the boosting ] -> Overview - YouTube <- Permissions xrpg.use - allow access to RPG boosting. xrpg.top - allow access to view TOP players. Commands /rank - view TOP players. Config { "General settings": { "Enable RPG boosting slowdown | The higher the rates, the slower the boosting": false, "Enable RPG panel": true, "Enable RPG messages": true, "Starting multiplier for boosting rates": 1.0, "Text size": 13, "Notification text size": 10, "List of ignored tools": [ "jackhammer", "chainsaw" ] }, "Mini panel location": { "AnchorMin": "1 0", "AnchorMax": "1 0", "OffsetMin": "-402 16", "OffsetMax": "-210 98", "Progress display: TRUE - from minimum to maximum rates | FALSE - from 0 to maximum rates ": true }, "Permissions settings": { "xrpg.default": { "Lumberjack max rates": 12.5, "Miner max rates": 12.5, "Hunter max rates": 12.5, "Rate boosting multiplier": 1.25 } }, "Lumberjack settings": { "Lumberjack max rates": 10.0, "Lumberjack starting rates": 2.5, "Enable boosting lumberjack rates by gathering resources": true, "Enable boosting lumberjack rates by picking up resources": true, "Resources for the gathering/picking of which to accrue lumberjack rates | Resources that will be subject to lumberjack rates": { "wood": 0.05, "charcoal": 0.05 } }, "Miner settings": { "Miner max rates": 10.0, "Miner starting rates": 1.75, "Enable boosting miner rates by gathering resources": true, "Enable boosting miner rates by picking up resources": true, "Resources for the gathering/picking of which to accrue miner rates | Resources that will be subject to miner rates": { "stones": 0.05, "metal.ore": 0.05, "metal.fragments": 0.05, "sulfur.ore": 0.05, "sulfur": 0.05 } }, "Hunter settings": { "Hunter max rates": 10.0, "Hunter starting rates": 1.5, "Enable boosting hunter rates by gathering resources": true, "Enable boosting hunter rates by picking up resources": true, "Enable boosting hunter rates by killing animals": true, "Resources for the gathering/picking of which to accrue hunter rates | Resources that will be subject to hunter rates": { "cloth": 0.05, "leather": 0.05, "bone.fragments": 0.05, "fat.animal": 0.05 }, "Animals for killing which to accrue hunter rates": { "boar": 0.75, "bear": 0.75, "stag": 0.75, "wolf": 0.75, "testridablehorse": 0.75, "chicken": 0.75 } } }
  2. bmgjet

    Personal Farm

    Version 1.0.6


    Allows you to place the normally limited outdoor farming items indoors. Persmissions: PersonalFarm.use How To Use: Holding a Large furnace, refinery, ect. Look at the foundation or floor you wish to place it on. Left click and it will place it even tho its showing as a red invalid placement. Loss of foundation/floor will cause the item to be destroyed. Items must be minimum set spacing of 1.8f by default or this can be change by editing the config file. You can add/edit further items by editing the config file Its layout is shortname followed by full prefab path. Default config PersonalFarm.json { "Item Spacing : ": 1.8, "Items To Allow Indoors: ": { "fishtrap.small": "assets/prefabs/deployable/survivalfishtrap/survivalfishtrap.deployed.prefab", "water.catcher.small": "assets/prefabs/deployable/water catcher/water_catcher_small.prefab", "furnace.large": "assets/prefabs/deployable/furnace.large/furnace.large.prefab", "refinery": "assets/prefabs/deployable/oil refinery/refinery_small_deployed.prefab" } }
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Always Bonus A harmony mod for Rust that makes the player's always hit the "X" markers on trees and "hotspots" on nodes Showcase video: Config: { "Enable atuo tree X farming": true, "Enable atuo node star farming": true }
  4. Version 1.0.3


    This island is intended for farm resources On the island, you can farm a huge amount of sulfur, metal and stone. There is a quarry on the island that will extract resources for players while they defend it boats, balloons, barrels, fuel barrels will spawn on the island There are many shelters on the island for a convenient shootout from the position At each tower, the player gets comfort Standing on the lava and next to it, the player will receive damage from burning You can't line up on or near the island! For the correct and convenient installation of the monument, use the boat as a landmark, I hope these two screenshots will help you
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This island is intended for farm resources On the island, you can farm a huge amount of sulfur, metal and stone.
  6. Version 1.0.2


    Instant Barrel - Rust Plugin A plugin for Rust that makes all barrels and road signs 1 hp and spawns their loot in player's inventory when destroyed. Works with tools and optionally weapons, farming distance for weapons can be adjusted via the config file Showcase video: Permission: Give players permission: InstantBarrel.on Config: { "Enable farming with weapons": true, "Max farming distance": 3.0, "Enable barrel gibs": true }
  7. Version 1.0.4


    Submersible Pump plugin will relieve the rivers on your server. It allows players to place water pump with fresh water anywhere on map. Water output can be changed with WaterWorks plugin by nivex. Video Preview (Version 1.0.0) Features You can build your farm anywhere on map. Customizable pump crafting. You can place your pump on foundations. (but not too high (configurable)) Commands /pump - Plugin help command. /pump craft - Crafting submersible pump. givepump - Give submersible pump. (Console Command) Permissions submersiblepump.use – Allows you to craft and place submersible pump. (Needs to be enabled in config) submersiblepump.give – Allows you using givepump command. Default Config (Version 1.0.4) { "Misc - Require Permission": false, "Misc - Pump Item Name": "Submersible Pump", "Misc - Pump Ground Check": true, "Craft - Enable Pump Craft": true, "Craft - Chat Command": "pump", "Craft - Require Blueprint For Pump": true, "Craft - Required Workbench Level (0-3)": 2, "Craft - Pump Craft Cost": [ { "Item Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Item Amount": 1000, "Item Skin": 0 }, { "Item Shortname": "gears", "Item Amount": 10, "Item Skin": 0 }, { "Item Shortname": "metalpipe", "Item Amount": 20, "Item Skin": 0 } ] }
  8. ArtiIOMI


    Version 1.1.2


    The plugin changes the system of plants and trees to a more realistic one. Features Watering plants planted in the ground. Fertilizing plants planted in the ground. Possibility to block planting in unauthorized fields. All trees grow and have stages of growth. Tree seedlings were introduced. The method of obtaining wood has been changed. Video Preview https://youtu.be/stoRXnVGpik https://streamable.com/tktvrq https://streamable.com/my4z28 https://streamable.com/mcyvwl UNINSTALLING Delete the file from the plugins folder, or disable the feature in the configuration file. A server restart is required to uninstall the new plant system! Configuration Credits @UmodTeam for adding hooks. @Steenamaroo, @Billy Joe, @Raul-Sorin SorbanThanks you so much! Love you!!!
  9. Ixis

    Animal Shelter

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Large buildable PVE/Roleplay-Area. (Note: You can't build everything. That means you are not able to place walls if there is alrdy a foundation. What you can is placing all kind of deployables and definitly build when theres no foundation). The basic idea of this is the animal shelter itself (Nice with a pet-plugin or maybe a soon coming extention). You can spawn wolfs, chicken, bears, whatever in the seperated cells (they will stay there). There is space for a vet, a farmer and a (car) mechanic or whatever your playerbase can think of. Two "crimescenes" for RP-Szenarios are also included. Swimming dead bodies and stuff in the underground silo and human meat parts in the boar trough. You can spraycan some entities. (doors, boxes, ect.) The area in and around the area has no prevent building zone. Prefabcount: around 3000 Requires: uMod/Oxide, RustEdit DLL Feedback would be appreciated.
  10. Version 1.2.0


    If you're a farmer, you can forget about Bobby, because the Harvester is your new best friend! All you need to do is: Place her down — a Small Generator Put on some beard oil — Low Grade Fuel Whip it out — the Hammer Make sure you turn her on first — the Harvester Aim where you want it to go — output storage box Hit her good — link the planters with the hammer, and you're good to go! Instructions Looking at a Small Generator then executing the /setharvester command should turn it into a functional Harvester. Hit planters with your hammer to link them with the Harvester. Set the output of the container by looking at a storage box (small or large preferably) and executing the /setoutput command. The skin of the box will change based on the Harvester status, when the box has a colorful skin, the Harvester's online. When clones planted in linked planters reach 100% Ripe, will be slowly automatically collected. It will also clean-up the planters by harvesting the planters with dead clones. Upcoming A list of planned, upcoming features: Separate output container designed for collecting fibers from dead clones. Permissions Here are all the permissions you can use: harvester.admin: Allows players to run admin commands — none yet. harvester.use: Allows anyone to set new Harvesters. Commands Here are all the commands you can use: Create: /setharvester will register a new Harvester when looking at a Small Generator. Remove: /unsetharvester will unregister an existent Harvester that you own. Container Set: /setoutput will set a container you want the harvested clones to go in. Container Unset: /unsetoutput will unset a container if you're the owner of the Harvester. Team Access: /allowteamaccess allows other people in your team to register and unregister their own planters. Friends Access: /allowfriendsaccess will allow Friends (by Wulf) to register and unregister their own planters. Clan Access: /allowclanaccess will allow Clans (by k1lly0u) to register or unregister their own planters. Dependencies The following are optional but highly recommended plugin dependencies: Friends by Wulf Clans by k1lly0u Feedback If you have any ideas or feedback you wanna give me, please comment down below.
  11. CASHR


    Version 2.1.1


    The plugin adds the ability to install a mining farm on your server. Features There is a full drop setting. Set the minimum charge and the desired frequency(for more information, see the configuration) It is possible to connect any economy Command to get all components for the farm: /getfarm-available only to the administrator Added the givefarm console command(for issuing components via the store). Example: givefarm Name/steamid battery/light/broadcast. The plugin was tested on 2 servers, no problems were found. All bugs will be fixed as they are found. I will also be happy to hear your suggestions for improving the plugin.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    A small abandoned farm. Perfect for wooded areas with two main entrances connected by paths. No keycards, just a bit of loot and crops. Loot: 4 Brown crates 1 Toolbox 1 Medical crate 1 Food crate 5 Foodboxes
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Description: A huge territory on which an abandoned farm is located. A large barn, in which there are a lot of things left, among which there is a chance to find something useful, hide from the chase or wait out the bad weather or the night. Nearby is a small farmer’s house, where you can use the study table or cook yourself a delicious tea to while away the bad weather. There you will also find supplies for quenching thirst and hunger. Under the canopy you will find transport, of course not suitable for use, but you never know if there are things left that will be useful to you? Well, what kind of farm without a territory with crops? But alas, no one took care of the land for a long time, so everything was overgrown with grass, but this did not prevent some varieties of corn and pumpkin from sprouting there. Loot: • 4 crate_normal_2 • 1 random crate_normal • 1 food_box • 2 crate_tools • 1 mine_crate • 2 medic_crate • 4 loot_barrel • 2 oil_barrel Modifications: – height mask – spat mask – topology mask – biom mask
  14. Version 1.1

    1 download

    RCD-Custom Farm by Pravum Its a combination of the Custom-Farmhouse and Custom-Stable monuments Custom Stable with 2 Floors – Custom loot and and beautiful to behold Custom Farmhouse Monument – old style . With Kitchen , Living Room and 3 Bedrooms in 2. Floor Also avalaible here : https://rust-custom-designs.biz for € Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg
  15. Version 1.1


    Its an Custom Farmhouse Monument - old style . With Kitchen , Living Room and 3 Bedrooms in 2. Floor Also avalaible here : https://rust-custom-designs.biz for € Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Prefab Count- 574 The Farm House Offers a small variety of loot in a small- non-item loaded monument. What's going on here at the nearby Farm House? More then meets the eye! The Local Farmer has been performing some "Top Secret" experiments under the Farm House. Explore the monument and gain access to the Farmers Lab Loot in this mini-monument! **DISCLAIMER**: ***DUE TO BUGS WITH RUST EDIT, YOU WILL HAVE TO APPLY THE ALPHA LAYER MANUALLY. THERE ARE IMAGES INCLUDED AND A GUIDE WHERE TO PLACE THEM. THEY WILL NOT APPLY WITH THE MONUMENT. YOU HAVE TO APPLY THEM YOURSELF*** The monument features the following: -1 Red Card Loot Room: Contained inside are 2- Tier 3 Crates - Upstairs inside the Farm House is 1 Tier 2 Crate -2 Normal Crates -4 Loot Barrels. Included in the file is a few screen shots of the monument. All proceeds go towards keeping my server online and purchasing monuments from other members.
  17. Version 1.0

    1 download

    RCD-Stable by Pravum Its an Custom Stable with 2 Floors – Custom loot and and beautiful to behold Also avalaible here : https://rust-custom-designs.biz for € Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg
  18. Version 1.0.1


    A "simple" farm with a field, two barns and a house, everything is decorated, inside and outside ! The map will be updated over time to maintain it and add some decoration (According to my inspiration, or your ideas). Is already protected by a block of prohibition of construction. Features: Number of prefab: Lightweight 737 prefabs. File Contains: The Biome / Heights / Splat file (And of course the prefab!). Does not contain any puzzle or loot. Support : You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091 Hoping you like it !


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