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About Harvester

If you're a farmer, you can forget about Bobby, because the Harvester is your new best friend! 

All you need to do is:

  1. Place her down — a Small Generator
  2. Put on some beard oil — Low Grade Fuel
  3. Whip it out — the Hammer
  4. Make sure you turn her on first — the Harvester
  5. Aim where you want it to go — output storage box
  6. Hit her good — link the planters with the hammer, and you're good to go!




  1. Looking at a Small Generator then executing the /setharvester command should turn it into a functional Harvester.
  2. Hit planters with your hammer to link them with the Harvester.
  3. Set the output of the container by looking at a storage box (small or large preferably) and executing the /setoutput command.
  4. The skin of the box will change based on the Harvester status, when the box has a colorful skin, the Harvester's online.

When clones planted in linked planters reach 100% Ripe, will be slowly automatically collected. It will also clean-up the planters by harvesting the planters with dead clones.


A list of planned, upcoming features:

  • Separate output container designed for collecting fibers from dead clones.


Here are all the permissions you can use:

  • harvester.admin: Allows players to run admin commands — none yet.
  • harvester.use: Allows anyone to set new Harvesters.


Here are all the commands you can use:

  • Create: /setharvester will register a new Harvester when looking at a Small Generator.
  • Remove: /unsetharvester will unregister an existent Harvester that you own.
  • Container Set: /setoutput will set a container you want the harvested clones to go in.
  • Container Unset: /unsetoutput will unset a container if you're the owner of the Harvester.
  • Seed Container Set: /setseed will set a container you want the seed to be taken from and be auto-placed in your planters.
  • Seed Container Unset: /unsetseed will unset a container if you're the owner of the Harvester.
  • Team Access: /allowteamaccess allows other people in your team to register and unregister their own planters.
  • Friends Access: /allowfriendsaccess will allow Friends (by Wulf) to register and unregister their own planters. 
  • Clan Access: /allowclanaccess will allow Clans (by k1lly0u) to register or unregister their own planters.



The following are optional but highly recommended plugin dependencies:



If you have any ideas or feedback you wanna give me, please comment down below.

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