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About Static Trader

A plugin that allows players to trade items at long distances across the map. Server owners can also set fees that scale based on the distance between the two players that are trading.



  • Customizable commands
  • Intuitive UI (can modify the position offset)
  • Trading fees based on distance
  • Oxide group cooldowns
  • ServerRewards, Economics or custom bank support
  • Notification effects & success SFX
  • UI player list which you can quickly send trade invites of your team or server players, with pagination and input filter
  • Language support



  • StaticTrader.use: To allow anyone to send trading requests to anyone. Players without this permission that have been sent a request to, can still accept the trade.


Following commands are chat and console commands.

  • trade <player>
  • atrade [<player>]: Accept pending trade. <player> input is optional, can exclude if there aren't more than one pending trades.
  • dtrade [<player>]: Decline pending trade. <player> input is optional, can exclude if there aren't more than one pending trades.
  • ltrade: Opens the player list UI on which you can browse or search through and click on them to request a trade with them.



  • Can('t) trade while building blocked.
  • Can('t) trade while combat blocked.
  • Can('t) trade while raid blocked.




  "Timeout": 60.0,
  "TradeCommand": "trade",
  "TradeListCommand": "ltrade",
  "AcceptTradeCommand": "atrade",
  "DeclineTradeCommand": "dtrade",
  "ShowUINotice": true,
  "UINoticeXOffset": 0.0,
  "UINoticeYOffset": 0.0,
  "TriggerCooldownOnDecline": true,
  "TeamOnlyTradingList": true,
  "Fee": {
    "Fee": 50,
    "DistanceThreshold": 1.0,
    "Currency Type (0 = None, 1 = Item, 1 = ServerRewards, 2 = Economics, 3 = Other": 1,
    "ItemShortName": "scrap",
    "ItemCustomName": "",
    "OtherSettings": {
      "PluginName": "MyCurrencyPlugin",
      "TypeMode (0 = Int, 1 = Double, 2 = Float)": 0,
      "FullName": "My Bank",
      "ShortName": "cc",
      "DepositMethod": "Deposit",
      "WithdrawMethod": "Withdraw",
      "BalanceMethod": "Balance"
  "Rules": {
    "CanTradeBuildingBlocked": true,
    "CanTradeCombatBlocked": true,
    "CanTradeRaidBlocked": true
  "GroupCooldowns": {
    "default": 60.0


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