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Create your brand new prefabs with this Static Lootables tool!
Get them both in the bundle below!

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About Lootables.Ext

Prefab creator that directly works with Static Lootables in order to create custom lootable definitions for your servers! This plugin provides more than there already is.

[!] Known Issue
When placing points that are (almost) perfectly vertical in all points (bottom points align with the top ones), the prefab gets applied flipped in the horizontal axis.
Currently investigating this.


Watch the tutorial down below to get an insight of how this works!
It's simple, follow the instructions in chat designed to quickly help you integrate it in your server.

  1. Open the editor;
  2. Press [Reload] while looking at an object;
  3. If Lootables.Ext is loaded, the [PRO] section will show up, click on "Create Prefab";
  4. Follow the instructions in chat & go wild;
  5. Press [Use] while looking at your newly created prefab;
  6. Set it up as a regular prefab;
  7. Voila!


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