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About Me

  1. Version 1.0.9


    Apocalyptic Map of Spain, contains a great variety of custom prefabs and the real terrain of Spain. - Description: • Apocalypse Spain is a map with all the main rivers of Spain. • It contains the terrain, topology and real biome of Spain. • Size: 4500 • The map can be edited: Yes. - Contains all Official Monuments: • Large oil platform • Small oil platform • Submarine laboratories • Harbor • Large fishing villages • Fishing villages • Launch site • Satellite dish • The Dome • HQM Quarry • Stone quarry • Sulfur quarry • Arctic Research Base • Sewer Branch • Train yard • Junkyard • Abandoned military bases • Military tunnel • Caves • Large barns • Ranch • Bandit camp • Power plant • Swamp • Airfield (with Bradley tank) • Giant excavation pit • Outpost • Lighthouse - Prefabs and custom monuments: • Civil Guard Barracks, a construction zone for the server administrator. This monument-zone contains helicopter respawns and loot. • Event Zone, an area with flat terrain where you can use any plugin to generate events, for example: Raidable Bases, Defendable Bases, Event Manager. There is a great variety of plugins to generate events, use your imagination. • Arena, zone with loots, defenses, towers, barricades and crate with code, everything you need for your server to contain a PVP zone. You can also use this zone for other things. • Bank, a monument created for the Bank Heist plugin. If you do not have this plugin, you can use this monument for the player to search for resources. • Two aircraft carriers, these aircraft carriers have been created especially for the Biplane plugin, you can also use them as monuments, they contain helicopters, loot and NPCs. • AquaLand, a huge subaquatic dome (Large land for the player to build). • Train Stations, with waiting room, loot and NPC, with secondary rail respawn. • Aerial platforms, each aerial platform contains several platforms connected to each other. • Cumbre Vieja, volcano with puzzle, NPC and loots. • Monster Tower, public or event tower, used to defend against the attack helicopter. • Meteorite, with resources: iron, sulfur and stone, radiation, NPC and lotts. • Monorails, scattered around the map, monorails and underwater monorails. • Train tracks scattered all over the map, carefully designed. • The great bullshit, a Christmas hero, contains NPCs and boxes with codes. • City (Simulating Madrid), with collapsed skyscrapers, buildings in ruins and emblematic building of Madrid (Realia Tower - The Icon). - If you think this is all... NO!!!, I am very fond of this map, it has been the result of several tests during more than a year. - This map will be updated frequently, new monuments will be added to recreate-simulate Spain.
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Prefab creator that directly works with Static Lootables in order to create custom lootable definitions for your servers! This plugin provides more than there already is. [!] Known Issue When placing points that are (almost) perfectly vertical in all points (bottom points align with the top ones), the prefab gets applied flipped in the horizontal axis. Currently investigating this. Watch the tutorial down below to get an insight of how this works! It's simple, follow the instructions in chat designed to quickly help you integrate it in your server. Open the editor; Press [Reload] while looking at an object; If Lootables.Ext is loaded, the [PRO] section will show up, click on "Create Prefab"; Follow the instructions in chat & go wild; Press [Use] while looking at your newly created prefab; Set it up as a regular prefab; Voila!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A collection of roleplay structures be it buildings, walls, clutter, or otherwise. Set in varying styles. This Slum Dwelling pack includes Wood/scrap aesthetic buildings/housing/clutter for role-play servers. This product is designed for mappers and roleplay enthusiasts! Requirements/Dependencies RUSTEDIT.DLL OXIDE Product Features A map file, prefab bundled folder Over 20 RP designed buildings Clutter/wall Props DUE NOTE: The purpose of this product is to provide server owners/map designers with a pack of already prebuilt roleplay designed buildings. For either easier construction of cities, points of interest or frames of reference. The map pack includes all variants, in a organized manner. There is a mixture of fully furnished structures being prebuilt examples of what can be, considering not all role play servers are the same bewared! Blank housings (without deployables) might fit use cases better where players have more liberty. Full are prefabs with included deployables and furnishing, Blank are empty prefabs for easy editing, Extra are buildings/structures for using up space. Loose are smaller prefabs like walls, pillars, stairs and misc type single prefabs or smaller complex structures. As deployables like “Ex sleeping bag” placed in rust edit to my knowledge cannot be claimed. Also concerns of TC, placements may arise, and prevent building volumes. I have included no “prevent building volumes” and tc’s by their nature cannot be placed inside these buildings– Server owners should account for this, and make note of decay of deployables and remedy that either by serverside settings or a plugin. I have tested with boxes, furnaces, sleeping bags and similar deployables and most if not all can fit in side of the provided structures dependent on size of said structure. Much as deployables cannot be claimed nor can rustedit io electronics be modified in-game to my experience– There are ceiling lights and switches included as examples. * Players can place most stuff including ceiling deployables like lights * even with the odd selection of prefabs. … Find any concerns message me on discord STAR#6624 … I do urge thee to contact me so I can swiftly resolve it. https://discord.gg/c8DXF5DVja Check out my personal discord! That said modify to what you wish and most of all have fun.
  4. Version 61 290922


    Halloween Upside Down is based on the Murder House from Seven Wonders. What you get is the House above ground flipped and placed upside down under the original house with a link between the two and an area underneath filled with the undead for you to kill. Slight changes have been made to the Upside Down to allow players to explore the whole area parkour style.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Franktown is a small Western-style town somewhere on the edge of the world, where the foot of modern man has not yet reached. All the color of that era is collected here. Travelers come here to buy a horse and weapons with which they defend themselves in these parts. There are 11 buildings located on the territory of the city. 1. Weapons store. Here you can buy weapons of those times, as well as buy supplies for it. A local seller will be happy to advise you and provide a service in exchange for the local currency-scrap 2. The chapel, which is also a church. Although the building is old, it is still in good condition. Various ceremonies were held here. There is not much to say here. An ordinary hall with seats and a priest’s seat. The coffin that fell from the chairs suggests that the ceremony was interrupted at one of the moments of farewell to the deceased. It’s a terrible sight. 3. The Undertaker’s building. An undertaker lived in this house. A man who in his life was so used to digging the earth that he asked himself the question-who will dig a hole for him? The building is divided into 2 zones. The workshop area, where coffins for the dead were created and the necessary inventory was stored, and the second zone – the living area, where this character rested in his spare time, sitting by the fireplace. 4. Bar. The place where all the men of this area gathered. They gathered in a friendly company over a glass of wild unfiltered beer, telling stories about who knocked down how many cans with a shot from his revolver with his eyes closed, sitting on his mare and sipping a cigar. The bar is spacious, with a good view and a balcony for watching. There is still a lot of alcohol on the shelves. 5. Medical center. The building where local “50 Cent’s” most often fell from another bullet wound. Some of them literally lost their heads and legs. The building is two-storeyed. You can find medicines to heal your wounds and not leave your head on the table. 6. Stable. This is a parking horses. Four-legged inhabitants of these parts. One of the most valuable things that can be found here. For local currency, you can buy a saddle from a merchant, with which you can choose your favorite horse and ride it into the sunset. 7. The Sheriff’s building. The den of a local law enforcement officer. A stealer of wild cowboys and insatiable “50 Cent’s”. The building has 2 cages for the most violent inhabitants. On the table there is a notebook for entering the names of those very assholes because of whom he had to keep order in a place that would sit in a bar with a beautiful girl and tell her stories about how he reward the local cayotes. 8. Railway station. Everything is simple here. An ordinary station with two zones – a passenger zone and a cargo zone. You can still find something useful here. Sometimes a train arrives at the station, so there will definitely be something that will be useful in the future 9. Bank. The repository of all the jewels. Everything that was considered expensive was brought here. There is a special room with this wealth, which can only be accessed through a blue access card. Apparently, among them was a kind of Elon Musk, who was able to come up with this protection technology. 10. A residential building that cannot be entered into the interior. The door is closed, and you should not break it down, as problems may arise. There is clearly nothing of value inside. 11. Depot. Trains are defended here. You can try to steal one of them. Also on the territory of the city you can find a place of execution – a gallows, a local toilet, a well. The city was considered a place where you could always be safe. Additionally: In the future, I plan to produce new buildings for expansion or replacement of buildings. It is very well suited for creating a custom city where you can add merchants. A certain safe zone or a custom place for the appearance of players. In the background, you can see the Western Ranch, which fits perfectly into this color. Please note that the Ranch is not included in this set of prefabs, but you can buy it separately by finding it in my resources. Loot: Crate Normal Random = 4 pieces Crate Normal_2 = 3 pieces Crate Food = 5 pieces Crate Tool = 2 pieces Crate Med = 2 pieces Crate Basic = 4 pieces Vehicle Parts = 2 pieces Entity count 7800 pieces Features: • Availability of places to buy weapons in the store without using NPCs. Store profiles are included in the package • The presence of a horse dealer. The profile is included in the package. • Detailed work of the interiors of each building. 99% of the work is done completely from scratch. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me in Discord: Xacku в Macke #8202
  6. Version 1.0.3


    I offer you the House of Walter White from the cult TV series "Breaking Bad" Prefab count ~1400 Installation: 1. Download the archive 2. Unpack the downloaded archive to the /RustEdit/CustomPrefabs folder 3. Enjoy
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Warning the prefab is not animated it is fixed there is only (Zipline usable in game) !!! Small modular cable car set for you to build your own cable line on your mountains, hills etc Comes in 4 pieces for you to simply build with 2x stations (top and bottom) 1x cable car pillar and the car itself. ------------ French ------------ Petits téléphérique modulaire avec tyrolienne.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    What needs every Beach? A Beach Club! This small Monument comes with a green/blue/red card puzzle. Its lovely detailed with sitting options in both "pools" also there is a sitting option beside the diving plattform and on the platform itself. Also there a two hidden crates. In the underground you will find a red card door. Its perfect for pve for the chill side and also for pvp with the loot.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    MaLais Halloween Pack is the perfect addition for your Halloween Map. Six unique prefabs makes your map more spooky! Can also be used as "Junkpile" for your road since each prefab comes with unique loot containers! Happy Halloween!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A small rework from @Electrik Little Factory Road ! Blue Card Puzzle, Working Modular Car Lift...
  11. Version 1.8.3


    Simple ATM system suitable for every modded server. This plugin comes with multiple ways to access the ATM interface. Account balance is held by Economics so admins have a full range of commands to control player accounts. • How to access ATM Swiping credit card through reader Interacting with custom vending machines Pressing electric button (experimental) • Setup Commands /spawncardreader - spawn card reader entity /vmspawn - spawn vending machine entity /setplace - confirm object placement /setatmzone - set ATM zone for entities placed in RustEdit /setvendingskins - apply custom skin to spawned vending machines Video showcase here • ATMs on procedural maps Automatic spawning at monuments is done by using any entity spawner plugin. Have a look at optional dependencies or feel free to message me on my discord if you have any questions. • Config File { "General Settings": { "Auth Key": 1434242842, "Is Enabled: ": true, "Can Announce: ": true, "Require Card: ": true, "Use Button: ": false, "Title Text: ": "<color=#ce422b>RUST</color> ATM", "Default Bank Information: ": "This panel serves to inform player about functions of ATM machines and ingame currencies. It can be customized inside config file, including font styling", "Log Warnings: ": true }, "Vending Machine Settings": { "Vending Machine Skin": "2441271366", "Spawned Vending Machines as ATM": false, "MarkerManager - Create markers at spawned vending machines": false, "Marker Outline Color": "7DD800", "Marker Outline Size": 0.2 }, "Currency Settings": { "Currency Item ID": "-1779183908", "Currency Skin ID": "2420097877", "Currency Name": "Dollar" }, "Credit Card Settings": { "Card Skin ID": "2410672337", "Card On Player Spawn": false } }
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Small "Trap" Monument with Redcard Puzzle. Around the Monument are Beartraps. Also on the House Entrance. In the second Room after breaking the Barricade you will fall into the Altar room... And you'll not get out! "Almighty Lord, in you we trust" Fuse up the Altar, Swipe your Magic card on our Mighty Lord Book, and Push the Skulls to get out. After making the Puzzle the "door" will go down and a Ladder will be visible and usable to get out. Loot: Some Crates 1x Military (Altar Cell) 1x Elite /Altar Cell)
  13. c0ini

    Seaside bar

    Version 1.1.0


    The location has a recycler and a workbench of the first level, as well as a table for research. There are boxes with food, an underwater box at the pier. Can replace standard magazines. You can put ka on the shore and on land. There is also a vending machine that can be used to sell diving, kayak and paddle accessories. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    The set consists of several high-quality interior items in the medieval style. All content can be seen on demo pictures, contains 25 items in total. What's Included tables chairs cabinets table setting beds trophies
  15. Version 2.0.0


    In the set you will find ready-made elements for assembling a garden: Garden house Small bridge Well, Bench Fence section Truck Fountain Path section 1 Path section 2 Minutiae: Shorn bush Sword in stone
  16. Version 1.1.0


    The set of scenes that fill the map fits very well into the game and adds to the atmosphere. Prefabricated structures have no relief, except for dangerous goods. What's Included Detention of the cartel Dangerous cargo Checkpoint Accident on the road Helicopter crash The defeated caravan Accident on the railway Savage hideout Small dump of auto parts Small dump of construction waste
  17. Version 2.2.0


    Probably the best car service in the wasteland! Stop by to fix the car, buy new parts or body parts. There is a working lift at the station, on the second floor there is a recreation area with a kiosk where you can buy food. Enjoy it for you and your players!
  18. c0ini


    Version 1.0.0


    Detailed Buggy for any sort of application. This is a static prefab and is a decorative piece and can’t be driven. Not a moving model, but will decorate your locations and betray variety. pleasant use for you and your players!
  19. Version 1.0.0


    One drunken guy from the street started his trip to claim the ladder to be the best brewer in Rustcoon City. Loplop Original Met - get drunk... and vomit! Blue Card Puzzle 2x Green Crates Prefab with whole Scene like seen in the RustEdit Screenshot. Also one House with Accessoires inside
  20. Version 1.1.14


    This plugin and prefab combo adds a unique game arena to your map with very minimal effort. The plugin automates the game play entirely, and can be scheduled to run at an interval along side other plugins that use EventHelper. The game revolves around finding loot from crates (primitive by default), and killing each other while a radiation zone closes in around you. The zone is represented by a dome that will shrink in size at a configurable rate, as the game progresses. This will force players back to the centre for a final showdown. The winner will be awarded a prize (configurable). This package includes everything required to run the game manually or automatically, and features: Customizable weapon/armor lists (primitive and guns come default). A lobby with 8x elevators to bring contestants into the game. A configurable plugin to handle gameplay completely (more info below). Custom UI for the radiation zone. Running the game: The game will run automatically every hour (by default). It will give players 5 minutes to join (by default), or can be manually started by typing in /starthg <seconds>. Players join by typing in /hg (by default), which will strip and save all of their equipment, note down their metabolism stats (hunger, thirst, health etc) and teleport them into the lobby. The players will then be added to the "roster" and will be told to get into an elevator. A player cannot join if they have a car key in their inventory, or an active crafting que. Upon the game commencing, players will be taken to the surface via an elevator and the game will begin when the doors open. The dome spawns after 60 seconds (by default), and will start shrinking. Leaving the bounds of the dome will bring up a hud indicating that the player is in a radiation zone, and will start giving the player radiation stacks for as long as they are outside. Dying removes the player from the game, returning their equipment on respawn, and teleporting them back to the location that they were at originally. A player can also manually leave the game by typing in /leave (by default). The game ends when there is 1 player left standing. The player will be returned to their original location, with their original health and metabolism stats, and will have the ability to claim a prize by typing /claimprize. Commands: /starthg <seconds> - starts the game manually and resets the automatic start timer. Seconds = how many seconds before the game actually begins. /endhg - ends the current round of hungergames. /hg - joins the hungergames event. This command is configurable. /leave - leaves the hugnergames event. This command is configurable. /addfinalpoint - adds a potential end zone. /hgplayers - Lists all players who are still alive in the current event. Optional plugin - Night Vision You can the Nightvision plugin on Umod to allow for players to enjoy the event, even during pitch black nights. The plugin will enable/authorise a user to use nightvision when they join the event, and will then remove that privilege when they leave. Link: https://umod.org/plugins/night-vision Installation Follow the youtube guide for installation. The plugin will automatically acquire the button IDs when loaded for the first time. Be sure to delete the data file when you wipe the server so that it can acquire the new .net.IDs. Permissions "hungergames.admin" - Required to start/stop hungergames manually. "hungergames.list" - Required to use the /hgplayers command. See youtube video above for more information on adding this prefab to your map/server.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Emblematic towers of Madrid, Spain. Two leaning towers. this rust reanimation monument is not enterable but on the roof there are x2 hack able crates.
  22. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This civil guard barracks is a empty building to be used by the server administrator to build The roof of the monument is public and has some helicopter re spawns and loot.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Пачка символов (цифры, русские и английские буквы) в количестве 17 штук. Вы можете самостоятельно изменить цвет на белом, используя белый куб с помощью функций замены сборных. Также в качестве бонуса можно заказать любой фон
  24. Version 61 050922


    A lumber yard placed on the River, a couple of puzzles that can only be accessed from the air along with some scientist patrolling the facility This monument is part of my Eden Falls Map and as such can be viewed on this video so you can get an idea of how its placed
  25. Alka

    Fight Club

    Version 1.0.1


    A simple fight arena inspired from boxing & mma, you can climb to go in the ring ! Feel free to message me with any ideas that you would like to see be added. Height,Splat,Topology... Included in .


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