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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A bundle of 5 custom monuments designed to be placed on the ocean or in a lake. These monuments are constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates! NOTES – If you need support, I'm most active on my discord server @ discord.gg/TJxwpKT2Ge – You can edit any monument while placing it. MONUMENT FEATURES > Lost Cargoship Prototype - Monument Lore: This prototype of the well-known cargoship suffered an engine malfunction and the scientists aboard have been stranded for a while. - Recycler, balanced loot, scientists - Green Keycard Puzzle > Cobalt Sea Tower - Monument Lore: This sea tower is used by the cobalt corporation to store records, data & emergency resources in the secret vault underneath. - Players will have to input the fuse at the top of the tower and come down to the vault door to swipe a green keycard. - Recycler, balanced loot, scientists - Green keycard vault > Scientist Raft - Monument Lore: A group of scientists decided building a raft and living on the sea would be a better idea than work. relatable - Recycler, balanced loot, scientists > Lost quarry shipment - Monument Lore: The tugboats and barges were sabotaged and now the scientists are stranded and slowly sinking. - Scientists, balanced loot, stone, sulfur & metal ores - Sunken containers and underwater loot > Lighthouse ruin - Floating junkpiles, underwater rock formations with sunken loot
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    The Fish Market is a cluttered and recently abandoned converted dock. Boats and Loot can spawn here, they make great additions to lonely islands and secluded beaches. Perfect for maps wanting to give a little more to their water based gameplay. Players will need to dive a short distance for two of the 5 normal crates. 3 Boat Spawns 5 Normal Crates 1 Diesel Barrel 4 Food Crates 2 Tool Crates
  3. Version 1.0.16


    Water Bases rust plugin enables players with permissions to construct and expand structures on and underwater without the need for pillars, incorporating vanilla-like mechanics, special features like underwater nettings, and customizable settings for different player tiers. Questions? Support? Join the discord: https://discord.nikhub.dev In short This Rust plugin enables players with the right permissions to construct structures on the water's surface and even extend them below water in a way that feels natural and in keeping with the game's original style. There's no need for tall, unstable pillars reaching down to the seabed; simply place your foundation on the water and use a building plan or hammer to expand it. These aquatic constructions adhere to the same principles of stability, upkeep, and decay as traditional bases on your server but also introduce unique elements like underwater nettings for gathering random items (with fully customizable loot tables) and innovative building techniques. The plugin accommodates various configuration profiles based on permissions, offering an excellent method to reward VIP players across different levels. It grants you control over who is allowed to build on the water, the size of their constructions, their proximity to the shore, and the highest tier of building blocks they can use, among other aspects. Additionally, the plugin is designed to alert players if their construction interferes with the Cargo Ship's route. With the Submarine update on the horizon, it's time to prepare your server for aquatic adventures with Water Bases! Watch the video below to see what water bases are all about. "What about Cargo Ship, will it destroy structures in the way?" By default, players will get a warning if they try to to build a water foundation in the path of the cargo ship, but their water foundation will stay. You can change this setting from "Warn" to "Prevent", and the player won't be able to build it in first place. Changing it to "None" will skip this check. Every ocean path node creates a "bubble" with a configurable radius. See Admin chat commands section below to visualise those bubbles and guide your players to areas where they will be able to build without issues. Quick start (for players and admins) Upload the WaterBases.cs file to your oxide/plugins folder and you should be good to go, it's all plug-and-play. No need to restart your server! Before you can build on water, you need some Water Foundations. Water foundations are re-skinned Inner Tube items (Shortname: innertube / Item ID: -697981032 ; mind the minus sign, it matters!) with a skin ID 2484982352 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2484982352) or 2485021365 (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2485021365). That info is just in case you'd like to include those in your own Kits/Server Rewards shops/loot tables/custom crafting plugins. How to obtain those within the plugin? Crafting water base foundations (with Building Planner) By default, all players will be able to craft, deploy, expand and reinforce water foundations. More on the limits and how to change them (how far/close to the shore, min and max depth of the water, how many water foundations allowed per building etc) in the section Advanced Config. When a player equips a Building Plan, a small GUI will show in the bottom right (positions/colours etc can be changed in the config too). There, players will be able to craft deployable water foundations - both square and triangle. Those crafted items will also be consumed when players expand their already deployed foundations or reinforce them. The default permission profile requires a player to be close to a Level 2 Workbench - this requirement can be edited in the config to change the level needed, or you can turn off the need for a workbench altogether, per permission profile. If you don't want your players to be able to craft foundations - so they have to find them/buy them/earn them instead - you can disable it per-profile. In that case, they won't see the GUI. Giving with chat commands (admins only) Type /give_square [amount] or /give_triangle [amount] to give yourself some foundations of that type. If you don't specify an amount, you will only receive 1. Deploying a "starter" foundation on water Go out to the lake/ocean, select the water foundation as your active item and using the doughnut-shaped guide, deploy it on the water surface. After trying to deploy/expand upon an existing water foundation, a couple of checks will be performed according to global config and individual permission profile for that player: Does the player have permission to deploy the first foundation/expand existing one? Is the player building blocked? How far is the player trying to build from shore (based on the map topology)? Too close/too far? How deep is the water where the player is trying to build? Is it too deep/too shallow? Is the player trying to build too close to the path of cargo/Oil Rig? Is the player allowed to have this many water foundations in the building? If all the checks have been successful, a new twig floor, with a stability 100% (like normal foundations) will be built. It will have some indestructible floatation barrels attached to it, partially covering the water foundation's soft side (the bottom). Then, a water foundation can be expanded, upgraded, protected with a Tool Cupboard (like any other buildings, really), or reinforced. Expanding Once you've deployed your first "starter" water foundation, all the subsequent foundations will be placed using vanilla building mechanics - just take a building plan and build some floors neighbouring your water foundation on the sides! If you have enough water foundation items of the required kind in your inventory, those newly placed floors will also turn into water foundations. And they can call be demolished/upgraded, just like normal twig structures, as soon as you place a Tool Cupboard. Expanding a single-sided water foundation requires 1 proper water foundation item, expanding a double sided water foundation (reinforced one) requires two. Reinforcing Reinforcing a water foundation means making it double sided - so it fully covers the soft side AND gives you the ability to build from the surface down, to the seabed/lakebed! To reinforce, make sure a built water foundation is fully repaired, and them hit it with a hammer. If you have a required water foundation item in your inventory, it will be consumed and the foundation will be reinforced: you will see another floor with floatation barrels attached upside down. If you try to expand a reinforced foundation (by attaching a floor at the bottom, reinforced side) and there's no water foundation above it (normal orientation), it will try to create one, provided you have enough items in your inventory. Reinforcements (upside down water foundations) are always associated with the water foundation they're attached to and cannot exist on their own - if you destroy the water foundation, its reinforcement will be destroyed too. However, destroying the reinforcement will not destroy is water foundation. Upgrading Water base structures Building blocks inside your water bases have certain tier limits associated with them - it's to help balance things out. By default, non-VIP and non-admin players will be able to upgrade water foundations to sheet metal tier, floor frames and wall frames to stone tier, and everything else (including walls, floors and reinforcement foundations) to wood tier. You can easily decide which permission profile has which max tier (per type of building block) in the config. Water Base exclusive features Because water foundations are treated as floors with the stability of a foundation, you can place roofs at "ground level", which is not possible with normal foundations! Similarly, you can leave a "hole" where a water foundation would be and place a floor frame with a hatch instead - now you can enter your base from the bottom, underwater! Reinforcing a water foundation means you'll be able to build down from the surface to the bottom of the water to create extra layers of protection, or... Nettings deployed in wall frames underwater will collect random junk items with editable loot tables, including fish and diving equipment! This feature is heavily configurable and can even be disabled. But also Sharks! Read just below. NEW IN 1.0.5: Beware the Netting Sharks! If enabled, Sharks will randomly spawn around Nettings underwater. Especially ones that have accumulated a lot of items, but only if there's at least 1 player within the distance of 100 meters from the Netting. As soon as the first item is caught in an empty Netting, a random silent timer will be set. Every additional item spawning reduces the timer left by a certain percentage (default by 8%). When it hits 0, AND local/global Netting Shark population limits haven't yet been reached (all in the config), a Shark will spawn somewhere near that Netting. The sharks have a configurable aggro distance and multipliers for speed and health. They will linger around the position of the netting that attracted them and try to pursue anyone in sight. Harvesting a Netting Shark corpse with a proper tool will yield some free items from its entrails - by default 5 times more than you'd normally get from a netting full of items from the default loot tables. Of course the default Shark loot tables in the config are, just like the Netting loot tables, completely configurable - check the config section below. All in all, it's like any other base... just on water, without annoying seafloor supports. The stability of the water foundation is always 100% and goes down the higher you built. The stability of a reinforcement foundation also starts at 100% and goes down the deeper towards the seafloor you build. All the decaying things (walls, floors, doors etc) will require appropriate upkeep materials in the Tool Cupboard. Structures can be repaired, demolished, upgraded and removed using plugins. Bases can be raided, taken over or left to decay. Water Bases Permissions (Oxide.Grant user YourName [permission name starting with waterbases.]) By default, the plugin generates 3 permission profiles in the config - one for admins, one for normal players with no specific permissions (default) and one for VIP. More on permission profiles and config values they can handle can be found in the section Advanced Config. Unless you have added more permission profiles, only these two below are going to be used by your config: waterbases.admin Holders of the admin permission will also be able to run the /wb_cfg, /give_square and /give_triangle commands. Also, by default, they will be associated with the permission profile that has no limits on placing water foundations. waterbases.vip1 Holders of this permission will follow settings and limits associated with with that permission profile. The permissions below are also registered, but not used by default. To use them, just create some permission profiles with those permissions as the key. waterbases.vip2 waterbases.vip3 waterbases.vip4 waterbases.vip5 Admin chat commands (must have ownerid/moderatorid/waterbases.admin permission) /give_square [optional arg: amount of items to receive] Will give the player a given amount of square-shaped water foundations. If no amount is provided, only 1 will be received. /give_triangle [optional arg: amount of items to receive] Will give the player a given amount of triangle-shaped water foundations. If no amount is provided, only 1 will be received. /draw_cargo This will draw a "bubble" (only for you, not every player) around every path node, and the bubble's radius will be taken from your config. If a player tries building inside one of these bubbles, they might get a warning or get prevent from doing so (because cargo ship destroys all structures in its way). Useful to visualise where your players can and cannot build, based on the cargo ship path. /shore_distance This will show you the current distance from the shore, to help you decide how close to/far from the shore to allow players to build. The unit used by Rust to measure shore distance is not in meters, it's something roughly equivalent to 1/10th of a map grid length. Mind you though, it's based off of the map's topology, so it should be fine on procgens, but if you have a custom map without topology layers reflecting the actual shoreline, you might want to disable relying on shore distance in your config. Admin console / chat command This command will work both from the chat (in that case, prefix it with a forward slash / ) and the console, (F1 or server/RCON console). Running this command as a player will require the waterbases.admin permission for players that are not moderatorid/ownerid enabled. wb.give [square/triangle] [partial player name or full steam ID] If a player executes it in the chat or console in-game and they don't specify a recipient, it will be given to the player executing this command. Executing from the server console requires specifying the player. Configuration (oxide/config/WaterBases.json and /wb_cfg chat command) Vast majority of the settings can be configured with the /wb_cfg chat command. Typing it in the chat with no parameters should dump a rundown of config fields and their values. In order to run any of the config commands, you will need to have ownerid or moderatorid (or the waterbases.admin permission). /wb_cfg RelyOnShoreDistance [logical values (true or false)] /wb_cfg GlobalOceanLevelCheckBeforePlacing [logical values (true or false)] /wb_cfg GlobalOceanLevelBaseline [fractions (like 1.2345) between -1000.00 and 1000.00] /wb_cfg CargoShipPathHandling ["Warn", "Prevent" or "None"] /wb_cfg MinDistanceFromCargoShipNode [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsCollectJunk [logical values (true or false)] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsRandomTimerMin [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsRandomTimerMax [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 10000.00] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsItemLimit [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 100] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSpawnSharks [logical values (true or false)] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkRandomTimerMin [fractions (like 1.2345) between 1.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkRandomTimerMax [fractions (like 1.2345) between 1.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkTimerShortenByPercent [fractions (like 1.2345) between 1.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkSpawningMinDistance [fractions (like 1.2345) between 2.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkSpawningMaxDistance [fractions (like 1.2345) between 2.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkPopulationLimitLocal [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 1000] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkPopulationLimitGlobal [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 1000] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkSleepDespawnTimer [fractions (like 1.2345) between 2.00 and 100000.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkHealthMultiplier [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.001 and 100.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkSpeedMultiplier [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.001 and 100.0] /wb_cfg UnderwaterNetsSharkAggroRange [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.001 and 100.0] /wb_cfg SharkHarvestingLootEnabled [logical values (true or false)] /wb_cfg GuiNEW1AnchorMinX [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW2AnchorMinY [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW3AnchorMaxX [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW4AnchorMaxY [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW5OffsetMinX [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW6OffsetMinY [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW7OffsetMaxX [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiNEW8OffsetMaxY [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiTextSize [integers (like 12345) between 0 and 100] /wb_cfg GuiButtonColor [hexadecimal numbers WITHOUT preceding # (like 3db4b3)] /wb_cfg GuiTextColor [hexadecimal numbers WITHOUT preceding # (like 3db4b3)] /wb_cfg GuiButtonAlpha [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg GuiTextAlpha [fractions (like 1.2345) between 0.00 and 1.00] /wb_cfg EnableBarrelEntities [logical values (true or false)] Advanced config (only editable through oxide/config/WaterBases.json) Water foundation crafting cost Here you can adjust how much it costs to craft water foundations. Make it more expensive, less expensive, or add/remove required materials. The cost will stay the same for all permission profiles. A full list of short names for items can be found at https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/ "CraftingCostSquare": [ { "Shortname": "wood", "Amount": 100 }, { "Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 200 } ], "CraftingCostTriangle": [ { "Shortname": "wood", "Amount": 50 }, { "Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Amount": 100 } ], Shortname should belong to one of the available items in-game. The amount should be a whole number larger than 0 and smaller than the limit of a signed 32-bit integer (2 147 483 647). Permission profiles Using profiles you can quickly create/edit different permissions for different players, for example, if you have more than 1 VIP tier on your server - just add some new profiles. Different players can have different limits and permissions associated with building water bases. To check which permission profile the player should fall under, the plugin goes through all permission profiles and checks whether the player has that permission granted. The permissions are checked in order, meaning that if the player doesn't have the first permission, it will try the next permission on the list, etc (similar to how Auto Kits checks which kit to give to a player based on their permissions in order). If the player doesn't have any permissions from the list granted, they will fall back to the "default" profile. That's the only one that you shouldn't remove! If you remove it, a new one with default values will be created. So if you don't want your default, non-VIP players to build water bases, don't remove the default profile, just take away privileges in that profile (like deploying/expanding/reinforcing). You don't have to use the built-in VIP permissions - any permission from any plugin will do just fine! By default, three permission profiles are generated in the config: default, waterbases.admin and waterbases.vip1. The default permission profile will apply to any player who doesn't have any permissions listed in the profile list - let's have a look at it: "PermissionProfiles": { "default": { "PermissionRequired": "default", "MaxBuildingGradeGeneric": "Wood", "MaxBuildingGradeFrames": "Stone", "MaxBuildingGradeWaterFoundations": "Metal", "WaterDepthMin": 2.0, "WaterDepthMax": 100.0, "MaxWaterFoundationsPerBuilding": 25, "MinDistanceFromOilrig": 200.0, "MinDistanceFromShore": 2.0, "MaxDistanceFromShore": 20.0, "CanDeployWaterFoundations": true, "CanReinforceWaterFoundations": true, "CanExpandWaterFoundations": true, "CanExpandReinforcedFoundations": true, "CanCraftWaterFoundations": true, "RequireMaterialsForCrafting": true, "WorkbenchLevelRequired": 2.0, "CanDeployUnderwaterNets": true, } PermissionRequired should contain an already existing permission registered by any plugin in the form of pluginname.permissionname MaxBuildingGradeGeneric, MaxBuildingGradeFrames andMaxBuildingGradeWaterFoundations define the highest allowed grade for a particular part of a water base. Generic means anything that's not a water foundation or a door/floor frame (that includes normal floors, walls, half walls, and inverse foundations). For those 3 settings, the accepted options are "Twigs", "Wood", "Stone", "Metal" or "TopTier". Set all of them to "TopTier" if you don't want any tier limits on water bases. WaterDepthMin and WaterDepthMax define the allowed range for water depth when placing water foundations - to make sure that certain players are not building in water that is too shallow/too deep. The unit meters. MaxWaterFoundationsPerBuilding is what it sounds like it will prevent a player under this permission profile from adding more water foundations to a water base, limiting their size. Set to a large value like 100000 for virtually no limits. MinDistanceFromOilrig will define the minimum distance from the closest oilrig (in meters) that has to be respected before placing a water foundation down. Decrease to let players build closer, increase to make them build farther away. MinDistanceFromShore and MaxDistanceFromShore both rely on your map topology. If you're sure that you're quite close to the shore, but the /shore_distance command shows you ridiculous values, it means your map does not have the topology map painted properly (contact the map dev and let them know!). In that case, you should set the RelyOnShoreDistance option in the config to false and instead rely on water depth (if shore distance is enabled, it will rely on both). The unit here is not a meter, but roughly 1/10th of a map grid (around 15 meters). CanDeployWaterFoundations if set to true, will allow players using this profile to deploy newly started foundations (using the doughnut guide, provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed). CanReinforceWaterFoundations if set to true, will allow players using this profile to reinforce water foundations by hitting them with a hammer (provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed). CanExpandWaterFoundations if set to true, will allow players using this profile to build more water foundations upon already existing ones by placing neighboring floors with their building plan (provided they have a properly shaped water foundation item to be consumed). CanExpandReinforcedFoundations if set to true, will allow players using this profile to attach a floor to the side of a reinforcement foundation - and as long as they have 2 water foundation items in their inventory, they will expand that reinforced foundation along with its water foundation. CanCraftWaterFoundations if set to true, will allow players using this profile to craft water foundations using a GUI in the bottom-right (showing while a Building Plan is equipped). Profiles with this setting set to false won't display those GUIs and players will have to find other ways of obtaining water foundations (loot, kits, server rewards etc). RequireMaterialsForCrafting if set to true, players using this profile will need to have required crafting materials in their inventory when trying to craft a Water Foundation. If set to false, the player will be able to craft an infinite amount of water foundations for free, so use them with caution. WorkbenchLevelRequired Set to 0.0 (no workbench nearby required), 1.0 (Level 1 required), 2.0 (Level 2 required) or 3.0 (Level 3 required) for crafting Water Foundations. CanDeployUnderwaterNets if set to true, players will be able to deploy nettings in underwater wall frames. Those settings will slowly accumulate underwater junk items if the feature is enabled on your server - look below for the loot table configuration. Underwater junk & Netting Shark loot tables If you have not disabled underwater nets collecting junk, this is where you can adjust the kind and rarity of certain items. You can even remove entries and add your own, including a custom skin and item name! A "loot table" is perhaps not the right term, as the list contains individual chances of a "caught" item being of a particular kind. There can be only 1 item caught at a time, and the table defines random weights for every possible entry. The larger the weight (compared to the sum of all weights), the bigger chance of encountering a particular item. So if you have 10 entries and each of them have a weight of 1, each item will have an equal 10% chance of being one of the random entries in the list (as the weights sum up to 10). Thus you can have some items really common, and some of them really rare. Here are 2 sample entries from the list: { "Shortname": "innertube", "CustomName": null, "SkinID": 2484982352, "RandomChanceWeight": 1.0, "MinRandomAmount": 1, "MaxRandomAmount": 1 }, { "Shortname": "innertube", "CustomName": null, "SkinID": 2485021365, "RandomChanceWeight": 1.0, "MinRandomAmount": 1, "MaxRandomAmount": 1 }, Shortname is the most important bit - make sure it's correct! You can find a link to a full list of those names above. CustomName lets you give items caught in the netting different names. You can leave that null to leave a default item name. In this example, the two items are water foundations - the proper name for those items will be applied automatically by the plugin anyway. Whatever you type there, make sure to encompass it in quotes, like "CustomName": "My Custom Item Name" if it's not null! SkinID is pretty self-explanatory - it's the long number in the URL of a Steam Workshop item. By default, it's 0 (no skin). RandomChanceWeight lets you decide the item's rarity when spawning - relative to the rarity of other items. Increase or decrease this number (it can be fractional) to make the item more or less rare. MinRandomAmount and MaxRandomAmount are what they sound like - they should both be larger than 0 (whole numbers) and when that particular item is caught, the stack will contain an amount between these two numbers. Translation support (oxide/lang/en/WaterBases.json) Almost every string the players see, including names for the water foundation items and messages displaying in the chat and the GUI, can be edited. Just load the plugin and let it generate the file - after you edit it, reload the plugin.
  4. Version 2.0


    This Is my Aquadome Habitat large buildable dome can hold at least 10-15 bases great for any server Roleplay, PVP. has vending machines boat vendor road and rail ring around the whole dome. Sub Marine station for easy access to it the dome this prefab requires latest rustedit.dll as well as the harmony mod posted below for the horse vendor . Following videos show how to place and how to add alpha how to add to map Instructions where to apply alpha how it looks in game.
  5. ArtiIOMI


    Version 1.1.7


    The plugin changes the system of plants and trees to a more realistic one. Features Watering plants planted in the ground. Fertilizing plants planted in the ground. Possibility to block planting in unauthorized fields. All trees grow and have stages of growth. Tree seedlings were introduced. The method of obtaining wood has been changed. Video Preview https://youtu.be/stoRXnVGpik https://streamable.com/tktvrq https://streamable.com/my4z28 https://streamable.com/mcyvwl UNINSTALLING Delete the file from the plugins folder, or disable the feature in the configuration file. A server restart is required to uninstall the new plant system! Configuration Credits @UmodTeam for adding hooks. @Steenamaroo, @Billy Joe, @Raul-Sorin SorbanThanks you so much! Love you!!!
  6. Version 1.0.10


    Submersible Pump plugin will relieve the rivers on your server. It allows players to place water pump with fresh water anywhere on map. Water output can be changed with WaterWorks plugin by nivex. Video Preview (Version 1.0.0) Features You can build your farm anywhere on map. Customizable pump crafting. You can place your pump on foundations. (but not too high (configurable)) Commands /pump - Plugin help command. /pump craft - Crafting submersible pump. givepump - Give submersible pump. (Console Command) Permissions submersiblepump.use – Allows you to craft and place submersible pump. (Needs to be enabled in config) submersiblepump.give – Allows you using givepump command. Default Config (Version 1.0.5) { "Misc - Require Permission": false, "Misc - Pump Item Name": "Submersible Pump", "Misc - Pump Ground Check": true, "Craft - Enable Pump Craft": true, "Craft - Chat Command": "pump", "Craft - Require Blueprint For Pump": true, "Craft - Required Workbench Level (0-3)": 2, "Craft - Pump Craft Cost": [ { "Item Shortname": "metal.fragments", "Item Amount": 1000, "Item Skin": 0 }, { "Item Shortname": "gears", "Item Amount": 10, "Item Skin": 0 }, { "Item Shortname": "metalpipe", "Item Amount": 20, "Item Skin": 0 } ] }
  7. _senyaa

    Jet Ski

    Version 1.4.5


    This plugin adds jet skis with customizable physics! Chat Commands /jetski - Spawns jet ski near player (requires jetski.spawn permission) /jetski remove - despawns player's jet ski (requires jetski.despawn permission) /buyjetski - allows player to buy jet ski item and deploy it later (requires jetski.buy permission) Console Commands givejetski <amount> <player name> - give specified amount of jet skis to specified player (can be run in the server console or by player with jetski.admin permission) Admin Chat Commands (requires jetski.admin permission) /jetski_debug - show buoyancy points Each buoyancy point has force and size parameters Permissions jetski.admin - admin permission jetski.spawn - allows players to spawn a jetski via /jetski jetski.buy - allows players to buy jet ski deployable via /buyjetski jetski.free - allows players to use /jetski for free (if price is not 0) jetski.despawn - allows players to despawn a jet ski via /jetski remove Localization English Russian Configuration Example of JetSki.json { "(1.1) Jet ski price (set value to 0 to make it free, use ServerRewards or Economics as a shortname to use RP points or Economics balance respectively)": { "ShortName": "scrap", "Amount": 75, "SkinID": 0 }, "(1.2) Spawn cooldown (in seconds)": 120, "(1.3) Allow only 1 jet ski per player": false, "(1.4) Allow spawning jet skis only on beaches": false, "(1.5) Amount of jet skis /buyjetski command gives": 1, "(1.6) Starting fuel": 0, "(2.1) Allow picking up the jet ski only in building privilege": false, "(2.2) How much HP is reduced when the jet ski is picked up (0-100)": 25.0, "(2.3) Jet ski item name": "Jet Ski", "(2.4) Jet ski item skin ID": 2935987835, "(2.5) Jet ski item ID": 794443127, "(3.1)Make all snowmobiles jet ski": true, "(3.2) Allow Jet ski to drive on land": true, "(4.1) Enable 'boost' button (Left Shift)": false, "(4.2) 'Boost' button thrust": 10000.0, "(4.3) 'Boost' duration (seconds)": 5.0, "(4.4) 'Boost' cooldown (seconds)": 30.0, "(5.1) Engine thrust": 5000, "(5.2) Engine thrust on land": 49, "(5.3) Move slowly on grass or roads": true, "(5.4) Steering scale": 0.05, "(5.5) Automatically flip jet skis": false, "(5.6) Off axis drag": 0.35, "(5.7) Buoyancy force": 730.0, "(6.1) Jet ski prefab": "assets/content/vehicles/snowmobiles/tomahasnowmobile.prefab", "(6.2) Thrust point position": { "x": -0.001150894, "y": 0.055, "z": -1.125 }, "(6.3) Buoyancy points": [ { "Position": { "x": -0.62, "y": 0.09, "z": -1.284 }, "Size": 1.3 }, ... } ] } API BaseEntity SpawnJetski(Vector3 position, Quaternion rotation) Item CreateJetskiItem()
  8. PT EliRival

    Lake Land

    Version 1.0.3


    Introducing 3500 map with unusual, eroded terrain. Clans will find lots of flat space to build their compound, same for solo players. There is a lot of sneaky places to build their starter base or hidden bunker. Big part of the lakes has river topology, it means that pumpkins and corn will grow along side of them. Some of the lakes are so deep that has sea underwater rock formation, perfect for divers. Surface train system is not connected to Train Yard.!!! Good news! It's going around the map and you can reach custom XR-Oils compound that is connected with third Oil rig that is located on land. Custom monuments: Marina 1 and 2: . Lake barge that contains barrels, crates and scientists for its protection. Artemis: . Custom monument that has different type of loot, green and blue card rooms. XR-Oils: . Custom monument that is attached to original Oil rig. It's located in land on winter biome. Original monuments: 1. Airfield 2. Launch Site 3. Power Plant 4. Train Yard 5. Military Tunnel 6. Harbor 1 7. Harbor 2 8. Junkyard 9. Satellite Dish 10. Water Treatment Plant 11. Abandoned Military Base 12. Arctic Research Base 13. Sewer Branch 14. Outpost 15. Bandit Camp 16. Lighthouse 17. Fishing village 18. Ranch 19. Large Barn 20. Oil Rig 1 21. Oil Rig 2 22. Oil Rig 3 Customer can modify map; password will be included into Zip file. Be aware of the TOS-Restrictions, map can't be sold or transferred to 3rd parties If you gonna have some questions, contact me: PT EliRival (Eli) #9320
  9. Version 1.0.7


    A plugin that spawns in NPC controlled RHIBS which act as stationary patrols in the ocean and along the coastline waiting and looking for players. Once engaged, players have the choice to attack them for loot or flee for their lives! Description This plugin will spawn RHIBs with NPCs on your server that will act as stationary patrols, they will remain in place and search for players that enter their sight, at which point they will pursue the player. The player has the option of escaping the patrol, or they can fight the NPCs and if successful and victorious, you can take the loot they hold in their boat! Should the player have a base on the beach, or decide to hide inside anywhere near the waters edge, the NPCs will not hesitate to pull out their rocket launchers and go to work trying to raid their defensive positions! In the configuration for the plugin you can create several patrol presets, each having their own population on the map. Adjust also the amount of NPCs in the boat, their clothing and weapons, all of their parameters for difficulty and challenge, as well as adjust and customize the loot table for each preset, including custom spawn locations for the stationary patrols. The best map for the plugin to work is a map with a lot of sea. I can recommend the maps of the Mad Mappers team developers.: Land Of Enmity Arhipelago Dependencies Required NpcSpawn Plugin Config en - example of plugin configuration in English ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here!
  10. KpucTaJl

    Water Event

    Version 2.1.4


    A new event includes a lot of game mechanics Description The event starts with a warning in the chat: a submarine will soon be passed near the island. A submarine will appear on the water when the time is up. There are 4 floors in the submarine. 2 floors are over the water and 2 floors are under the water. It is possible to get into the submarine on absolutely any transport. There are 4 outside entrances, 4 underwater entrances, and 2 submarine entrances (added in the Underwater Update). There are about 50 NPCs outside the boat and two upper floors. There are about 120 crates of items, rooms with blue and red doors, locked crates, recyclers, workbenches in the submarine (it is possible to set up in the configuration). There are also 4 cameras on the submarine that you can connect to (Submarine1, Submarine2, Submarine3, Submarine4). The number and location of all NPCs and crates can be changed in the plugin configuration. It is also possible to change the dropdown items in them. It is necessary to blow up the doors on the submarine with explosives to get to the crates (it is possible to set up the amount of damage to the doors in the configuration). When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (configurable in the configuration file). It is possible to set up in the configuration the PVP zone for those who use the TruePVE plugin. A timer with a countdown to the Event end and the number of crates and NPCs will display for all players in the Event zone. The conditions for the completing event are the end of the timer or the end of the loot crates. The submarine will disappear at the end of the event. It is possible to set up an automatic event appear on the map. All timers can be set up in the configuration. It is possible to lower the FPS on the server due to the large number of entities during the submarine appearance or the end of the event! Dependencies Required NpcSpawn Dependencies (optional, not required) True PVE PveMode GUI Announcements Notify Discord Messages AlphaLoot CustomLoot NTeleportation Economics Server Rewards IQEconomic Kits Chat commands (only for administrators) /waterstart - start the event /waterstop - end the event /waterpos - determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates.It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the submarine is read) Console commands (RCON only) waterstart - start the event waterstop - end the event Plugin Config en - example of plugin configuration in English ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian Hooks void OnWaterEventStart(HashSet<BaseEntity> entities, Vector3 position, float radius) – called when the event starts void OnWaterEventEnd() – called when the event ends void OnWaterEventWinner(ulong winnerId) – called at the end of the event, where the winnerId is the player who did more actions to complete the event My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here! The submarine is designed by Jtedal
  11. Version 2.1.7


    It’s an Event in the Power Plant location Description The event begins with a chat warning: soon CH47 will get new crates with items for scientists to the Power Plant location. When the time is up, the NPCs guarding this location will appear in the Power Plant zone. Then a water barrel will appear on the top of the central building. A CH47 will fly to this location to get new crates with items. When the CH47 arrives in the Event zone, it will fail to control and crash in a cooling tower of the power plant. All the crates from the CH47 will be on the top of the cooling tower. But they will be in the fire. You need put out the fire to get access to the crates. It is necessary to activate a fire system to put out the fire. A fire system is on the top of the central building. So a Workcart will arrive to the Event area to bring a barrel of water. You need move this water from the Workcart to the empty barrel on the top of the central building. As soon as you do this, you will be able to start the fire system by pressing a button. When the fire system has activated, the fire in the cooling tower will be out. You will be able to access the crates in the cooling tower. There is a camera in the location for viewing the event. When an event appears, a marker will display on the map (it can set up in the configuration file). All players in the event area have a timer with countdown to the end of the event Dependencies Required NpcSpawn Dependencies (optional, not required) True PVE PveMode GUI Announcements Notify Discord Messages AlphaLoot CustomLoot NTeleportation Economics Server Rewards IQEconomic Kits Chat commands (only for administrators) /ppstart - start the event /ppstop - end the event /pppos - determining the position and rotation coordinates for changing the location of NPCs and crates. It should write in the configuration (Attention! The event must be started, the current position of the administrator in relation to the Power Plant is read) Console commands (RCON only) ppstart - start the event ppstop - end the event Plugin Config en - example of plugin configuration in English ru - example of plugin configuration in Russian Hooks void OnPowerPlantEventStart() – called when the event starts void OnPowerPlantEventEnd() – called when the event ends void OnPowerPlantEventWinner(ulong winnerId) – called at the end of the event, where the winnerId is the player who did more actions to complete the event My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here!
  12. Version 1.2.7


    Experience the thrill of high-seas plunder with "Tugboat Pirates". Encounter a Tugboat, brimming with NPC pirates protecting their valuable loot. Engage in intense battles, eliminate the captain for an access code, and seize the treasure. Features Tugboat with Pirate NPCs and loot patrols the ocean Kill the captain to get access to the loot room Fully configurable boat interior Boat location marked on the map Fully customizable NPCs (you can even give them rocket launchers in their kits) Event starts automatically (configurable time, can be disabled) Announcements via gametip and/or chat NPC are turret NPC that do not move from their station on the Tugboat Door code of the loot room can be found in the captain's corpse (pirate quotes can be changed in the config) Commands All Commands require the admin permission /tugboatstart - Manually start the event /tugboatstop - Manually end the event Hooks (void) OnTugboatPiratesStarted() // Called when the event has started (void) OnTugboatPiratesEnded() // Called after the event has ended Permissions tugboatpirates.admin - Required to use admin commands Configuration { "Time between events (minutes, set to -1 to disable scheduled events)": 60, "Event duration (seconds)": 3600, "Show toast when event starts": true, "Announce event in chat": true, "Boat leave time before despawning (seconds)": 120, "Time before boat despawn when captain is killed (seconds)": 1200, "Boat configurations": [ { "Location offset (used when spawning multiple boats)": { "x": 0.0, "y": 0.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Npc profile for captain (must be a valid profile)": "captain", "Npc spawn locations and profiles": { "back_right": "pirate_lr", "back_left": "pirate_lr", "upper_front_right": "pirate_lr", "upper_front_left": "pirate_lr", "upper_back_right": "pirate_lr", "upper_back_left": "pirate_lr", "roof_back": "pirate_lr", "entrance_right": "pirate_lr", "entrance_left": "pirate_lr", "roof_right": "pirate_lr", "roof_left": "pirate_lr", "front": "pirate_lr", "right": "pirate_mp5", "left": "pirate_mp5" }, "Interior objects (crates, decoration, etc.)": [ { "Prefab path": "assets/prefabs/deployable/chinooklockedcrate/codelockedhackablecrate.prefab", "Rotation": 180.0, "Position on boat": { "x": 0.0, "y": 2.0, "z": 4.2 }, "Skin id": 1394363785, "Loot profile (only for crates, leave empty for default loot)": "" }, // Removed some lines for readability reasons ] } ], "Npc profiles": { "pirate_lr": { "name": "Pirate", "health": 200.0, "enableRadio": true, "senseRange": 50.0, "visionCone": 135.0, "damageScale": 1.0, "memoryDuration": 60.0, "lootProfile": "pirate", "kit": "", "Clothing items": [ { "shortName": "hat.boonie", "amount": 1, "skinId": 965553937 }, { "shortName": "hoodie", "amount": 1, "skinId": 2984978438 }, { "shortName": "pants", "amount": 1, "skinId": 2984977257 }, { "shortName": "attire.hide.boots", "amount": 1, "skinId": 861468674 } ], "Belt items": [ { "shortName": "rifle.lr300", "amount": 1, "skinId": 0 } ] }, "pirate_mp5": { "name": "Pirate", "health": 150.0, "enableRadio": true, "senseRange": 50.0, "visionCone": 135.0, "damageScale": 1.0, "memoryDuration": 60.0, "lootProfile": "pirate", "kit": "", "Clothing items": [ { "shortName": "hat.boonie", "amount": 1, "skinId": 965553937 }, { "shortName": "hoodie", "amount": 1, "skinId": 2984978438 }, { "shortName": "pants", "amount": 1, "skinId": 2984977257 }, { "shortName": "attire.hide.boots", "amount": 1, "skinId": 861468674 } ], "Belt items": [ { "shortName": "smg.mp5", "amount": 1, "skinId": 0 } ] }, "captain": { "name": "Captain", "health": 100.0, "enableRadio": false, "senseRange": 0.0, "visionCone": 0.0, "damageScale": 1.0, "memoryDuration": 0.0, "lootProfile": "pirate", "kit": "", "Clothing items": [ { "shortName": "hat.boonie", "amount": 1, "skinId": 965553937 }, { "shortName": "tshirt", "amount": 1, "skinId": 811762477 }, { "shortName": "pants.shorts", "amount": 1, "skinId": 849256923 }, { "shortName": "attire.hide.boots", "amount": 1, "skinId": 861468674 } ], "Belt items": [ { "shortName": "mace.baseballbat", "amount": 1, "skinId": 0 } ] } }, "Loot profiles": { "crate_2": [ { "Short name": "scrap", "Min amount": 2, "Max amount": 20, "Chance": 1.0, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "metal.refined", "Min amount": 4, "Max amount": 8, "Chance": 0.5, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "gears", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 3, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "sewingkit", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 3, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "rope", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 3, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "sheetmetal", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 2, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "grenade.molotov", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 2, "Chance": 0.1, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "grenade.f1", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 4, "Chance": 0.1, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "telephone", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Chance": 0.1, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "multiplegrenadelauncher", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Chance": 0.1, "Skin id": 0 } ], "pirate": [ { "Short name": "scrap", "Min amount": 2, "Max amount": 6, "Chance": 1.0, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "bottle.vodka", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Chance": 0.7, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "pistol.eoka", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "ammo.handmade.shell", "Min amount": 5, "Max amount": 10, "Chance": 0.2, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "rope", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 3, "Chance": 0.3, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Short name": "sewingkit", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 2, "Chance": 0.3, "Skin id": 0 } ] }, "Priate quotes (inluded in captain's note)": [ "If rum can’t fix it, ye are not using enough rum.", "But… why is the rum gone?", "Be who you arrrr...", "All for rum and rum for all!", "Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.", "If ye can read this ye be stupid." ] }
  13. Version 1.0.2


    It is a large kit of underwater railway modular parts designed for you to easily add submerged railways to any map by simply snapping each part into place. Parts are available in twin railway lines. It took me so long to complete and I am pleased that it has finally been released. known issues: Sometimes a fish swims into the tunnel and you turn right to go left on the split track I will be adding more parts and snap-on decor packs to this in the coming weeks. Tunnels ~ UnderWater Moonpool 3x36 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Diver Access 3x 18 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x18 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x36 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x72 (Twin).prefab Underwater Bend 45 (Twin).prefab Underwater Smooth Incline Bottom (Twin).prefab Underwater Smooth Incline Top (Twin).prefab UnderWater Entrance 3x54 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x47 Siding (Twin).prefab UnderWater Split 3x72 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x47 Build Area (Twin).prefab UnderWater End 3x36 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Tunnel Ventilation 3x18 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Switch 3x54 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Blast Door Auto 3x18 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x216 (Twin).prefab UnderWater 3x144 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Entrance To Land (Twin).prefab UnderWater Legless 3x72 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Legless 3x18 (Twin).prefab UnderWater Legless 3x18 (Twin).prefab Snap-ons ~ Diver Access Gear Locker.prefab Tunnel NPC Guards.prefab Blastdoor Checkpoint Guards.prefab Build Zone Locomotive Spawn.prefab Build Zone Workcart Spawn.prefab Lights 2 3x18.prefab Build Zone S.prefab Build Zone L.prefab Build Zone M.prefab Repair Team End 3x36.prefab Hydraulic Seal Open.prefab Workcart Spawns End 3x36.prefab Sunken Tug End 3x36.prefab Sunken Tug+Loot End 3x36.prefab Leaks+Sparks End 3x36.prefab Hydraulic Seal Closed.prefab Backup Air Supply.prefab Overgrown Ocean Plants.prefab Moonpool Duo Sub Guard+loot 3x36.prefab Moonpool Duo Sub 3x36.prefab Moonpool Solo Sub Guard+loot 3x36.prefab Moonpool Solo Sub 3x36.prefab
  14. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Fear of the deep sea? Now you can overcome it with this wonderful window to the ocean. Stand out on your server with Underwater Train Station, an underwater train station with access to the subway tunnel. - Contains: NPCS, Loot, Puzzles and a nice decoration. - Tip: You can remove the train tracks and put your own custom ones (Existing tracks can serve as a guide, or if you prefer you can keep them as they are fully functional).
  15. Version 1.3.1


    Heavy Cargo Ship Event is a configurable plugin that allows for a new type of random event. Randomly a message will appear letting players know that there's an incoming heavy cargo ship. The ship is equipped with extra scientists, auto turrets, and a Bradley. Players must try to board the ship and kill the scientists in the lower decks to find the code to disable the auto turrets OR destroy all the turrets. If the code is found, it can be entered into the code lock in the lower decks to disable the turrets. Once the turrets are dealt with, players must defeat the Bradley. This can be a real challenge while on a moving ship. Finally, once the Bradley is defeated, players can collect all the loot. That's if someone else doesn't get to it first! This is a great event to add to your server to give it a little more variety. It can be a fun PVP zone or a PVE event for non PVP servers. EASY OPTIONAL SETUP - NO SETUP REQUIRED You can simple drop the plugin in as-is and it will start the random event every 1 to 2 hours OR you can modify the config to change how often it should occur and/or how long until the Heavy Cargo Ship comes. Configuration "How many hackable loot crates should spawn.": 4, "If this is true auto turrets will target and kill NPCs as well as players on the cargo ship.": false, "If this is true it will spawn auto turrets on the cargo ship.": true, "If this is true it will spawn the APC Bradley on the cargo ship.": true, "Maximum time between events(minutes):": 180, "Minimum number of players before event will start": 4, "Minimum time between events(minutes):": 60, "Set this to true if you want to use the custom loot table in this config. If it's false, it will use your server default.": false, "Should the event start automatically(false if you only want manually start with HeavyCargoStart command": true Admin Only Commands /HeavyCargoStart /HeavyCargoStop Hooks void HeavyCargoShipEventStarted() void HeavyCargoShipEventStopped() Discord: cahnu
  16. Version 1.0.4


    This cargo ship got abandoned by its crew when they realised that they are stuck in the middle of the ocean. Many people say that the crew of the ship left many of the treasures of the ship back onboard. The crew also punctured the highly toxic barrels on the ship which resulted in a medium level of radiation around the ship. The ship can be placed all around the map as it doesnt depend on any biomes, and it can be close to the shore or really far away from it. Monument info: -Prefab count: 2729 -Military crates/Brown crates: 16 (Some of them are hidden) -Normal crates: 14 -Elite Crates: 2 (1 behind blue puzzle) -Puzzles: 1 puzzle with blue keycard that contains 1 red keycard and 1 elite crate Oh, there are also 14 pookie bears spread throughout the monument
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Large Raidable Ship to Raid include map with 200 custom spawn points MapSize: 2000 3000 4000 6000 1.setup 2.how to remove them step by step Install the required plugin, Raidable Bases Unzip the following product file Put these files into your oxide/data/copypaste/ location If this folder does not exist then create it exactly as shown. Case sensitive! You can add these bases to your profiles with the following (example) command: rb.config add “Easy Bases” newbase1 newbase2 newbase3 This applies to any profile. Put the profile in quotes, and it is case-sensitive as well If you own Raidable Ships Pack you don't have to buy this !
  18. Version V3


    My prefabs are buildable entirely including the custom moon pool. Have included several versions of glass for the dome , from industrial , see through glass , non transparent and reinforced. has recycler and water well to draw water . the topology has been added to allow trees , grass and some ores to mine. this prefab can server a solo player or team. topology inside the dome that needs to be erased is Alt (if any) Ocean and offshore. any question or comments will be answered. This adaptation of @Immp77's prefabs. This is my version of his prefabs with permission and commercial license granted.
  19. Version 1.3.1


    Allows helicopters to float in water. Features Allows Minicopters, Scrap Transport Helicopters, and Attack Helicopters to float in water Optionally requires vehicle owner or pilot permission for vehicles to be buoyant Configurable number, position and rotation of optional decorative inner tubes Configurable number, position, size and force of buoyancy points Configurable underwater drag for when crashing through the water's surface API and hooks allow for more powerful integrations How it works By default, all Minicopters, Scrap Transport Helicopters, and Attack Helicopters will be buoyant, with decorative inner tubes. The inner tubes are indestructible and cannot be picked up. When flying at low to moderate velocity, you can simply land on water and dismount. When flying at high velocity, you may crash through the water's surface, causing the engine to shut off. The vehicle will then slowly rise to the water's surface. You may run out of oxygen if you choose to stay in the vehicle while waiting for it to surface. While piloting a helicopter on the water's surface, you cannot drive it like on ground, but you can turn it in place by holding the down key and pressing left or right. While the decorative inner tubes are configured to be dynamic, they will appear shortly after touching water, and they will disappear a few seconds after leaving water. Permissions This plugin uses the permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. Optionally, you may require that either the vehicle owner or most recent pilot have permission, in order for the vehicle to be buoyant. To do so, set "Require permission": true for the corresponding vehicle type in the configuration. buoyanthelicopters.owner.minicopter -- Minicopters will be buoyant if owned by a player with this permission. buoyanthelicopters.pilot.minicopter -- Minicopters will be buoyant if the current (or most recent pilot, if no current pilot) has this permission. buoyanthelicopters.owner.scraptransport -- Scrap Transport Helicopters will be buoyant if owned by a player with this permission. buoyanthelicopters.pilot.scraptransport -- Scrap Transport Helicopters will be buoyant if the current (or most recent pilot, if no current pilot) has this permission. buoyanthelicopters.owner.attackhelicopter -- Attack Helicopters will be buoyant if owned by a player with this permission. buoyanthelicopters.pilot.attackhelicopter -- Attack Helicopters will be buoyant if the current (or most recent pilot, if no current pilot) has this permission. Note: If you want to use ownership-based permission, you must be aware that helicopters do not have ownership in vanilla Rust, so for it to work, you must install a plugin which grants vehicle ownership. For example, Vehicle Vendor Options, Claim Vehicle, Vehicle Deployed Locks, Spawn Mini, and Vehicle License all have features which relate to vehicle ownership. If you don't want to deal with vehicle ownership, you can use the pilot-based permissions instead. Configuration The settings and options can be configured in the BuoyantHelicopters file under the config directory. The use of an editor and validator is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Admin debug (true or false) -- Determines whether debug info is shown to nearby admins when a helicopter becomes buoyant. This helps with configuring the buoyancy points. Default: false. The Minicopter, Scrap Transport Helicopter, and Attack Helicopter sections have the following options. Enabled (true or false) -- Determines whether the vehicle type supports buoyancy. Default: true. Require permission (true or false) -- Determines whether the vehicle type requires the vehicle owner or most recent pilot to have permission in order for the vehicle to be buoyant. Default: false. Note: Helicopters do not have ownership in vanilla Rust. If you enable this option, you must install and configure another plugin which grants vehicle ownership. Underwater drag -- Determines how much drag buoyant vehicles have while underwater. Raising this will reduce the speed at which vehicles sink and rise. If you change this value, you will probably also need to adjust the force of each buoyancy point. Default: 2. Buoyancy points -- List of buoyancy points. Position -- Determines the position of the buoyancy point, relative to the vehicle origin. Size -- Determines the size of the buoyancy point. Default: 2. Force -- Determines how much force is applied at the buoyancy point. Decoration Enabled (true or false) -- Determines whether the buoyancy point has a decorative inner tube. Dynamic (true or false) -- Determines whether the decorative inner tube will be displayed only when touching water (and a short time after touching water). Position -- Determines the position of the decorative inner tube, relative to the vehicle origin. Prefab -- Determines the prefab of the decorative inner tube. Default: assets/prefabs/misc/summer_dlc/inner_tube/innertube.deployed.prefab. Rotation angles -- Determines the rotation of the decorative inner tube. Developer API API_IsBuoyant bool API_IsBuoyant(BaseEntity heli) Returns true if the helicopter is buoyant, else returns false. API_AddBuoyancy void API_AddBuoyancy(BaseEntity heli) Makes the helicopter buoyant if it's not already. API_RemoveBuoyancy void API_RemoveBuoyancy(BaseEntity heli) Makes the helicopter not buoyant. Developer Hooks OnVehicleBuoyancyAdd object OnVehicleBuoyancyAdd(BaseEntity heli) Called when buoyancy is about to be added to a helicopter. Return false to cancel. OnVehicleBuoyancyAdded void OnVehicleBuoyancyAdded(BaseEntity heli) Called after buoyancy has been added to a helicopter. OnVehicleBuoyancyRemoved void OnVehicleBuoyancyRemoved(BaseEntity heli) Called after buoyancy has been removed from a helicopter.
  20. Version 1.1.0


    This is a small water base. There is a blue room, for which a fuse must be inserted and the timer switch activated under water. In the loot room there are safe two green boxes and above in the tower three random boxes. The recycler can be used to recycle the freshly farmed loot. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in Discord. Discord tag: Zainur#0989
  21. Version 1.0.1


    Change the default water flow from liquid containers. This is a simple plugin based on a configuration file. It has no permissions or commands. After installing the plugin, changes will be made to existing containers and to newly created ones. Configuration explenation Precent(true)/Amount(false) If you want to increase or decrease the liquid flow by a percentage, set it to "true". If you want to manually set the amount of flow, set it to "false". Value If you have set the operation in percentages, a value of 1.0 represents 100% of the base value, and a value of 1.8 represents 180% of the base value. If you have set it to an amount, whatever you enter here will be the value of the liquid outflow. { "Passthrough Settings": { "waterbarrel": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "water.pump.deployed": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "poweredwaterpurifier.deployed": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "poweredwaterpurifier.storage": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "waterpurifier.deployed": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "waterpurifier.storage": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "water_catcher_large": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 }, "water_catcher_small": { "Defaulty amount(Dont changing it)": 0, "Precent(true)/Amount(false)": true, "Value": 1.0 } } }
  22. Version 1.0.0


    The Water Reservoir is ready to go, the puzzle needs a blue card to get into the full loot. Features: Simple installing; Great detail; Optimized FPS; There is radiation. General Info: Prefabs count: 4300; Type: for looting; Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology. Loot: Oil Barrels: 5; Food boxes/crates: 5; Barrels: 30; Ordinary crates: 13; Military crates: 3; Elite crate: 1; and 1 red card. Other works: You may like to take a look at a full finished maps by myself.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Custom area for building onboard a barge easy to place on the water and only 70 prefabs. if you have any questions - jerwiz
  24. Version 1.0


    Always wondered what Water "Water Treatment" was treating? How do the denizens of Rust get water into their faucets, not counting raggedy makeshift pumps and sprinkler contraptions? Right, it's the water station, transferring the much needed wetness across the island, fortified against floods by a dam, changed by the post-apocalyptic backstory of Rust and full of loot ripe for the taking by daring players, friendly or hostile! I let myself be inspired by the Vanilla style and created a monument that could be inserted into any server without disturbing the classic Rust feeling. The monument integrates itself neatly into the terrain and can be used as an early- to mid-game medium sized monument for all the fights not necessarily fought with M249's. The loot is totally Vanilla loottables, and there are no wacky contraptions or immersion breaking prefabs which don't belong in Vanilla or on a lightly modded server. Take aim as you fight from vantage points like the dam, the silo or the exposed pipes and look down into the eroded valley between the industrial water processing buildings. Don't flinch as you complete the challenging and fun jump challenges to get that sweet extra loot. Run quickly to complete the green and blue card puzzles, but careful, the spinning red light announces your endeavor to any onlooker! Be vigilant as you use the available deployables such as the Level 1 Workbench, the Recycler, the Refinery and the Repair Bench to gain an advantage, even away from your base. This is my first prefab, know that weeks of work went into it, and I'll consistently update it with improvements, bugfixes and new features! Install instructions available in the README.txt file that ships with the prefab. I am available for commissions and custom prefab/map creation, just get in touch with me! Prefab Count: ~540 prefabs Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask (needs manual adjustment due to rustedit bug), Height Mask, Paths Crates: see below
  25. Version 1.0.0


    The 2nd Water Treatment Plant is ready to go, the puzzle needs a blue card to get into the full loot. Features: Simple installing; 1-2-storey detailed inside the buildings; Great detail; Optimized FPS; There is radiation. General Info: Prefabs count: 2677; Type: for looting; Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology. Loot: Oil barrels: 5; Food box/crates: 5; Barrels: 30; Ordinary crates: 13; Military crates: 2; Elite crate: 1; and 1 red card. Other information: I recommend you to familiarise yourself with my map I make custom prefabs to order. Discord: shemov#6310


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