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About Submerged Railway Pack


It is a large kit of underwater railway modular parts designed for you to easily add submerged railways to any map by simply snapping each part into place.
Parts are available in twin railway lines.     

It took me so long to complete and I am pleased that it has finally been released.

known issues: Sometimes a fish swims into the tunnel and you turn right to go left on the split track

I will be adding more parts and snap-on decor packs to this in the coming weeks.


Tunnels ~
   UnderWater Moonpool 3x36 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Diver Access 3x 18 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x18 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x36 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x72 (Twin).prefab
   Underwater Bend 45 (Twin).prefab
   Underwater Smooth Incline Bottom (Twin).prefab
   Underwater Smooth Incline Top (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Entrance 3x54 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x47 Siding (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Split 3x72 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x47 Build Area (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater End 3x36 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Tunnel Ventilation 3x18 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Switch 3x54 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Blast Door Auto 3x18 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x216 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater 3x144 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Entrance To Land (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Legless 3x72 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Legless 3x18 (Twin).prefab
   UnderWater Legless 3x18 (Twin).prefab
Snap-ons ~
   Diver Access Gear Locker.prefab
   Tunnel NPC Guards.prefab
   Blastdoor Checkpoint Guards.prefab
   Build Zone Locomotive Spawn.prefab
   Build Zone Workcart Spawn.prefab
   Lights 2 3x18.prefab
   Build Zone S.prefab
   Build Zone L.prefab
   Build Zone M.prefab
   Repair Team End 3x36.prefab
   Hydraulic Seal Open.prefab
   Workcart Spawns End 3x36.prefab
   Sunken Tug End 3x36.prefab
   Sunken Tug+Loot End 3x36.prefab
   Leaks+Sparks End 3x36.prefab
   Hydraulic Seal Closed.prefab
   Backup Air Supply.prefab
   Overgrown Ocean Plants.prefab
   Moonpool Duo Sub Guard+loot 3x36.prefab
   Moonpool Duo Sub 3x36.prefab
   Moonpool Solo Sub Guard+loot 3x36.prefab
   Moonpool Solo Sub 3x36.prefab





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