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About Elevated Railways Pack

This is a large kit of elevated railway parts for you to use to easily add railways to any map with all parts socket snapping into place its easy as 1 2 3
Parts available in single and twin railway lines.     

Took me so much time to make am happy its finally released.

See Videos Below


ElevatedRailway3x3 End
ElevatedRailway 3x36 Siding With Spawn
ElevatedRailway3×36 Single 2 Twin
ElevatedRailway3x72 Siding
ElevatedRailway Smooth Incline Bottom
ElevatedRailway Smooth Incline Full
ElevatedRailway Smooth Incline Top
ElevatedRailway Sight 3x27
ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Bottom
ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Full
ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Top
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x9 End
Twin ElevatedRailway3x9
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x18
Twin ElevatedRailway3x36 Crossover
Twin ElevatedRailway3x36
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x72 Siding
Twin ElevatedRailway Bend45
Twin ElevatedRailway Smooth Incline Bottom
Twin ElevatedRailway Smooth Incline Full
Twin ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Bottom
Twin ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Full
Twin ElevatedRailway Steep Incline Top
ElevatedRailway 3x9 End NoLeg
ElevatedRailway 3x9 NoLeg
ElevatedRailway 3x18 Noleg
ElevatedRailway3x36 NoLeg
ElevatedRailway Bend45 NoLeg
ElevatedRailway Sleft 3x27 NoLeg
ElevatedRailway Sight 3x27 NoLeg
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x3 End NoLeg
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x18 NoLeg
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x36 Crossover Noleg
Twin ElevatedRailway 3x36 NoLeg
Twin ElevatedRailway Bend45 NoLeg
ElevatedRailway Access Support
ElevatedRailway Collapsed Support
ElevatedRailway Dropped Support
ElevatedRailway Side Cliff Support
ElevatedRailway Standard Support







I plan on adding new supports and track parts.

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