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Sorrowfell Isles Custom Map 1.0.1

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About Sorrowfell Isles Custom Map



Following numerous requests for a modern timeline map, am excited to unveil a spacious and open map featuring unique terrain. Moreover, a sprawling rail network now intricately connects various custom monuments across the map. Newly introduced landmarks, like the plane crash monument, are tailored for this map. Furthermore, each custom monument has been revamped, and new areas have been added like new rail side subway build areas.

Size: 3500


The map boasts a surface railway system comprising twin directional lines that traverse the entire terrain, weaving through underground tunnels, crossing rivers, and seamlessly integrating with subways. With its absence of dead ends, it's an ideal canvas for plugins like the cargo train event. Additionally, the map includes a dedicated plugin for spawning custom work carts and wagons.



I've substituted the default RustEdit Scientists with a variety of NPCs representing different factions within the Rust universe: Normal Scientist, Arctic Scientist, Tunnel Dweller, and Underwater Dweller. If these NPCs don't suit your preferences, you can easily remove the plugin and replace them with any bot plugin of your choice. Special thanks to Steenamaroo for creating this plugin.


Yes, you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc.


  1. Farm (Custom Monument)
  2. Plane Crash (Custom Monument)
  3. Fangorns Ruins Research Camp (Custom Monument)
  4. Mini Launch Site (Custom Monument)
  5. Anti-Air Emplacement (Custom Monument)
  6. Tuna Factory (Custom Monument) 
  7. Mini Airfield Overgrown (Custom Monument) (Works With Airfield Event)
  8. Mini Train Yard (Custom Monument) 
  9. Railway Maintenance Shed (Custom Monument) 
  10. Early Warning Satellites (Custom Monument) 
  11. Damaged Railway Station (Custom Monument)
  12. Outpost/Compound
  13. Bandit Camp
  14. Fishing Village
  15. Sulfur Quarry 
  16. HQM Quarry
  17. Excavator
  18. Gas Station
  19. Supermarket
  20. Ranch
  21. Underwater Labs
  22. Arctic Research Base
  23. Ferry Port
  24. Harbor w/ Cargo Ship Docking
  25. Dome
  26. Large Oil Rig
  27. Small Oilrig
  28. Lighthouse
  29. Nuclear Missile Silo


If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210
For help/support my discord group is best: Join Rust Maps By RobJ Discord


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