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Hostile Shores Custom Map 1.0.6

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About Hostile Shores Custom Map



The map was designed from the ground up to contain a lot of monuments, yet the map still feels open and spacious and has room to add future monuments to the map with ease. There is also a huge rail network weaving around the map that also connects to a lot of my custom monuments.

Besides the huge nuclear attack submarine, this map has many custom monuments ranging from underwater to underground.

Size: 3800k


Features a working surface railway with twin directional lines that runs around the full map and through underground tunnels and over rivers and even down to the subways and with no dead ends its perfect for other plugins like cargo train event also map comes with its own custom work cart and wagon spawning plugin. 

STICKER_PLUGINS.png   CARGO_TRAIN_PLUGIN.png?width=657&height=676   ARMORED_TRAIN_PLUGIN.png?width=681&height=676


I've replaced the normal RustEdit Scientists with my own set of NPCs from the different factions in the Rust world (Normal Scientist, Arctic Scientist, Tunnel Dweller, Underwater Dweller). If you do not like my NPCs, you can simply uninstall the plug-in and supply your own with any bot plugin you like.
I would like to thank Steenamaroo for developing the plugin.


Yes, you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc.


  1. Combined Outpost & Bandit w/ Stable (Custom Monument)
  2. Mini Desert Military Base (Custom Monument)
  3. Railway Maintenance (Custom Monument)
  4. Nuclear Attack Submarine (Custom Monument)
  5. Tuna Factory (Custom Monument)
  6. Felling Field (Custom Monument)
  7. Wooden Bridge (Custom Monument)
  8. Cargo Harbour (Custom Monument)
  9. Soft Drink Factory (Custom Monument)
  10. Mini Military Tunnels (Custom Monument)
  11. Mini Junkyard (Custom Monument)
  12. Early Warning Satellites (Custom Monument)
  13. Excavator
  14. Ferry Terminal 
  15. Nuclear Missile Silo
  16. Airfield
  17. Sewer Branch
  18. Fishing Village 3x
  19. Gas Station
  20. Launch Site
  21. Lighthouse 2x
  22. Warehouse
  23. Oil Rig Large
  24. Oil Rig Small
  25. Sphere Tank
  26. Supermarket
  27. Trainyard
  28. Water Treatment
  29. Underwater Labs 3x
  30. Arctic Research base


If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210
For help/support my discord group is best: Join Rust Maps By RobJ Discord


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