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About Water Station Monument

Always wondered what Water "Water Treatment" was treating? How do the denizens of Rust get water into their faucets, not counting raggedy makeshift pumps and sprinkler contraptions?

Right, it's the water station, transferring the much needed wetness across the island, fortified against floods by a dam, changed by the post-apocalyptic backstory of Rust and full of loot ripe for the taking by daring players, friendly or hostile!

I let myself be inspired by the Vanilla style and created a monument that could be inserted into any server without disturbing the classic Rust feeling. The monument integrates itself neatly into the terrain and can be used as an early- to mid-game medium sized monument for all the fights not necessarily fought with M249's.

The loot is totally Vanilla loottables, and there are no wacky contraptions or immersion breaking prefabs which don't belong in Vanilla or on a lightly modded server.

Take aim as you fight from vantage points like the dam, the silo or the exposed pipes and look down into the eroded valley between the industrial water processing buildings.

Don't flinch as you complete the challenging and fun jump challenges to get that sweet extra loot.

Run quickly to complete the green and blue card puzzles, but careful, the spinning red light announces your endeavor to any onlooker!

Be vigilant as you use the available deployables such as the Level 1 Workbench, the Recycler, the Refinery and the Repair Bench to gain an advantage, even away from your base.

This is my first prefab, know that weeks of work went into it, and I'll consistently update it with improvements, bugfixes and new features!

Install instructions available in the README.txt file that ships with the prefab.

I am available for commissions and custom prefab/map creation, just get in touch with me!

Prefab Count: ~540 prefabs
Prefab Modifiers: Splat Mask, Topology Mask, Alpha Mask (needs manual adjustment due to rustedit bug), Height Mask, Paths
Crates: see below


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