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About Me



    Version 2.6.4


    IMPORTANT: In August 1st, 2022, this creation will no longer be supported but It will available to purchase and download. Discover Keanland - a unique custom map! Tons of details, beautiful scenery, miles of endless roads and deep forests. Map Size: 6k FULLY EDITABLE! Optional Plugin: Work Cart Spawner Modular Vehicles _ All gas stations have a car lift allowing players to customize their vehicles _ Pristine engine parts can be bought from vending machines at any gas station. Underground Trains An underground train system connects all important areas of the map. Above Ground Trains [Optional Plugin - Work Cart Spawner] The above ground train system offers a relaxing and beautiful ride into the south of Keanland. Keanland is a multi-faceted map. Thoughtful details like custom monuments, prefabs and unique towns, makes this map versatile. It has many occupied and abandoned areas to visit, treasures to collect and beautiful places to relax. ⌬ Jefferson This is a small beach town and spawn point. This town is a stop on above and underground train routes. Players can buy clothing, practice their parkour skills, collect food at the supermarket and find loot all around town. At gas stations, players can buy fuel and engine parts for their vehicles. ⌬ North Harbor On the west side of the harbor, there is a locked office. All doors are locked by card readers leading to a room with plenty of loot. Players will only need to have the right key cards. ⌬ Greene Farm Hunt around the grounds for loot and explore the grounds. Players can find plenty of hidden crates scattered inside the farm buildings. ⌬ Hilltown This is a quaint small town located near North Harbor. ⌬ Van Horn If players go to Devil's Island they won’t want to miss this charming small fishing town. There is a hangar in the northern outskirts of the village with a locked door. If players solve the puzzle, they will have access to a locked crate with a hanging dingy to use for cover. _ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse and x1 Green Key Card. ⌬ Cargo Ship Wreck Near the lighthouse, a cargo ship lays on the seabed. This ship was carrying containers from Cobalt HQ to Keanland but sank before reaching port. Plenty of containers with their precious loot are scattered all around the shipwreck. Some of those containers are open and still contain some loot. Inside the cargo ship there is loot as well but players should look for the yellow opened container that contains 3 elite crates and one normal crate. This container isn’t easy to find but it is not too far from the shipwreck. Some areas have good loot but also hostile NPCs. ⌬ Central This huge playground has the Electric Plan, Train Yard and the Military Tunnel all connected together. A Bradley drives around the perimeter. ⌬ Military Harbor Players will have to navigate through a long and dark tunnel from Central to reach this harbor safely. Then they will have to wipe out the scientist's resistance to access their loot hidden in one of the containers. A Bradley drives around the perimeter there as well. ⌬ The Secret Laboratory There is a secret underground lab with only one entrance and exit. Players will only need a Green Key Card to get inside but will have to find the other cards along the way and fight to survive. Plenty of loot is waiting for them. To access the lab, they will have to find the entrance - which will also be a little challenge itself. This entrance is located along a river in the northwest of Buck Horn Lake - look for a mine entrance underneath an old tree. Get ready to fight for the spoils. _ Access Requires: x1 Green Key Card. ⌬ Devil's Island When Cobalt Corp. came to the island, miners believed that their work conditions would improve. Cobalt promised them that their miracle injections will help their respiratory problems. They got played for fools. Most of them died, others lost their minds and became thirsty for blood. Cobalt abandoned the island but the miners who “survived” remained. If players decide to visit the island, they better be ready to fight. This island also had mines to farm for hardcore players. ⌬ Uncharted Valley Cobalt Corp. was seeking to discover the secret of regeneration. They heard about a tribe living inside an uncharted valley who were rumored to be immortal. Cobalt dispatched a group of researchers to the valley. Going through an old mine tunnel they found the valley with a few remaining structures but no sign of life... An old Cobalt base was also found on top of a tree. It seems Cobalt also built a research facility at mine entrance but it seemed like they also left in a hurry… _ Access Requires: x1 Fuse. There are a lot of custom prefabs on this map. Some are unique, some are also sold on my page. ⌬ Bandit Barge The Bandit Barge is a perfect place to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loot is available for those who have the right key cards. _ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse, x1 Blue Key Card and x1 Red Key Card. Available here: https://codefling.com/monuments/bandit-barge ⌬ Cobalt Train An armored train owned by Cobalt Corp. got caught in a blizzard for days. Stuck in the snow, only the engine car got freed and went to Central to look for help leaving behind a small team of armed scientists and their precious loot secured inside the jumbo lab car. _ Puzzle Requires: x2 Fuses and x1 Blue Key Card. Also available here: https://codefling.com/prefabs/cobalt-train-laboratory ⌬ Caboose This very old abandoned train car is home for vagabonds. There is some loot... for heartless players… Also available here: https://codefling.com/prefabs/caboose ⌬ Camps, Shacks and Treehouses Keanland is huge and getting lost in the dark at the mercy of wild animals isn’t fun. Camps and shacks are scattered around the map. These prefabs all have a different amenities. Camps offer loot and a campfire but no protection against bandits. Shacks are safer unless you are lucky enough to find a psycho inside… The best option is to find a cozy treehouses - there’s loot and are relatively safe (but there are only 3 of them on the map.) The Tree House is available on this website: https://codefling.com/monuments/tree-house-hdrp ⌬ Beach Shelters “Life is a beach!” There are two beach shelters on the map. Those prefabs are ideal to chill around a bonfire and beautiful sceneries. Link to the monument: https://codefling.com/monuments/beach-shelter ⌬ Fort Champlain Named after a French explorer “Samuel de Champlain” this old fort gives off some colonial vibes. Those who love Red Dead Redemption will love this fort! List of non or barely modified Rust monuments included on the map: x1 Lighthouse x1 Airfield x1 Dome x2 Gas Stations (+1 Custom made) x1 Satellite Dish x4 Fishing Villages x1 Outpost x1 Bandit Village x1 Junkyard x3 Mining Outposts x1 Super Markets (+2 Custom made) x3 Carries x2 Harbors x1 Large Barn x1 Water Treatment Plan x1 Giant Excavator NOTE: Not all default monuments are connected to the subway. Some subway are closed. See map screenshots. YouTube: https://youtube.com/skirow Discord: https://discord.gg/gfTXEeuctR Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SKIROW Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadeBySKIROW


    Version 1.2.0


    IMPORTANT: In August 1st, 2022, this creation will no longer be supported but It will available to purchase and download. Tahuata is a tropical map based on Hawaii islands. The map is composed of one main island and 8 smaller islands. This map has an huge train system above ground with 751 track segments. There are lot tiny details, entering buildings, puzzle and more. The 2 harbors on the main island. 7 train lines connecting Dodge Town, Elworth, Geystones Island, Baker's Warehouses and Caldweld. NOW EDITABLE! Map size: 3.7k Optional Plugin: Work Cart Spawner ⌬ Dodge Town Dodge Town is the main town of Tahuta. There you have every you need: Gas station, super market, a dock, fishing village. If you need a place to stay, near the gas station there is a rental apartment available. The entrance is behind the house. ⌬ Graystones This island has a town with the same name. The village is a nice place to hang out. There is a bar and a illegal gambling room in one of those houses... At the South on the town, there is a charming beach shelter that I recommend. It's cozy and perfect to relax. ⌬ Caldweld This industrial area is connected to all important areas of the map via trains. Part of Caldweld, a container yard that also have a train connection. Lot loot are hidden for those who want some action. ⌬ Baker's Warehouses Baker was a tyrannical boss. No one knows where is at. Some rumors says that one of his employees killed him and his family and hidden the bodies inside his house across the road. After killing his boss and his family, the employee started to kill hikers and tourists... ⌬ DeadWood The oldest town of Tahuata, now abandoned. ⌬ The 8 Dragons Resort The resort is a great place to party, relax or talk business in the private poker room. This resort is divided in 3 parts. The main building with a bar, music scene and lounge. The second part is the floating casino. Onboard, players have access to a pool, hot tub, mini bar, slot machine, private poker room... There is a loot room locked with a puzzle. The 3rd part of the resort is the cabanas. Those tiny houses can be rented by players. Each cabanas comes with a radio and a unique light theme. They also have an unlimited electricity and can be furnished by the renter. ⌬ The Devil's Home People in Dodge Town and Graystones talks about a huge amount of loot hidden inside the cavern but no one really knows what is inside. ⌬ The Bear's Cave No one knows where this cavern is but if you use a computer and the following camera address: BEARCAVE. You might see a bear inside a cave. There are a lot of custom prefabs on this map. Some are unique, some are also sold on my page. ⌬ Bandit Barge The Bandit Barge is a perfect place to chill after raiding the oil rig or the container carrier. Loot is available for those who have the right key cards. _ Puzzle Requires: x1 Fuse, x1 Blue Key Card and x1 Red Key Card. Available here: https://codefling.com/monuments/bandit-barge ⌬ Custom Train Car and wagons At Elworth station, there are wagons with loot. Some are easy to get, some not. ⌬ Caboose This very old abandoned train car is home for vagabonds. There is some loot... for heartless players… Also available here: https://codefling.com/prefabs/caboose ⌬ Shacks and Treehouse These prefabs all have different amenities. Shacks are safer unless you are lucky enough to find a psycho player inside… The best option is to find a cozy treehouses - there’s loot and are relatively safe. The Tree House is available on this website: https://codefling.com/monuments/tree-house-hdrp ⌬ Beach Shelters “Life is a beach!” There are two beach shelters on the map. Those prefabs are ideal to chill around a bonfire and beautiful sceneries. Link to the monument: https://codefling.com/monuments/beach-shelter ⌬ Wooden Piers Players can find wooden piers near the water where they can fish or just enjoy the view. List of non or barely modified Rust monuments included on the map: x2 Lighthouse x1 Airfield x1 Sphere Tank x2 Gas Stations x3 Fishing Villages x1 Compound x1 Junkyard x4 Super Markets x3 Quarries x2 Harbors x4 Caves x2 Stables x2 Underwater Labs NOTE: Not all default monuments are connected to the subway. Some subway are closed. See map screenshots. Discord: https://discord.gg/gfTXEeuctR (Updated) Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SKIROW Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadeBySKIROW
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Tired of those bigger buildings only letting you explore 1 floor, or just a single room!? Slightly bigger than Sphere Tank (Dome) Monument. Due to number of rooms/floor containing puzzles (ranging from hidden loot, IO (fuse/key card), parkour, etc) this monument far exceeds Launch Site's average clear time. Players will require several days to fully explore and clear this beast in a setting where high player traffic is expected due to the lucrative nature of its contents. Includes: 14 floors, 84 rooms total, completely accessible! Fully modular complex that can be easily split to fit your needs! IO (puzzles) included, parkour, loot and everything else in between! All terrain, splats, collision, etc are taken care of! Entities: Just under 18k for the entire complex, 7.8k per Apartment Building! If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached on Discord: Baпaпa#7050 Door scaling has also been handled to avoid collision issues with hinged doors as shown below!
  4. Version 44 0824


    ALCATRAZ, MAJOR UPDATE, If you are a previous owner please read this fully as the monument has undergone some major changes and it performs differently After the HDRP update it was shown that the monument needed some “Renovation” – The prison itself has been rebuilt from the ground up, it looks and behaves more like a prison. ADDED There is a guards area, showers, kitchen and execution room, there is a guards control room with buttons to open the doors in the solitary wing. You as Admin will need to add code locks to each of the doors in solitary if you wish to house prisoners. Because it has been re-designed you can in effect run it as a prisoners VS guards PVE / Roleplay if you wish. The guard room also controls the exit to the outside, the yard and the roof. If prisoners get hold of cards then they could find an easy escape. If you wish to allow prisoners to escape via Heli then you can spawn (as Admin) the scrap transport helicopter on the roof Custom loot has been added inside the prison for the use of guards and prisoners. Escape out is via the roof, the yard or by any means possible, maybe by obtaining cards or by gaining access to the guard room. If you wish to use it a Prisoner VS Guards then you will need to remove the NPC spawners around the island and inside the prison via the use of Rust Edit. The roof is protected by a motion activated sensor, the timed cut off for this is in the Wardens Office, if it is not cut off then the Heli will be destroyed if that is being used as a means of escape by the hidden SAM site If your prisoners gain access to the wardens office and find the hidden loot then expect a war, guns and explosives are their as this is the main loot There are only basic crates in the prison, prisoners will need to find a way out using these basics, vending machines only supply food You can if you wish in Rust Edit remove walls and/or floors then when in game build add on sections that could be used to “Tunnel” out with pick axes, use your imagination with this one and try out before committing to this form of escape You may need to do some minor terrain blending, reapply the road heights etc to get the best results and it is strongly advised you do not rotate the monument. Finally check the alpha holes, locations are the cave exits north and south the yard, the pipe climb to the roof, the cave sink hole, the area next to the lighthouse. CCTV is in effect, AL1 through to AL31, guards and the warden can monitor these from their respective rooms, you will need to set up each camera. Approx. 16K Objects, Physical Size for comparison is approx. 1.5x Launch Site Thanks Niko When adding to your map create a flat area in the sea. Use the waterline of the dock to line up the height of this monument. It may require some minor terrain blending/smoothing and checking of the alpha once in place along with checking of the road heights.
  5. Version 1,1


    Abandoned camp laboratory for the study of unknown crystals. In order to get all the loot from the prefab, the player will need - 1 fuse, 1 green card. Doors for access to the generator interactive. Number of prefabs: 1478 Type: for looting Required map level: Green Loot: - Military Crates: 4 -Regular Crate: 1 - Barrels: 25 For the prefab to work correctly, you will need "Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll" INSTALLATION Drag & Drop Gently adjust to the terrain and apply the & height & splat & topology
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Custom Monument with 2 Rooms Elevator inside needs a Fuse to Work (can be found on roof) Access to Greenroom Third Floor gives informations small generator need to get fuel for the timer-switches 4 Timer need to be activated (check third floor) After that the Greendoor opens on first floor and the "Bunker" opens Redcard room can be accessed as long as the generator has fuel Greenroom Loot 2 Green Crates Redroom Loot Elite Crate 2 Green Crates 1 Normal Crate Prefab comes with a Road around the Monument and some houses - check Screenshot Height, Splat, Alpha - all included
  7. Version 1.3.0


    This plugin allow to the NPCs to hit and decrease the equipped armors durability. Currently the plugin choose randomly from the available equipped armors, what still has durability and not broken item, and extract the (total, maximum durability) * configured percentage value. Ideal plugin for PVE servers to avoid stacked up gears by the players. 3 different permission related value can be set, to support other plugins or vip/rank systems. It also has the feature to exclude weapons or tools from the function, up to the need. The plugin can work 3 different mode. 1 - no permission used at all -> normal percentages configured will be used. 2 - The player can have more then one permission, in this case always the HIGHER permission percentage value used combined with the class values. 3 - The player shall only have 1 permission, in this case i recommend to activate the "Permission check against multiple permission group" and optionally the "Warning agains multiple permission group (can flood the server console)" configuration, to set to True, and if a player by mistake got 2 different permission, the plugin feature will be skipped and a warning will be shown on the server console. Example: Bone Helmet - 100 Maximum durability/Condition point. LongDurabilityPercent configured to 1.0 percent. It will take 100 Hit, if only the Bone Helmet equipped, to make the item broken. Grouped up weapons for the Configurable categories: Meleeweapon : Anything, what is unhandled from Hit information point of view, and "grenade.beancan.entity.prefab", "bone_club.entity.prefab", "knife_bone.entity.prefab", "chainsaw.entity.prefab", "salvaged_cleaver.entity.prefab", "grenade.f1.entity.prefab", "flamethrower.entity.prefab", "flamethrower_fireball.prefab", "hacksaw.weapon.prefab", "butcherknife.entity.prefab", "pitchfork.entity.prefab", "sickle.entity.prefab", "hammer.entity.prefab", "hatchet.entity.prefab", "knife.combat.entity.prefab", "mace.entity.prefab", "machete.weapon.prefab", "militaryflamethrower.entity.prefab", "paddle.entity.prefab", "pickaxe.entity.prefab", "rock.entity.prefab", "axe_salvaged.entity.prefab", "hammer_salvaged.entity.prefab", "icepick_salvaged.entity.prefab", "explosive.satchel.entity.prefab", "stonehatchet.entity.prefab", "stone_pickaxe.entity.prefab", "spear_stone.entity.prefab", "longsword.entity.prefab", "salvaged_sword.entity.prefab", "torch.entity.prefab", "spear_wooden.entity.prefab" Closeweapon: Following weapons are considered as Close combat weapons: "double_shotgun.entity.prefab", "pistol_eoka.entity.prefab", "m92.entity.prefab", "nailgun.entity.prefab", "shotgun_waterpipe.entity.prefab", "python.entity.prefab", "pistol_revolver.entity.prefab", "shotgun_pump.entity.prefab", "pistol_semiauto.entity.prefab", "smg.entity.prefab", "spas12.entity.prefab" Longweapon : "mgl.entity.prefab", "semi_auto_rifle.entity.prefab", "thompson.entity.prefab", "rocket_launcher.entity.prefab", "mp5.entity.prefab", "l96.entity.prefab", "lr300.entity.prefab", "m249.entity.prefab", "m39.entity.prefab", "compound_bow.entity.prefab", "crossbow.entity.prefab", "ak47u.entity.prefab", "bow_hunting.entity.prefab" Additionally, BaseHelicopter, BradlyAPC, AutoTurret, Guntraps and Beartrap also considered as damage source to decreas armor, they are under Meleeweapon category at the moment, they use the same value as configured for MeleeDurabilityPercent Explosive: Not handled yet, only available for future usage. Permissions itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.protectplayer - Prevent armor damage. Basically disable the plugin for the players with this permission. itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile1 - permission percentage rank itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile2 - permission percentage rank itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile3 - permission percentage rank Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the ItemsLostDurabilityonNPCHit.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. Suggested percentages see below. Anything that is higher than 1.5% seems feels too fast on client side. Experience example: 2 Metal item, 1 Sign skirt From 100% to all 3 item broken with 2 melee Attacker take 3 minute constant hit, with 0.5%. { "CloseDurabilityPercent": 0.75, "ExplosionDurabilityPercent": 0.0, "LongDurabilityPercent": 1.0, "MeleeDurabilityPercent": 0.5, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile1 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile2 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.profile3 permission percentage scale range: 0-X, 0.1f mean 10% of the original durability": 1.0, "Permission check agains multiple permission group": false, "Warning against multiple permission group (can flood the server console)": false, "CleanPermission on Wipe": true } Localization No. Develop API No. Hooks No.
  8. Version 1.2.6


    Lock Up the nasty players! Admins or players with permissions will have the ability to spawn handcuffs and use them to lock up victims or npc's while also giving them the ability to escort or loot their target. This system was heavily inspired by the Rustoria/OTV developers. Usage Equip the handcuff item in your belt and make sure it's selected, go near a player/npc and hold E button. Current Futures Include (check the config bellow as well) Support for permissions Handcuff item type, skin & stack are changeble Handcuffed player can be looted Handcuffed player can be escorted - By Foot - In Vehicle Ground/Air/Water - Dragged behind the Vehicle with adjustable distance NPCs can be handcuffed as well (all the above apply) Adjustable on handcuff time Option to cancel on spotted Option to escort the player floating or stick to ground Inventory slots can be locked on handcuffed Handcuff message changable Adjustable access to locked player Adjustable lock/cuff protection Configurable blocked Chat & Console commands for handcuffed players Handcuff item stack can be made unlimited Option to unlock player on warden death Option to keep victim locked on death Option to change victim clothes on handcuff More futures may be taken in consideration after they are suggested and discussed. Commands [Chat & Console] cuff _all|PlayerName|SteamID - Lock the target through a Server Console or F1 Console command (Admin Only) (Chat: /hcuffs | Console hcuffs) ~ ~ /hcuffs _self Amount - Give yourself handcuffs (Chat only) ~ /hcuffs PlayerName|SteamID Amount - Give the target player handcuffs ~ /hcuffs _all Amount - Give everyone in the server handcuffs (Admin Only) /lock - Lock|Unlock yourself :: Example Command for Server Rewards: hcuffs $player.id 1 API Check if target is Restrained Restrain Player - For self-restrain use player as attacker Unrestrain Player - save = Saves the player into the data, usually used when player disconnect - ride = Additional checks for players inside a vehicle Default Config Config is pretty much self explementary.
  9. Version 1.0.6


    This is a server management plugin. It allows you to have consistency and visibility over all the information related with your server, including it's basic configuration. You may find this valuable no matter if you manage ONE or TEN servers, it works great with automation tools, docker and alike. It has four main features: Wipe schedule calculator Manages server information (Title, description, tags, logo, banner, etc) Manages the basic server configuration (cvars) Manages Oxide's groups, permissions and user membership. 1. Wipe schedule calculator The plugin provides four "tokens" that you can use within the server's title or description to inform your users when was the last wipe and when it will be the next wipe. You can customize the date format and wipe schedule on the config file and the wipe schedule calculator will have into account the Thursday forced wipe. // You can format the date as you'd like "Date": { "Short": "dd/MM", "Long": "dd/MM/yyyy" }, // Wipe schedule value is in days "Server": { "Wipe schedule": 7 }, 2. Manages server information This one is pretty self-explicatory, it allows you to define all the metadata about your server. "Server": { "Name": "DEVELOPMENT SERVER | %LASTWIPE%", "Description": [ "Map size is %WORLDSIZE% using seed %WORLDSEED%.", "Last wipe was at %LASTWIPE_LONG%, Next wipe is at %NEXTWIPE_LONG%", "Server has %UPTIME% seconds uptime, running at %FPS% fps with %ONLINE%/%MAXSLOTS% players online." ], "Banner image": "https://assets.example.com/banner.jpg", "Logo image": "https://assets.example.com/logo.png", "Tags": [ "weekly", "vanilla" ], "Website": "https://example.com/", "Custom map name": "kasvoton was here", "Wipe schedule": 7 }, Notice the special feature "Custom map name" which allows you to customize the map name that is displayed on the server list (Procedural Map). This shows in not only at Rust's in-game server browser, but also all on all the other sites that show off your server, i.e. Battlemetrics. WE DO NOT REQUIRE OXIDE'S SANDBOX MODE TO BE TURNED OFF AS OTHER PLUGINS DO. 3. Manages the basic server configuration (cvars) It allows you to have a clear view of what cvars are applied, very helpful if you run automation tools such as docker or github to manage server configurations. "CVars": { "fps.limit": "32", "server.tickrate": "10", "server.censorplayerlist": "true", "server.maxplayers": "8", "env.time": "12", "env.progresstime": "false" }, 4. Manages Oxide's groups, permissions and user membership. When you define a group inside the plugin's config file it means that the plugin will make sure that the group is created, that the permissions are assigned and that the listed members are part of the group. You can (and should) assign users to your groups using the oxide's tools or any other third party plugin as usual, the only difference is that the members listed on this config file will always be added back to the groups even when manually removed. "Permissions": { "Delay": 60.0, "Groups": [ { "Name": "admin", "Title": "Administrators", "Parent": "developer", "Rank": 0, "Default": false, "Permissions": [], "Members": [] }, { "Name": "default", "Title": "Default", "Parent": null, "Rank": 0, "Default": true, "Permissions": [], "Members": [ "*" ] }, { "Name": "developer", "Title": "Developer", "Parent": "administrator", "Rank": 800, "Default": false, "Permissions": [ "plugin.e", "plugin.f" ], "Members": [ "123456789123456789" ] }, { "Name": "administrator", "Title": "Administrator", "Parent": "moderator", "Rank": 80, "Default": false, "Permissions": [ "plugin.b", "plugin.c", "plugin.d" ], "Members": [ "123456789123456789", "123456789123456789" ] }, { "Name": "moderator", "Title": "Moderator", "Parent": "default", "Rank": 60, "Default": false, "Permissions": [ "plugin.a" ], "Members": [ "123456789123456789", "123456789123456789", "123456789123456789" ] } ] } Note the important config parameter "Delay", when the server starts we have no way to tell in which order the plugins will get loaded by Oxide, which means that when OxidationMetadata loads it's probable that we will not be the last one getting loaded. If we try to assign a permission to a group but the third party plugin has not yet loaded then the permission is not found and we'll get an error. The "Delay" creates a waiting period for OxidationMetadata to wait for all other plugins to load and only then it tries to assign the permissions, the value of the delay is really dependent of your own server. List of supported string format "tokens": %FPS% Average FPS value on the server %MAXSLOTS% Max number of players on the server %ONLINE% Total number of online players %UPTIME% Server uptime in seconds %WORLDSEED% Seed used to generate the world %WORLDSIZE% World size i.e. 3500 %LASTWIPE% Last wipe date formatted in short form %LASTWIPE_LONG% Last wipe date formatted in long form %NEXTWIPE% Next wipe date formatted in short form %NEXTWIPE_LONG% Next wipe date formatted in long form
  10. Version 1.0.0


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! Recyclers are back on the oil rigs just like it used to be! You can customize the location of the recycler however you want! Notes: OilrigAI = Small Oil Rig OilrigAI2 = Large Oil Rig Use RustEdit to get the position and rotation information if you plan on changing its location! "place the oil rig prefab in the center of the map, set its position and rotation all to 0 and then place your recycler and get its position/rotation" Configuration: { "Monuments": { "OilrigAI": { "Position": { "x": 21.1, "y": 22.6, "z": -30.6 }, "Rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 180.0, "z": 0.0 } }, "OilrigAI2": { "Position": { "x": -4.4, "y": 27.4, "z": -20.9 }, "Rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 90.0, "z": 0.0 } } } }
  11. Version 1.0.3


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! This plugin lets you control every aspect of a FishTrap! From its percentage of catch to how often it catches! You can make fish traps 2X or 5X! This plugin is compatible with ContinuousFishTraps! Note: Do not change the name of the fish in the targetWildlife! decayDamageScale: 1 being 100% of the fishtraps health! Weight: is like a percentage of catch, for example you have 60% chance to catch minnows! tickRate: is for how often u want the fishtrap to catch fish! trappedEffectRepeatRate: is how often do u want the effect that a fish has been caught to occur! trapSuccessRate: what chance do u want the fish traps to catch fish on the first try! 1 being 100% Example config to ignore certain bait "ignoreBait": [ "bearmeat.cooked", "pumpkin" ] Configuration: "Note: The default config has the default configuration of a vanilla fish trap" { "decayDamageMax": 0.1, "decayDamageMin": 0.095, "enableDecay": true, "ignoreBait": [ "" ], "targetWildlife": { "fish.minnows": { "caloriesForInterest": 11, "maxToCatch": 8, "minToCatch": 2, "weight": 60 }, "fish.troutsmall": { "caloriesForInterest": 50, "maxToCatch": 2, "minToCatch": 1, "weight": 40 } }, "tickRate": 180, "trappedEffectRepeatRate": 10, "trapSuccessRate": 1 } Todo: Custom loot table!
  12. Version 1.1.0


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! Lock players inventory's instantly through command or permissions! Commands: /lock playername type /unlock playername type *type = "wear, main, belt" Permissions: inventorylock.use inventorylock.bypass inventorylock.main inventorylock.belt inventorylock.wear Language: { "NoPlayerGiven": "<color=#FF0800>No player name was provided!</color>", "NoTypeGiven": "<color=#FF0800>No type of lock was provided!</color>", "PlayerNotFound": "<color=#FF0800>No player was found by that name!</color>", "InvalidType": "<color=#FF0800>Invalid lock type!</color>", "Locked": "<color=#ccff00>You have locked that player!</color>", "UnLocked": "<color=#ccff00>You have unlocked that player!</color>", "AlreadyLocked": "<color=#FF0800>That player is already locked with that type!</color>", "AlreadyUnLocked": "<color=#FF0800>That player is not locked by that type!</color>" }
  13. NubbbZ


    Version 1.2.0


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! You can skin items that are already placed! Note: To be able to use this plugin, the player first must have the permission or be in a group with the permission. You can only skin an object that is whitelisted in the config. Only add an items that are skinable into the whitelist! To be able to change the skin of an object, it must be in the whitelist! And then only if you placed it, or are authorized on the TC, and if you have 'UseTeams' enabled, you can skin items placed by members from your team. It is ideal to stand fully and look at the object directly before skinning, because the raycast ray is positioned to your head! Permissions: skinsight.use "Command: /skinitem" skinsight.reset "Command: /skinreset" skinsight.info "Command: /getskinid" skinsight.bypass "Allows you to use the commands, bypassing the security checks!" Commands: /skinitem skinid /skinreset /getskinid Configuration: { "UseTeams": true, "Whitelist": [ "box.wooden.large", "woodbox_deployed", "door.hinged.wood", "door.double.hinged.wood", "door.hinged.metal", "door.double.hinged.metal", "door.hinged.toptier", "door.double.hinged.toptier", "wall.frame.garagedoor", "furnace", "locker.deployed", "fridge.deployed", "bed_deployed", "chair.deployed", "sleepingbag_leather_deployed", "rug.deployed", "rug.bear.deployed", "vendingmachine.deployed" ] } Language: { "NoInput": "<color=#FF0800>No input was provided!</color>", "BadInput": "<color=#FF0800>Bad input!</color>", "NotFound": "<color=#FF0800>You are not looking at a valid entity!</color>", "Blocked": "<color=#FF0800>You are not allowed to change this items skin!</color>", "Whitelist": "<color=#FF0800>Item not whitelisted, If this is a skinable item and is not whitelisted by mistake, contact an admin!</color>", "Finished": "<color=#ccff00>The skin has been applied, Please wait for it to load! Load times depend on your internet connection!</color>", "SkinResetDone": "<color=#ccff00>The skin has been reset!</color>", "SkinResetBlocked": "<color=#FF0800>You are not allowed to reset the skin!</color>", "SkinID": "The current skin ID for <color=#ccff00>{0}</color> is <color=#ccff00>{1}</color>" }
  14. NubbbZ


    Version 1.0.0


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! Protect your loot! This is the best plugin to protect your Storage Boxes, Research Table, Repair Bench, Furnace, Large Furnace, ETC! Anything that is a placeable storage object, in or around your base from being looted, or picked up! Super optimized at under 80 lines of code! With Team feature! You can only pick up or loot an object if you are the original owner of the object, or you are authorized on the tool cupboard, or if teams is enabled the owner of the object is in your team/You in their team! Permissions: lootguard.bypass - Bypass the protection restrictions! Configuration: { "ExcludedEntitys": [ "mailbox", "wall.frame.shopfront.metal" ], "UseTeams": false } Language: { "Blocked": "<color=red>Action Denied!</color>" }
  15. NubbbZ

    User Auth

    Version 1.0.3


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! Simple but beautiful user authentication system! Protect your players with a simple authentication system. A password comes a long way! Use a database or local datafile, as it is up to you! With so many features and options to customize! I guarantee you would be satisfied! Note: Passwords are now SHA256 Hashed, I have decided to not salt the hashes for the simple reason, if the server or database was breached, the hacker would have access to the salt one way or another, and once they have the salt its pointless! I was thinking of using the players steamid as salt but again, a hacker is not that dumb to not take a look at the plugin to figure it out. Database table will auto generate if it does not exist! ["UI", "Input", "Secure"] Show/Hide password in the input field IPAutoAuth - if you logged in previously by the same ip, the login screen will not show up! KeepAuthOnDisconnect overrides if enabled! Permissions: userauth.bypass - Bypass the authentication/registration process! userauth.resetpass - Permission to use the command /resetpass userauth.movementbypass - Bypass movement lock! Commands: /resetpass <steamid> - Resets the given players password, if they are connected registration process would initialize! Configuration: { "DB": { "DB_Host": "localhost", "DB_Name": "userauth", "DB_Password": "", "DB_Port": "3306", "DB_Username": "root", "UseDatabase": false }, "Freeze": { "DisableChat": true, "DisableChatCommands": true, "DisableConsoleCommands": true, "DisableMovement": true, "DisableVoice": true }, "IPAutoAuth": false, "KeepAuthOnDisconnect": false, "Kick": { "Enable_FailedLoginKick": true, "Enable_TimedKick": true, "FailedLoginKickTimes": 3, "TimedKickInSeconds": 60 }, "UI": { "Background_Color": "0.2 0.2 0.2 1", "Button": { "Background_Color": "0.3 0.8 0.3 1", "Text_Color": "1 1 1 1", "Text_Size": 18 }, "Footer": { "Text_Color": "1 1 1 1", "Text_Size": 12 }, "Header": { "Text_Color": "1 1 1 1", "Text_Size": 38 }, "Input": { "Max_Length": 32, "Secure": true }, "Title": { "Text_Color": "0.92 0.67 0.2 1", "Text_Size": 60 } } } Language: { "UI_Title": "< SERVER TITLE >", "UI_Authentication_Header": "Authentication", "UI_Authentication_Button": "Login", "UI_Authentication_Footer": "Have you forgotten your password? Contact an admin in our discord for assistance <color=red>https://discord.gg/QDAPDuUC</color>", "UI_Registration_Header": "Registration", "UI_Registration_Button": "Register", "UI_Registration_Footer": "Do you need some assistance? Contact an admin in our discord for assistance <color=red>https://discord.gg/QDAPDuUC</color>", "Authentication_Kick_Reason": "You did not login in time!", "Registration_Kick_Reason": "You did not register in time!", "Failed_Login_Reason": "You have entered your password wrong a number of times!", "Error_UI_Bad_Password": "Please try again, You have {0} tries left!", "Error_UI_Empty_Password": "No password was provided, please enter a password!", "NoInput": "No input was provided!", "ParseError": "Could not parse input, try again!", "CommandComplete": "Command has been executed successfully!" } Planned features: Ability to change password! Ability to lock registrations! Ability to protect players when they are locked! "Godmode" Command whitelist! Little text recommending that people use a secure/unique password
  16. Version 1.0.2


    PLUGIN CAN BE FOUND FOR SALE AT WEOXIDE! This plugin allows you to place and pickup recyclers! It is simple and perfect for your tebex shop, give the players the ability buy a recycler, without having to wait for an admin to place it! Hit it with a hammer and its in your inventory! Simple as that! Notes: If you plan on changing the skin do it before giving anyone a place able recycler, as it will break the current placed recyclers! "Wont allow them to pick them up" Permissions: placeablerecyclers.give - permission for the command /giverecycler placeablerecyclers.remove - permission for the command /removerecycler Commands: /giverecycler - Would give you a recycler! /giverecycler [playername] - Would give the player name given a recycler! /removerecycler - Toggleable command to enable/disable the ability to pickup a placeablerecycler! Configuration: { "SkinID": 2245200021 } Language: { "Given": "<color=green>A Placeable Recycler has been given to {0}!</color>", "Returned": "<color=green>You have picked up the recycler!</color>", "PlayerNotFound": "<color=red>Cannot find the player by the given ID or Name {0}!</color>" }
  17. David

    Custom Buttons

    Version 2.0.5


    Create your own UI buttons for your rust server! Plugin comes with built ingame editor which makes creating proccess so much easier! • Features - Create as many buttons as you want. - Attach Images or Text to buttons. - Set chat commands to each button. - UI Editor ingame - Toggle hide function to create small gui menu. • Commands • Permissions • Config Example • Cui Data Example Special thanks to @SinKohhfor contributing and testing plugin before release.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Doc's Custom Scuba Tank monument, this is a custom unique monument with loads of places to explore inside. Climb the vines on the pillars or work your way up the mountain to get to the top of the scuba tank You will need scuba gear to explore and access all the loot There is 1 hackable crate at the bottom You can scuba inside of the cargo ship to find hidden loot Very funny to watch people pvp and scuba about Prefab Count 3568 Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. If you have any problems you can contact discord DocNorris#5423
  19. Version 1.0.2


    Instant Barrel - Rust Plugin A plugin for Rust that makes all barrels and road signs 1 hp and spawns their loot in player's inventory when destroyed. Works with tools and optionally weapons, farming distance for weapons can be adjusted via the config file Showcase video: Permission: Give players permission: InstantBarrel.on Config: { "Enable farming with weapons": true, "Max farming distance": 3.0, "Enable barrel gibs": true }
  20. Version 1.0.0


    The set consists of several high-quality interior items in the medieval style. All content can be seen on demo pictures, contains 25 items in total. What's Included tables chairs cabinets table setting beds trophies
  21. Version 2.0.0


    In the set you will find ready-made elements for assembling a garden: Garden house Small bridge Well, Bench Fence section Truck Fountain Path section 1 Path section 2 Minutiae: Shorn bush Sword in stone
  22. FoxMods

    Bank Heist

    Version 1.4.3


    Spawns custom bank events at location specified, the event includes vault doors custom loot and ai if enabled. Blow the bank doors fight off the guards and gain access to high value loot. Optional Plugins Kits umod Npc Kits codefling Note: A custom prefab must be used to spawn ai due to a issue with how scientist find the navmesh they are allowed to use. Basic Setup Video Permission bankheist.use // Allow admins to setup bank events bankheist.worker // Stop guards attacking bank workers bankheist.announce // Set who can view the event announcements Commands /bank create <name> /bank reload <name> /bank remove <name> /bank edit /bank loot, put items in your inventory and run the command /guard create|remove|clear|setting /guard create <name> /guard remove <name> /guard clear /guard setting <name> health <hp> /guard setting <name> roamradius <roam-radius> /guard setting <name> lookradius <look-radius> /guard setting <name> usekit <true|false> /guard setting <name> position /guard setting <name> rotation Data { "Banks": { "Test": { "Bank name": "Test", "Bank config": { "Time until bank will reset": 30.0, "Zone radius": 20.0, "Zone position": { "x": -1793.2666, "y": 26.1808777, "z": -1812.0603 }, "Loot position": { "x": -1789.38574, "y": 26.1808777, "z": -1809.33057 }, "Loot rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 314.145081, "z": 0.0 }, "Bank door damage scale (0.1 - 1)": 0.2, "Door position": { "x": -1793.2666, "y": 26.1808777, "z": -1812.0603 }, "Door rotation": { "x": 3.9756934E-16, "y": 146.02504, "z": 1.33405438E-08 }, "Door skin": 2201341184, "Door code": "3333", "BankGuards": { "bot": { "Display name": "bot", "Enable npc kit": false, "Enable kit": true, "Kit name": "somekit", "npc health": 100.0, "npc move": false, "npc roam radius": 10.0, "npc look radius": 80.0, "npc position": { "x": -477.0367, "y": 30.0311432, "z": -1942.83032 }, "npc rotation": { "x": 0.0, "y": 223.38, "z": 0.0 } } }, "Bank loot table": { "Enable loot table": true, "Max items": 6, "Loot Table": [ { "Item shortname": "pistol.semiauto", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": true, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.l96", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "smg.thompson", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "smg.mp5", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "pistol.python", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "shotgun.pump", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rocket.launcher", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "smg.2", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "pistol.m92", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "lmg.m249", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.m39", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.bolt", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.ak", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.semiauto", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "rifle.lr300", "Min amount": 1, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "Min amount": 105, "Max amount": 67, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "ammo.rifle.explosive", "Min amount": 42, "Max amount": 99, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 }, { "Item shortname": "explosive.timed", "Min amount": 6, "Max amount": 1, "Blueprint": false, "Skin id": 0 } ] } } } } Configuration { "EnableLootSpawn": true, "EnableAISpawn": true, "MustEliminateAI": false, "BankCommand": "bank", "GuardCommand": "guard" } bank_heist_prefab.zip
  23. Version 1.3


    Custom Monument for RUST 1 Green Room 1 Blue Room 2 Red Rooms Greenroom Bluecard First Aid Crate Normal Crate Blueroom 2 Green Crates Normal Crate Redcard Redroom #1 Normal Crates 3 Green Crates 2 Elitecrates (1 hidden) (Find hidden Buttons and Open Door in Controlroom) Redroom #2 Normal Crates 3 Green Crates 2 Elite Crates (Find the Code to access Boosroom with 1 from 2 Elitecrate) Use BotReSpawn (or other Custom NPC Spawner) for NPCs. No NPC Spawns included in this Pack.
  24. Version 1.4.13


    The best smelting plugin you will find, guaranteed. Still using Quick/Power Smelt ? Well.. let me welcome you to 2022. This plugin takes advantage of all the new Oxide features in order to deliver the most lean oven/furnace multiplier. No burnt meat, guaranteed™. Straightforward configuration, let's make our large furnaces x5 and refineries x2 but keep small furnaces vanilla: "Ovens": { "furnace.large": { "Multiplier": 5 }, "furnace": { "Multiplier": 1 }, "refinery_small_deployed": { "Multiplier": 2 } } Yeah.. all smelting plugins can do that you said ? Fair enough.. How about changing the cook time (in seconds) per item type ? In this example we set the hq.metal.ore cook time to every furnace tick (0.5 is the fastest you can set it). "Products": { "hq.metal.ore": { "CookTime": 0.5, "Amount": 1 }, "metal.ore": { "CookTime": 10.0, "Amount": 1 }, "sulfur.ore": { "CookTime": 1.0, "Amount": 1 } } Still not impressed ? What if you'd like one metal.ore to give you 5 metal frags instead of the default 1:1 ratio ? Easy.. grab my beer. "metal.ore": { "CookTime": 10.0, "Amount": 5 } Are you one of those tree huggers ? I gotchu, let's make furnaces consume ZERO fuel and save some trees. "furnace.large": { "Multiplier": 1, "NoFuelRequired": true },
  25. Oreo

    Oreos Oasis

    Version HDRP_V2.1


    Oasis is an island with unique monuments such as a hidden treasure ship, Quarry and grotto. If you stumble upon a hidden cave take heed to the entrance warning, if you do not; your head will too act as a marker upon a spike to everyone else after you. Find the grotto and find peace with yourself, venture deeper and find a special Easter egg. The final twist in this map lies not much further from the grotto, the Quarry which lays untouched for a very long time tells a story of what possibilities Oasis berried. Oasis was built with balance in mind, not prefab heavy which allows for a sustained FPS for your server, large enough for most servers and suitable for Every server.


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