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Modern Public Heli Tower 1.0.1

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About Modern Public Heli Tower

A modern heli tower  which can fit perfectly on any PVE/PVP modded server.

Comes with height mask , biome mask , splat and topology.

Vending machines from the screenshots work just like a normal vending machine with the custom vending profiles which are provided with the prefab.


Entity Count : 1432 

CCTV Cameras are :


helitower1 - helitower2 - helitower3 - helitower4 - helitower5 - helitower6 -helitower7

To use this on your map copy the files from "Custom Prefabs" and "Vending Presets" folders into your "CustomPrefabs"  and "VendingPresets" folder in RustEdit directory  and after that you can see your new prefab in the Custom Prefabs list in Rust Edit and be able to edit the vending profiles if you wish so.

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