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Items Lost Durability on NPC Hit 1.2.0


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About Items Lost Durability on NPC Hit

This plugin allow to the NPCs to hit and decrease the equipped armors durability. Currently the plugin choose randomly from the available equipped armors, what still has durability and not broken item, and extract the (total, maximum durability) * configured percentage value. Ideal plugin for PVE servers to avoid stacked up gears by the players.

Example: Bone Helmet - 100 Maximum durability/Condition point. LongDurabilityPercent configured to 1.0 percent. It will take 100 Hit, if only the Bone Helmet equipped, to make the item broken.

Grouped up weapons for the Configurable categories:

Meleeweapon :

Anything, what is unhandled from Hit information point of view, and

"grenade.beancan.entity.prefab", "bone_club.entity.prefab", "knife_bone.entity.prefab", "chainsaw.entity.prefab", "salvaged_cleaver.entity.prefab", "grenade.f1.entity.prefab", "flamethrower.entity.prefab", "flamethrower_fireball.prefab", "hacksaw.weapon.prefab", "butcherknife.entity.prefab", "pitchfork.entity.prefab", "sickle.entity.prefab", "hammer.entity.prefab", "hatchet.entity.prefab", "knife.combat.entity.prefab", "mace.entity.prefab", "machete.weapon.prefab", "militaryflamethrower.entity.prefab", "paddle.entity.prefab", "pickaxe.entity.prefab", "rock.entity.prefab", "axe_salvaged.entity.prefab", "hammer_salvaged.entity.prefab", "icepick_salvaged.entity.prefab", "explosive.satchel.entity.prefab", "stonehatchet.entity.prefab", "stone_pickaxe.entity.prefab", "spear_stone.entity.prefab", "longsword.entity.prefab", "salvaged_sword.entity.prefab", "torch.entity.prefab", "spear_wooden.entity.prefab"


Following weapons are considered as Close combat weapons:

"double_shotgun.entity.prefab", "pistol_eoka.entity.prefab", "m92.entity.prefab", "nailgun.entity.prefab", "shotgun_waterpipe.entity.prefab", "python.entity.prefab", "pistol_revolver.entity.prefab", "shotgun_pump.entity.prefab", "pistol_semiauto.entity.prefab", "smg.entity.prefab", "spas12.entity.prefab"

Longweapon :

"mgl.entity.prefab", "semi_auto_rifle.entity.prefab", "thompson.entity.prefab", "rocket_launcher.entity.prefab", "mp5.entity.prefab", "l96.entity.prefab", "lr300.entity.prefab", "m249.entity.prefab", "m39.entity.prefab", "compound_bow.entity.prefab", "crossbow.entity.prefab", "ak47u.entity.prefab", "bow_hunting.entity.prefab"

Additionally, BaseHelicopter, BradlyAPC, AutoTurret, Guntraps and Beartrap also considered as damage source to decreas armor, they are under Meleeweapon category at the moment, they use the same value as configured for MeleeDurabilityPercent

Explosive: Not handled yet, only available for future usage.


itemslostdurabilityonnpchit.protectplayer - Prevent armor damage. Basically disable the plugin for the players with this permission.


The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the ItemsLostDurabilityonNPCHit.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.

Suggested percentages see below. Anything that is higher than 1.5% seems feels too fast on client side.

Experience example: 2 Metal item, 1 Sign skirt From 100% to all 3 item broken with 2 melee Attacker take 3 minute constant hit, with 0.5%.

 "CloseDurabilityPercent": 0.75, 
 "ExplosionDurabilityPercent": 0.0, 
 "LongDurabilityPercent": 1.0, 
 "MeleeDurabilityPercent": 0.5 



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