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MysteryBox 1.1.2

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About MysteryBox

Player can use boxes at any time. Mystery box rewards consist of tiered rewards given by chance. Player types /mbo to receive one spin. After spin, amount of available mystery boxes decreases by one. Amount of mystery boxes listed by player steam ID, stored in the data folder.

Upon entering /mbo, player's inventory opens. On the right side of inventory  items spin randomly several cycles spin until a random item is selected. If player tabs out of the inventory screen without manually moving the reward item to main inventory or while spinner is still going, spinner is stopped and item is placed in their inventory with message, item is moved to their inventory automatically. Sound-effect player up to the type of the reward to notify the player about the end f the spin.




Tier based loot chances
Sound effect for Legendary and non legendary reward
Wipe Limitation for lootbox opening
Speed of roll settings
Item table for rewards, with Shortname, Quantity and optional SkinID



**Console Commands:**
"mba X {name or steamID}" - X = any number of Mystery Boxes to send to player
"mbr {all}/{name or steamID}" - reset all or selected player open limit back to 0. (can open again lootboxes on the wipe until the configured limit)
"mbo" - Opens Mystery Box

**Chat Commands:**
/mba X {name or steamID} - X = any number of Mystery Boxes to send to player
/mb - Displays how many Mystery Boxes the player has
/mbo - Opens Mystery Box



mysterybox.admin - can send Mystery Boxes
mysterybox.use - can open Mystery Boxes
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