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This product does not include the plugins.

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About Premium 2x Server

Premium 2x is a quick template to get a server up as soon as possible.

All features you get with this server template:

- Better Loot Tables.      - Faster Airdrops.
- Clans.                   - Faster Crafting.
- Automated Events.        - Slightly Higher Stack Sizes.
- Welcome Panel.           - Better Chat.
- Faster Recycler Speed.   - Automatic Authorization.
- Faster Smelting.         - Raid / Combat Block.
- Furnace Splitting.       - Teleportation / Home system.
- 2x Gather Rates.         - 40 Minute Day / 20 Minute Night
- Level 1 BPs.             - Automated Chat messages.
- Skinbox.

You do not need to use all of the plugins in this template for it to work, but for example you need "NTeleports" for teleportation and homes.

Join my services discord for more: here

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