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Simple Splitter 2.1.9

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About Simple Splitter

This is a High Performance Oven Splitter, without the need for excess data files, or heavy configuration.

There is only a few settings in the configuration,

"Oven Smelting Overrides": { "furnace": 1, "refinery_small_deployed": 2 },
"Oven charcoal Overrides - Higher the number the less often charcoal is made": { "campfire": 4, "bbq.deployed": 2},
"Fuel * This = Additional Charcoal per Tick": 1.0,
"Delays Smelting by a Factor 0-25 (Used to reduce speeds below vanilla)": 2,
"Disable Multi Fuel Speed Bonus": false,
"Enable Composters - Splitting items into Composters": true,
"Enable QuickSmelt - Smelting of multiple slots at once": true,
"Enable Charcoal Creation in Electric Furnace": false,
"Fuel Burned Per Tick": 1,
"Max Smelt slots at once": 5,
"Max Ore Smelted Per Tick": 3,
"Smelting Speed (Time Between Ticks 0.5 Default)": 0.5,
"Ignore Stack Limit In Smelted Output Slots": false

The plugin properly handles splitting mixed materials, smelting speeds, and charcoal output, and works as you would natively expect the oven to work.

Only 1 permission is required simplesplitter.use to enable the splitter functionality. 

NOTE THIS SETTING   "Enable QuickSmelt - Smelting of multiple slots at once": true

When this is True, Simple Splitter controls the Smelting rates and slots (Can not be used with the "QuickSmelt" plugin)

When this is False, Simple Splitter only controls the splitting of slots (Use this if you want to change to the "QuickSmelt" plugin)

If you run a high pop server and want a performant Splitter... This is for you!

Demo Video Seen Here

NOTE: There is a known conflict with StacksExtended >2.0.4 which may prevent these 2 working together

Discord: Shady14u#7892


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