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Simple Symmetry 1.1.1

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About Simple Symmetry

Introducing the Simple Symmetry plugin that makes it effortless to create symmetrical base designs! All features can be done with or without the UI.

Demo Video



simplesymmetry.use - Grant players with the ability to construct symmetrical bases



/sym ui – Toggle UI on or off

/sym toggle – Enable or disable symmetry

/sym show – Display the current Symmetry Center

/sym set – Define the Symmetry Center

/sym delete – Remove the Symmetry Center

/sym {type} – Select the Symmetry Type (options listed below)

Symmetry Types:

N2S - Normal 2-sided

N3S - Normal 3-sided

N4S - Normal 4-sided

N6S - Normal 6-sided

M2S - Mirrored 2-sided

M4S - Mirrored 4-sided

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Mr. David for the help, push, emotional support, and for making the Demo Video! You should check out his premium server templates!

Thanks to Lord Jamie for finding the bugs I missed!

Discord: Shady14u

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