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About Christmas Pack Raidable Bases

This bundle of raidable bases is perfect to brighten up your server for the Christmas season around the corner and offer some unique bases that your players can raid themed around the holidays!

Celebrate the Christmas season in Rust with our special holiday-themed raidable bases!

We have
48 raidable bases with traps all over the place!
all adorned with festive decorations and designed to immerse you in the true spirit of Christmas


Pack Includes 40+ bases:

- 14 easy bases 
- 23 medium bases
- 7 hard bases
- 3 expert base
! ReadMe.txt file for help/Discord !

Base designs 
Shelter design
Normal base designs
Ship design 
Tree designs
Balloon design
Raidable Towns


Copy and paste these commands in F1 for easy setup

rb.config add "Easy Bases" "santa13" "santa14" "santa18" "santa20" "santa26" "santa27" "santa28" "santa29" "santa30" "xmas-balloon" "santa38" "santa36" "santa35" "santa32"
rb.config add "Medium Bases" "santa1" "santa2" "santa3" "santa4" "santa5" "santa6" "santa7" "santa8" "santa9" "santa10" "santa11" "santa12" "santa15" "santa16" "santa17" "santa19" "santa21" "santa22" "santa31"  "santa32"  "santa33"  "santa34" "tree1"
rb.config add "Hard Bases" "santa25" "santa24" "santa23" "tree2" "santa40" "santa42" "santa43"
rb.config add "Expert Bases" "xmas-town-expert" "santa39" "santa41"
rb.config add "Nightmare Bases" resort-nightmare


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