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About Trap Deploy Plus

Are you tired of manually placing trap sets and deployables every time you build your base? Introducing our groundbreaking Automatic Trap Spawning feature, boost your productivity today!

Premium TrapsDeployable Pack Include:
25 Deployable Traps with traps include own skin id's  to add easy to your shop/kits/rewards etc.
Much more will be added soon!

Config setting:
Change Skin Id 
Enable Auto Light 
Amount of items spawn when use command 
Use Permissons and Spawn all Traps Permissions

More will be added soon

  "Autoload Handmade Shells to Shotgun Traps?": true,
  "Amount of Handmade Shells Per Trap (If Autoloading is Enabled)": 5,
  "Enable Random AutoTurret Weapon Equipping?": true,
  "Weapons that will equip to spawned AutoTurrets? (Won't work with AutoTurrets as the base Trap item.)": [
  "Skins For Large Wood Box": [
  "Skins For Wood Storage Boxes": [
  "Skins For Locker": [
  "Skins For Sandbag Barricade": [
  "Skins For Concrete Barricade": [
  "Skins For Sleeping Bag": [
  "Skins For Garage Door": [
  "Skins For Reactive Target": [
  "Amount of Each Trap that will be Spawned Upon Command": 5,
  "Auto Ignite Lanterns?": true
Displayname - Shortname - skinid 

Deathbed - bed- 3142209738
Deathwish - Throne -chair.icethrone - 3142209392
SWEEPER-S1 - autoturret - 3141114360
Bedroll Trap - sleepingbag  - 3141151356
Elite Worker - EH1 workbench3 - 3141143055
Bench X-5 - box.repair.bench - 3141187587 
Lockdown Locker - locker - 3141146704
JACK3D TURRET - autoturret - 3141190617
DISCOV3RY BENCH - research.table - 3141193852
Working Man Trap -  box.wooden.large - 3141243339 
Garage Trap wall.frame.garagedoor - 3141262381
Trapboxx box.wooden.large - 3141262270
T-3000 Lantern - electric.teslacoil - 3141260773
T-3000 Siren ectric.sirenlight - 3141469034 
Cozy Sofa -sofa -  3141251865
SnapTrap - storage_barrel_c - 3141252178
SnapTrap - cupboard.tool - 3141641822
 TrapRack - shelves - 3141645233
StackTrap - box.wooden - 3141642954
Quick Deploy - barricade.concrete - 3141643596
Oldtimer - rockingchair - 3142210610
Search Trap -  searchlight - 3142210215
Triple Barrel - electric.pressurepad 3141263818
Reactive Trap - target.reactive -  3142605567

Wall Turret - spinner.wheel 3147202210

Barrel  with Dual Shotguns and Front Bear Trap

Behold the Barrel of Doom, innocently resting before you, concealing an unforgiving surprise within. Two Shotguns lurk inside, primed and ready to launch a hail of destruction, while a cruel Bear Trap guards the barrel’s entrance, ensnaring any unsuspecting intruders in a swift and painful embrace.

Sofa with Teddy Bear and Middle Trap Shotgun
 Lounge in comfort while your enemies sow their own demise on the Sofa, accompanied by an innocent Teddy Bear. Concealed within, a Middle Trap Shotgun activates with every unsuspecting visitor, turning relaxation into a horrifying spectacle of carnage. 

Stack of Four Small Boxes with Side Traps and Lanterns
Ascend the tower of danger with the Stack of Four Small Boxes, each harboring insidious Side Traps and illuminated by sturdy lanterns. Ascend with caution, for each treacherous step holds the potential for entrapment, rendering even the most intrepid adventurers helpless before your ingenuity. 

Sentry Turret with Shotguns on Both Sides
 Establish an impenetrable fortress with the Sentry Turret, complemented by Shotguns on both sides. This stalwart defender relentlessly watches over your stronghold, ensuring that any trespasser foolish enough to test your defenses will meet a swift and explosive demise.

Locker with Small Box, Lamp, and Dual Shotgun Traps
The Locker exudes an air of mystery, concealing a Small Box, crowned by a vigilant lamp. Silent sentinels flank its sides, with Dual Shotgun Traps poised to unleash a symphony of destruction upon unsuspecting foes who dare to peer inside. 

Workbench with Side Traps, Lamp, and Storage
Harness the power of strategic craftsmanship with the Workbench fortified by Side Traps, illuminated by a steadfast lamp, and boasting concealed storage beneath. Craft your deadliest weapons under the watchful gaze of its protective mechanisms, offering both practicality and lethal defense. 

Research Table with Large Box and Side Traps
 The Research Table assumes a dual role as both a fountain of knowledge and an impregnable fortress, complete with a concealed Large Box, Side Traps lying in wait, and Hidden Shotguns ready to defend your valuable research with lethal precision. 


Lantern with Tesla Coil  [T 3000-lantaren]

The Lantern becomes an instrument of both illumination and unrelenting electrical defense with the installation of a Tesla Coil. Cast a luminous glow upon your surroundings while simultaneously ensuring that any who dare disturb the peace are met with a shocking, electrifying welcome


Orange Alarm Light with Tesla Coil

 The Orange Alarm Light stands as a beacon of warning, paired with the pulsating power of a Tesla Coil. Its vivid hue serves as a visual testament to the imminent danger that lies in wait for any who dare to challenge your stronghold, delivering a relentless surge of electricity as a reminder of your unyielding power.


Pumpkin on a Sentry Turret

Amidst the haunting darkness, a foreboding Pumpkin sits atop a Sentry Turret, serving as an ominous warning to all who approach. Beware, for this Jack-o-Lantern harbors within it the formidable power of defense, ready to incinerate all who dare to challenge it.

Tool Cupboard with Side Shotgun Traps
 Safeguard your territory with the Tool Cupboard fortified by Side Shotgun Traps, a testament to your commitment of absolute control and ruthless defense. This impenetrable bastion ensures that any who challenge your claim will face a relentless barrage of projectiles, quickly reducing them to naught but ashes. 

Sleeping Bag with Bear Trap
 Unleash a truly sinister surprise with the Sleeping Bag harboring a hidden Bear Trap beneath its seemingly innocent exterior. Like a predator in wait, this unassuming trap conceals its razor-sharp teeth, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare disturb your slumber. 

Large Box with Shotgun Trap
 The Large Box, shrouded in secrecy, conceals the promise of grand treasures. However, lurking beneath lies a Shotgun Trap, ready to thwart the greed of unscrupulous pilferers with a powerful blast that shatters illusions of easy plunder. 

Repair Bench with Box, and Hidden Shotgun on both side
 The Repair Bench assumes a dual role as both a sanctuary for mending and a formidable stronghold, featuring a concealed Box, Side Traps lying in wait, and a Hidden Shotgun ready to defend your valuable tools and supplies with lethal precision. 

Garage Door with Upside Down Shotgun Trap
 As the Garage Door opens, an Upside Down Shotgun Trap awaits, striking fear into the hearts of those foolish enough to breach your fortress. This deadly contraption inverts expectations, ensnaring intruders with an onslaught of piercing lead from above. 


Concrete Wall with Dual Turrets, Sandbags for Cover
Construct an impregnable barrier with the Concrete Wall, its surface bristling with Dual Turrets installed with ruthless precision on either side. Offering an additional layer of protection, sandbags provide cover from incoming fire, turning this structure into an impenetrable fortress that strikes fear into the hearts of any who dare challenge it. (bewerkt)


Ice Throne with Shotguns on Both Sides
 Rule the frozen wasteland from the Ice Throne, bedecked with Shotguns on both sides. Commanding awe and fear, this icy seat promises a chilling demise to any who dare challenge your supremacy, as they unwittingly succumb to the deadly embrace of its icy guardians. 

Pressure pad of Traps with Lamp: 
 Enter the ominous territory guarded by a menacing Cluster of Traps. Three traps stand united, poised to ensnare intruders, as a foreboding lamp casts an eerie glow upon their malevolent presence. Tread carefully or face their merciless consequences. 

Searchlight with Twin Turrets
 Illuminate the battlefield and assert your dominance with the Searchlight equipped with Twin Turrets. This ingenious creation combines light and firepower, providing a watchful eye on both sides, ensuring no enemy goes unnoticed or unchallenged. 

Bed with Shotguns on Each Side
 Rest in the embrace of security with the Bed fortified by Shotguns on each side. Intruders will find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place, as they unknowingly enter your domain, only to be greeted by a hail of bullets from both ends. 

Swinging Chair with Shotgun on Each Side
Sit back and witness the carnage unfold from the Swinging Chair, armed with a Shotgun on each side. Deceptively innocuous, this chair leaves its victims no chance for escape, delivering a symphony of destruction upon those who underestimate its deadly intent.


Shotgun Trap Behind Reactive Target
Harness the element of surprise with the Shotgun Trap cunningly concealed behind a reactive target. Set the stage for chaos as the target responds to the touch of an intruder, triggering the hidden shotgun to unleash a relentless barrage of destruction. None shall evade its lethal embrace once the trap is sprung. 


Box with Flamethrower Turrets on Each Side and Weapon Rack:
     - Description: Unleash a symphony of devastation with the Box crowned by Flamethrower Turrets on either side. Accompanied by a Weapon Rack, spawning instruments of destruction, this display of firepower raises the stakes and leaves assailants trapped in a relentless inferno of chaos.

.Rack with Double Large Boxes and Side Shotgun Traps:
- Description:
Bask in the glory of organization and fortification with the Rack adorned with Double Large Boxes, flanked on both sides by deadly Shotgun Traps. This display of lethal efficiency combines storage capacity with a deadly defense, ensuring that any would-be thieves are met with a barrage of shotgun shells from every angle.


New WAll Turret!
Made By @Wrecks & TrapBox 

                                                                    Dor info or faster help join our discord !                                                           

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Screenshot 2024-01-18 191745.png

Screenshot 2024-01-18 192100.png

Screenshot 2024-01-18 192142.png


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