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About Winter Wonderland 4k

Winter Wonderland is a christmas/winter themed map with dominant biome arctic and minority of the rest.
Map contains 4 unique custom made cabins for players to explore and build in + a large ice valley that can be an unique location for a town or just player bases.
Custom Safezone including all vendors from both Outpost + Bandit Camp , including Airwolf Vendor.
3 unique Heli Towers placed on top of mountains and 3 unique Gas Stations made by !David#1337
On top of mountains you will have the Sled Shop Cabin which allows players to race towards the Christmas Modern Village and Terminus Safe Zone , Sled Shop will sell sleds
(Loot Profile included in zip file in case you want to do edits).
The pack of wolves down next to Modern Christmas Village are dormant and will not move/attack or be hurt by any player interactions or AI.
Snowflakes that you see on map picture are underwater terrain modifications.

The map features custom and procedural monuments
~Procedural Monuments :

Water Treatment Plant

Train Yard


Power Plant

Launch Site

Military Tunnels

Satellite Dish


Sewer Branch

The Dome

HQM & Sulfur & Stone Quarries

2 Mining Outpost

2 Abandoned Supermarket

Large & Small Oil Rigs

6 Underwater Labs

~Custom Monuments :

3 Public Heli Towers with Tier 1 - 2 - 3 Workbenches / Repair and Research Bench / Recycler and Vending Machines / Recreation area

4 Custom Winter Cabins featuring a deep hidden cave under the cabin and attic

2 Gas Stations made by !David#1337

Terminus Safezone - Including all Vendors from both Outpost & Bandit Camp with Airworlf Vendor and extras

Modern Christmas Village featuring 4 Modern Villas in unique location and slightly modified

Roadside bus stations with cover and fire source to warm your players

Santa's Atelier with Reindeers (Pack of Wolves on budget)

Sledge track towards Safezone and Village

Sledge Shop on top of mountain between the Sledge tracks

Frozen Valley

~ Entity Count : 38000
~ Map Size : 4000
Password Comes with the map.

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