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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. David

    Welcome Panel

    Version 4.3.5


    Site In case you having issues with plugin feel free to open support ticket on site here. I will usually respond within 24 hours not including weekends. Discord I'm also available at my discord server where I provide support for my customers. You can also find small community here and get answers for your questions. Invite link here. Documentation To find out what can be customized within config file please refer to full plugin documentation here. Any questions prior to purchasing forward into DM here or into ticket at my discord. Default configs available as template with plugin. Screenshots bellow showcasing configurations created by customers. These are not available with the plugin but I decided to post them here since it's good demonstration of how customizable this plugin is. BOOBLEJ Tide Neighigh Paul Leunal17 BOOBLEJ How to start using plugin? Simply drop WelcomePanelLite.cs file into your plugin folder. After successfully loading plugin you can use default command /info in game. Configuration is handled in config file (oxide/config/WelcomePanelLite.json). How hard is to get this plugin all set up? It's fairly simple. Plugin comes with default configuration which showcases everything you need to know regarding text, styling and changing images. How hard it is to customize your own layout? When it comes to changing color or images it's simple, any inexperienced user can do it however if you want to customize positions of UI or add extra tab buttons, it requires understanding of "ui anchors". Anchors are not that complicated but it takes hour or two to fully understand it. For more info check documentation. Can I add multiple pages into WelcomePanel? Yes, you can add unlimited amount of pages. Can I add images into WelcomePanel? Yes, you can add image to any panel and you can set background for each tab What image sizes I should use? This is different for each panel across different templates. Basically images parented to any panel are stretched to its size. Best approach is to take screenshot of the panel and try to fit image size into that prior to uploading it. How to add addons? Each text tab has addon option at bottom, just type in plugin name. List of available addons can be found at the top of the plugin description, listed as "Works with".
  2. David

    Craft Menu

    Version 1.1.32


    Custom crafting panel at player's workbenches. Craft custom or non-craftable items, create your own blueprints. No chat commands required! oxide permission - craftmenu.use • How to create default blueprint. Simply leave ResearchCost as 0. • Crafting Recycler. Plugins for placing entities usually utilizes specific item together with skin id. Here you can find list of examples PlaceableEntities.txt • Adding same shortname multiple times. When you using same shortname for more than one blueprint you have add {number} at the end of it to prevent duplicates. Ex.: "box.wooden.large{1}" • Item is name too long. Inside lang file you can create replacements for default item names. • Wiping blueprints manualy. There are two admin console commands. "craftmenu_admin wipe" will wipe blueprints for all players "craftmenu_admin wipe <steamID>" wipes blueprints only for certain player. Premade blueprints from screenshots Blueprints.json
  3. David

    Custom Buttons

    Version 2.0.6


    Create your own UI buttons for your rust server! Plugin comes with built ingame editor which makes creating proccess so much easier! • Features - Create as many buttons as you want. - Attach Images or Text to buttons. - Set chat commands to each button. - UI Editor ingame - Toggle hide function to create small gui menu. • Commands • Permissions • Config Example • Cui Data Example Special thanks to @SinKohhfor contributing and testing plugin before release.
  4. David

    Vote Map

    Version 1.1.8


    Give your players ability to vote for their favorite map or alternatively gather feedback on various custom maps to see if players are interested before buying them. • FAQ • Can I add as many maps as I want? Yes, numbers of map you can have is unlimited, although I recommend using around 15-20. • Do map votes wipes automatically? Yes you can enable this option in config file. Every time you change map, votes will be wiped. • Is there any limit for images? No, you can use as many images as you want, but I advice you using smaller images. Avoid using images with high resolution since plugin showing them in sizes 500x300 (image gallery) and 190x190 (thumbnail). You can use online image resizers. • ImageLibrary While I listed it as optional dependency, I strongly suggest you to install this plugin. Not only it will significantly speed up image loading in game but it will also preserve image quality for users with low gfx settings. If file size is above allowed limit of ImgLibrary, you will get console error and image wont be cached into server. In this case, image will be loaded directly from url. When you load VoteMap plugin first time, ImageLibrary should start load order automatically. If not, reload ImageLibrary and then reload VoteMap again or use console command "refreshallimages" . • Discord Message Broadcast winning map before the wipe into your discord server. • Commands • Map List Example (data/votemap/maplist.json) • Vote Settings (config/VoteMap.json)
  5. David

    Place Anything

    Version 1.0.5


    PlaceAnything is simple plugin which allows place various prefabs in native way without any special commands. This plugin is free for customers who purchased Craft Menu. If you considering purchasing, I recommend purchase it as bundle. In order to make custom items work properly, you have to use StackModifier or SkinsStackFix Having trouble fitting larger entities into your compound? By using Scale Manager API you can resize certain entities. Vehicles can be crafted, deployed and picked up any time. Trees and bushes can be also deployed however this feature is more suitable for PVE servers since some bushes can't be removed. I created file with few examples Entities.json Bases can be crafted and deployed, or sold in any shop plugin available. • How can I pick up items? Deployed structures can be picked up by hitting it with hammer. Items can be picked up only by owner. • How to upload custom icons? Custom icons can be uploaded with Steam workshop uploader. WorkshopUploader.zip original repository • How to use CopyPaste plugin with PlaceAnyting? In data file Entities.json, put 'copypaste/buildingName' instead of prefab path. • Where I can find list of all prefabs? Here is full updated list but not every prefab can be spawned from there and some of them you might not be able to destroy, I do not recommend testing this on live server. Plugin comes with 14 pre-configured items. Use /gimme chat command in game to get those items for testing. • Known issues - some prefabs cannot be damaged thus can be used to grief players. (recycler, slotmachine, test generator...etc) - hitting gambling wheel with hammer will make wheel disappear, game issue cant be fixed Please keep in mind, this plugin is basically just bridge for spawning prefab after deploying certain item. I do not guarantee that every prefab will work, you can alternatively test them by spawning them with console command before you purchase this plugin.


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