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Craft Menu 1.0.91


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About Craft Menu

Custom crafting panel at player's workbenches.
Craft custom or non-craftable items, create your own blueprints.
No chat commands required!




  • Create blueprints, modify materials required to craft item, change item names or skins.
    Split blueprints between workbench tiers or create default blueprints.

  • No chat commands! All what players need to do is open workbench. Craft panel has 
    very light design and perfectly blends with Rust native ui.

  • Separate permission for each item category to support role play servers with different professions.
  • Set specific crafting time for each item with option to craft items into queue.


  • Craft and place entities which are normally not "placeable" in Rust.







oxide permission - craftmenu.use

• How to create default blueprint.
Simply leave ResearchCost as 0.

•  Crafting Recycler.
Plugins for placing entities usually utilizes specific item together with skin id.
Here you can find list of examples PlaceableEntities.txt

•  Adding same shortname multiple times.
When you using same shortname for more than one blueprint you have add {number} at
the end of it to prevent duplicates.    Ex.: "box.wooden.large{1}"

•  Item is name too long.
Inside lang file you can create replacements for default item names.

•  Wiping blueprints manualy.
There are two admin console commands. 
"craftmenu_admin wipe" will wipe blueprints for all players
"craftmenu_admin wipe <steamID>" wipes blueprints only for certain player.





Premade blueprints from screenshots  Blueprints.json





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