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ATM (Cash Machine) 2.0.3

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To report issues with plugin or simply get in touch with me, please use support section on site or create ticket on my discord

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Please allow at least 24 hours for response on site tickets as we all live in different time zones.  Not available during weekends.

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About ATM (Cash Machine)


Plugin will automatically turn every vending machine with matching skin id (config file) into ATM. It's up to user to decide how and where they going to be place. 

  1.  Manual placement 
    Vending machines can be placed manually by admin (deploying or spawning) and then turned into ATM by using /setatm command.
  2. Monument Addons (auto spawn)
    To avoid having manually spawn ATMs each wipe I highly recommend using MonumentAddons. This plugin will handle respawning of vending machines, they will be spawned on same monuments through future map changes. Setup is very simple, requires just two commands, /maspawn vendingmachine.deployed to spawn vending machine at monument and then /maskin 3042408530 to change vending machine skin. 
  3. Rust Edit
    In order to include ATMs at your custom map/monument you will have place card reader inside Rust Edit. To activate card readers simply look at them and type /setreader. 





Chat commands, admin only

/setatm - turn any vending machine into ATM, will also spawn card reader on top of vending machine if option is enabled in config.
/setreader - turn any spawned card reader into ATM



    "ATM": {
        "Skin ID": 3042408530,
        "Use Card Reader": true,
        "Marker Name": "ATM",
        "Broadcast": true
    "Currency": {
        "Shortname": "paper",
        "Display name": "Cash",
        "Skin ID": 2570661100
    "Card": {
        "Skin ID": 2410672337,
        "Display Name": "Credit Card",
        "Shortname": "keycard_blue",
        "Receive card on spawn": true,
        "Destroy card on death": true
    "UI Colors": {
        "Background": "0 0 0 0.79",
        "Main Panel Background": "0.086 0.082 0.078 1",
        "Content Panel": "0.357 0.357 0.357 0.25",
        "Title Panel": "0.357 0.357 0.357 0.40",
        "Withdraw Button": "0.337 0.424 0.196 1",
        "Deposit Button": "0.082 0.369 0.482 1",
        "Notification Success": "0.337 0.424 0.196 1",
        "Notification Fail": "0.631 0.282 0.22 1"


  "need_card": "You need card to access ATM.",
  "no_perms": "You don't have permissions to use ATM.",
  "ui_title": "<size=70><color=#ce422b>RUST</color> ATM</size>",
  "ui_info_title": "INFORMATION",
  "ui_info": "Here, you can securely store your hard-earned money without concerns of loss.",
  "ui_account_title": "ACCOUNT",
  "ui_account_holder": "ACCOUNT HOLDER",
  "ui_balance": "BALANCE",
  "ui_cash": "CASH ON HAND",
  "ui_controls_title": "CONTROLS",
  "ui_enter_amount": "ENTER AMOUNT",
  "ui_btn_withdraw": "<color=#bad56aff>WITHDRAW</color>",
  "ui_btn_deposit": "<color=#66b4d3ff>DEPOSIT</color>",
  "ui_withdraw_success": "You have withdrawn {value}$ from your account.",
  "ui_withdraw_fail": "You don't have enough money in your account.",
  "ui_deposit_success": "You have deposited {value}$ to your account.",
  "ui_deposit_fail_inv": "You don't have enough money in your inventory.",
  "ui_deposit_fail_inv_fail": "Something went wrong while giving you money.",
  "ui_input_only_digits": "Invalid characters inside input field."


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