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About ATM (Cash Machine)

Simple ATM system suitable for every modded server. This plugin comes with multiple ways to access the ATM interface. Account balance is held by Economics (free plugin) so admins have a full range of commands to control player accounts. 


 - Economics (Required)
 - ZoneManager (optional, only for Button)

 How to access ATM

spacer.pngSwiping credit card through reader
spacer.pngInteracting with custom vending machines
spacer.pngPressing electric button (experimental)


/spawncardreader - spawn card reader entity

/vmspawn - spawn vending machine entity

/setplace - confirm object placement

/setatmzone - set button to open ATM (experimental)

image.png.64febd01813c158be195412c13d656ec.png Video showcase here

 Config File

  "General Settings": {
    "Auth Key": 1377475368,
    "Is Enabled: ": true,
    "Can Announce: ": true,
    "Require Card: ": true,
    "Use Button: ": false,
    "Title Text: ": "<color=#ce422b>RUST</color> ATM",
    "Default Bank Information: ": "This panel serves to inform player about functions of ATM machines and ingame currencies. It can be customized inside config file, including font styling",
    "Log Warnings: ": true
  "Chat Settings": {
    "Messages Enabled: ": true,
    "Chat Tag Enabled ": true,
    "Chat Tag Color: ": "4A95CC",
    "Chat Message Color: ": "FFFFFFFF"
  "Vending Machine Settings": {
    "Vending Machine Skin": "2441271366"
  "Currency Settings": {
    "Currency Item ID": "-1779183908",
    "Currency Skin ID": "2420097877"
  "Credit Card Settings": {
    "Card Skin ID": "2410672337",
    "Card On Player Spawn": true
  "Version: ": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 6,
    "Patch": 7


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