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Custom Mixing Table 1.4.9

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About Custom Mixing Table

This plugin is basically custom made mixing table which works pretty much same as "vanilla" Mixing Table. Worth mentioning detail, vanilla mixing table interface is no longer accessible while using this plugin although you can still list "teas" in DrugMixing and make them craft-able this way.  By using one of my other plugins called Consumable Effects you can add special buffs to consumable items. These buffs are activated upon consuming the item with custom item name listed in data file. Buffs can modify metabolism values like health, bleeding, hunger, comfort etc. or apply Tea Boost with customized values (time, value, type).




Default configuration.
Default config files are included with plugin, you will find there 7 recipes which supports ConsumableEffects plugin.
Alternatively you can look into configuration made by my customers here -> Default Tea Recipes / Complete Drug Config for RP servers

Changing and uploading custom item icons.
You can upload any icon on steam workshop with uploader tool, it is simple as just clicking one button. I can provide you with free one on my discord.

Where can players find custom ingredients for mixing table.
There is few different ways how to do it. Best way is to use any plugin which modifies loot tables and add your special items in there.

Getting custom item when picking up plants.
This is done by using free plugin ExtraGatherBonuses (link here). With this plugin you can set up any gather chance for custom items.

Special effects/buffs when consuming custom items.
To set up any buffs, please check out optional dependency Consumable Effects

If you have any questions prior to purchasing, feel free to message me here, for faster response reach out on my discord.gg/rustplugins/
For more detailed documentation visit this link.

Create Recipe 

  "antiradpills{1}": {
      "Name": "Methamphetamine",
      "Image": "https://rustplugins.net/products/consumables/meth.png",
      "SkinID": 2561876619,
      "Description": "Recipe description here",
      "Stats": "Recipe Stats here",
      "Permission": null,
      "Ingredients": {
             "2782774662": 2,
             "2782631362": 5,
             "lowgradefuel": 35

Additional Options

"Mixing Timers": {
     "Global Timer": 5.0,
     "Specific Timers": {
         "syringe.medical": 15.0,
         "antiradpills": 7.0
  "Plugin Settings": {
     "Sound Effects On": true,
     "Permission required?": false,
     "Access at (prefab)": "assets/prefabs/deployable/mixingtable/mixingtable.deployed.prefab",
     "Sound Effects": {
          "set": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/notice/item.select.fx.prefab",
          "click": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/notice/loot.copy.fx.prefab",
          "mix": "assets/prefabs/food/small water bottle/effects/water-bottle-fill-world.prefab",
          "finished": "assets/prefabs/deployable/research table/effects/research-success.prefab"


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