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Found 13 results

  1. David

    Place Anything

    Version 1.0.5


    PlaceAnything is simple plugin which allows place various prefabs in native way without any special commands. This plugin is free for customers who purchased Craft Menu. If you considering purchasing, I recommend purchase it as bundle. In order to make custom items work properly, you have to use StackModifier or SkinsStackFix Having trouble fitting larger entities into your compound? By using Scale Manager API you can resize certain entities. Vehicles can be crafted, deployed and picked up any time. Trees and bushes can be also deployed however this feature is more suitable for PVE servers since some bushes can't be removed. I created file with few examples Entities.json Bases can be crafted and deployed, or sold in any shop plugin available. • How can I pick up items? Deployed structures can be picked up by hitting it with hammer. Items can be picked up only by owner. • How to upload custom icons? Custom icons can be uploaded with Steam workshop uploader. WorkshopUploader.zip original repository • How to use CopyPaste plugin with PlaceAnyting? In data file Entities.json, put 'copypaste/buildingName' instead of prefab path. • Where I can find list of all prefabs? Here is full updated list but not every prefab can be spawned from there and some of them you might not be able to destroy, I do not recommend testing this on live server. Plugin comes with 14 pre-configured items. Use /gimme chat command in game to get those items for testing. • Known issues - some prefabs cannot be damaged thus can be used to grief players. (recycler, slotmachine, test generator...etc) - hitting gambling wheel with hammer will make wheel disappear, game issue cant be fixed Please keep in mind, this plugin is basically just bridge for spawning prefab after deploying certain item. I do not guarantee that every prefab will work, you can alternatively test them by spawning them with console command before you purchase this plugin.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    Open UI - /craftcontrole (craftcontroller.use) FEATURES: Changing the minimum required workbench for item crafting Craft time is adjustable For items with a certain skinID Block crafting Block explore a blueprint Block explore at the workbench P.s - (My Discord - tofurahie#4144) Config: { "Craft Rate in %": 50, "Item Settings": { "ammo.shotgun.slug": { "Default Skin": 0, "Block craft": false, "Block to explore a blueprint": false, "Block to explore at the workbench": false, "Craft time (-1 => Default)": -1.0, "WorkbenchLevel (-1 => Default)": -1 }, "ammo.rifle": { "Default Skin": 0, "Block craft": true, "Block to explore a blueprint": true, "Block to explore at the workbench": false, "Craft time (-1 => Default)": 15.0, "WorkbenchLevel (-1 => Default)": 1 } } }
  3. Whispers88


    Version 1.3.5


    Skinner allows you to skin all items with ease. Features: New Features V1.3.1: /SkinBase Command - Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags. /SkinAll Command - This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47's. New search bar UI has been added to skin craft, skinitem and skin commands, Additional config options for this have also been added. Added ability to import workshop collections has been added to the config Skin names are now automatically applied to reskinned items Short names are automatically added to custom skins Added ability to over-ride spray can behavior via config. Added ability to use the spray can effect when holding a spray can. Skin deployables/item you have already placed Automatically skin crafted items!! Automatically skin all items in your inventory Automatically skin all items in storage boxes Skin any item after its been crafted Automatically updates with new approved skins Can add custom workshops skins Ability to blacklist skins Command cooldowns! Performance optimized including reduced hooks and automatic hook subscriptions Commands: /skin or /s (skin items as per normal skinbox) /skinitem or /si (look at items that have already been placed such as a furnace or largebox and type the command and select the desired skin) /skincraft or /sc - (select default crafting skins. This will overwrite the default skin when you craft items) /skincon or /scon - (sets all items in a container you are looking at to your default craft skins) /skininv or /sinv - (sets all items in your inventory to your default craft skins) /skinimport or /sip skinid item-shortname – (add workshop skins) /SkinBase - Allows you to skin all deployables in your base to your default skincraft skins. You can optionally specify certain deplorables such as /skinbase sleepingbag to only skin sleeping bags. /SkinAll Command - This is like the skincon command but it will skin all the items in all the containers in your base. You can optionally specify certain items such as /SkinAll rifle.ak to only skin ak47's. Note: All commands can be customized via the configuration Permissions: Skinner.default - allows use of the /skin command Skinner.items - allows use of the /skinitem command Skinner.craft - allows use of thee /skincraft command Skinner.skincon - allows use of the /skincon command Skinner.skininv -allows use of the /skininv command Skinner.bypassauth- allows you to bypass the building auth requirement when using /skinitem Skinner.skinbase for use of the /skinbase command Skinner.skinall for the use of the /skinall command Skinner.import – allows use of the /skinimport command Custom command cooldown perms see config. Config: Note: The "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {}" is now redundant and automatically converted to imported skins list. { "Skin Commands (skin items in you inventory": [ "skin", "s", "skinbox", "sb" ], "Skin Items Commands (skin items you have already placed": [ "skinitem", "si" ], "Set default items to be skinned": [ "skincraft", "sc" ], "Automatically set all items in you inventory to your default skins": [ "skininv", "sinv" ], "Automatically set all items a container to your default skins": [ "skincon", "scon" ], "Automatically skin all deployables in your base": [ "skinbase", "skinbuilding" ], "Automatically skin all items in your base": [ "skinall", "sa" ], "Import Custom Skins": [ "skinimport", "sip" ], "Custom UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [ "0.66 0.05", "0.82 0.1" ], "Custom Searchbar UI Positon 'min x, min y', 'max x', max y'": [ "0.70 0.88", "0.82 0.91" ], "Add Search Bar UI": true, "Override spraycan behaviour": false, "Use spraycan effect when holding spraycan and skinning deployables": true, "Blacklisted Skins (skinID)": [], "Import Skin collections (steam workshop ID)": [], "Command based cooldowns ('permission' : 'command' seconds": { "Default30CD": { "skin": 30.0, "skinitem": 30.0, "skincraft": 30.0, "skincon": 30.0, "skininv": 30.0, "skinbase": 60.0, "skinall": 60.0 } }, "Imported Skins List": { "861142659": { "itemShortname": "vending.machine", "itemDisplayname": "Charcoal Vending Machine" }, "2758051392": { "itemShortname": "wall.frame.garagedoor", "itemDisplayname": "anime girl" }, "1493944658": { "itemShortname": "door.hinged.metal", "itemDisplayname": "Vintage" } }, "Imported Skins (skinid : 'shortnamestring', skinid2 : 'shortnamestring2'": {} }
  4. Mevent


    Version 2.10.1


    Crafting system that allows you to create items, cars, vehicles, recyclers, etc. Commands craft open interface crafts.setwb [categories: cat1 cat2 ...] set new custom workbench Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (ex: crafts.use)": "crafts.use", crafts.setworkbench - allows you to use the "crafts.setwb" command (set custom workbenches) Craft Types Command Vehicle Item Recycler ModularCar How to install a custom workbench 1. Spawn the workbench (for example, in RustEdit or a plugin) 2. In the game, go to him and use the command "crafts.setwb" and specify the necessary categories. Example: /crafts.setwb Misc 3. Go to config (oxide/config/Crafts.json) and configure this workbench (use SafeZone, workbench level, etc.) VIDEO Config
  5. David

    Craft Menu

    Version 1.1.2


    Custom crafting panel at player's workbenches. Craft custom or non-craftable items, create your own blueprints. No chat commands required! Create blueprints, modify materials required to craft item, change item names or skins. Split blueprints between workbench tiers or create default blueprints. No chat commands! All what players need to do is open workbench. Craft panel has very light design and perfectly blends with Rust native ui. Separate permission for each item category to support role play servers with different professions. Set specific crafting time for each item with option to craft items into queue. Craft and place entities which are normally not "placeable" in Rust. FREE WITH EVERY CRAFT MENU PURCHASE oxide permission - craftmenu.use • How to create default blueprint. Simply leave ResearchCost as 0. • Crafting Recycler. Plugins for placing entities usually utilizes specific item together with skin id. Here you can find list of examples PlaceableEntities.txt • Adding same shortname multiple times. When you using same shortname for more than one blueprint you have add {number} at the end of it to prevent duplicates. Ex.: "box.wooden.large{1}" • Item is name too long. Inside lang file you can create replacements for default item names. • Wiping blueprints manualy. There are two admin console commands. "craftmenu_admin wipe" will wipe blueprints for all players "craftmenu_admin wipe <steamID>" wipes blueprints only for certain player. Premade blueprints from screenshots Blueprints.json
  6. Version 1.4.5


    This plugin is basically custom made mixing table which works pretty much same as "vanilla" Mixing Table. Worth mentioning detail, vanilla mixing table interface is no longer accessible while using this plugin although you can still list "teas" in DrugMixing and make them craft-able this way. By using one of my other plugins called Consumable Effects you can add special buffs to consumable items. These buffs are activated upon consuming the item with custom item name listed in data file. Buffs can modify metabolism values like health, bleeding, hunger, comfort etc. or apply Tea Boost with customized values (time, value, type). Join our discord and get access to more free plugins Invite Link FAQ Default configuration. Default config files are included with plugin, you will find there 7 recipes which supports ConsumableEffects plugin. Alternatively you can look into configuration made by my customers here -> Default Tea Recipes / Complete Drug Config for RP servers Changing and uploading custom item icons. You can upload any icon on steam workshop with uploader tool, it is simple as just clicking one button. I can provide you with free one on my discord. Where can players find custom ingredients for mixing table. There is few different ways how to do it. Best way is to use any plugin which modifies loot tables and add your special items in there. Getting custom item when picking up plants. This is done by using free plugin ExtraGatherBonuses (link here). With this plugin you can set up any gather chance for custom items. Special effects/buffs when consuming custom items. To set up any buffs, please check out optional dependency Consumable Effects If you have any questions prior to purchasing, feel free to message me here, for faster response reach out on my discord.gg/rustplugins/ For more detailed documentation visit this link. Create Recipe Additional Options
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Make life easier for the players on your server, this plugin allows you to craft items if there is a vault nearby with the right resources, and you can easily move items from one vault to another. Features: When you want to craft an item and you don't have enough resources but there is a craft store that has enough resources, they will be moved to your crafting inventory Three resource movement modes Basic transfer - By hitting one vault with Hammer and then the other one in transfer all items from the 1st to the 2nd vault. My transfer - transferring items from all available storages in the area (radius in the config) into your inventory and vice versa Advance transfer - move from any available storage within the radius to any other Commands: (You need to hold the hammer in your hands to use it) Press "R" - for open the UI change transfer mode. Press "RMB" - for open the UI transfer menu. Config: { "Pull request cooldown": 3.0, "Use UI messages": true, "Use Chat messages": true, "UI message duration": 3.0, "Storage pull|search radius": 18.5 } Lang: { "CH_CPBB": "<color=#ff0a0a>You can't pull resources in Building Block zone.</color>", "CH_PCD": "<color=#ff0a0a>Pull cooldown {0}s</color>", "CH_PMR": "<color=#ff0a0a>Not enough resources for pull:</color>{0}", "CH_PRC": "<color=#beff7f>Resources pulled for {0} craft. ({1} items pulled)</color>", "CH_SS": "<color=#ff0a0a>This is the same storage</color>", "CH_STFA": "<color=#ff0a0a>The storage is too far away</color>", "CH_SSL": "<color=#ffff00>Select a storage location where you want to move items</color>", "CH_SISEMPTY": "<color=#ff0a0a>The storage is empty</color>", "CH_FULLINV": "<color=#ff0a0a>There's not enough room in your inventory</color>", "CH_FULLSTORAGE": "<color=#ff0a0a>There's not enough room in the storage</color>", "CH_TRASFITEMS": "<color=#beff7f>{0} items trasfered from {1} to {2}</color>", "CH_NOTAVALIBLE": "<color=#ff0a0a>The storage isn't avalible</color>" } { "CH_CPBB": "<color=#ff0a0a>无法在\"构建基块\"区域中拉取资源。</color>", "CH_PCD": "<color=#ff0a0a>拉动冷却时间 {0}</color>", "CH_PMR": "<color=#ff0a0a>没有足够的资源用于拉取:</color>{0}", "CH_PRC": "<color=#beff7f>为{0}工艺而拉动的资源。({1}项目拉出)</color>", "CH_SS": "<color=#ff0a0a>这是相同的存储</color>", "CH_STFA": "<color=#ff0a0a>存储太远</color>", "CH_SSL": "<color=#ffff00>选择要移动项目的存储位置</color>", "CH_SISEMPTY": "<color=#ff0a0a>存储为空</color>", "CH_FULLINV": "<color=#ff0a0a>库存中没有足够的空间</color>", "CH_FULLSTORAGE": "<color=#ff0a0a>储物空间不足</color>", "CH_TRASFITEMS": "<color=#beff7f>从{1}到{2}的{0}物品</color>", "CH_NOTAVALIBLE": "<color=#ff0a0a>存储不可用</color>" } { "CH_CPBB": "<color=#ff0a0a>Вы не можете тянуть ресурсы в зоне Building Block.</color>", "CH_PCD": "<color=#ff0a0a>Вытягивания будет доступно через {0}с</color>", "CH_PMR": "<color=#ff0a0a>Недостаточно ресурсов для вытягивания:</color>{0}", "CH_PRC": "<color=#beff7f>Нужно ресурсов для крафта {0}. ({1} ресурсов)</color>", "CH_SS": "<color=#ff0a0a>Это тоже самое хранилище</color>", "CH_STFA": "<color=#ff0a0a>Хранилище слишком далеко</color>", "CH_SSL": "<color=#ffff00>Выберите хранилище, в которое вы бы хотели переместить ресурсы</color>", "CH_SISEMPTY": "<color=#ff0a0a>Хранилище пустое</color>", "CH_FULLINV": "<color=#ff0a0a>У вас нет места в инвентаре</color>", "CH_FULLSTORAGE": "<color=#ff0a0a>Недостаточно места в хранилище</color>", "CH_TRASFITEMS": "<color=#beff7f>{0} предметов перемещено из {1} в {2}</color>", "CH_NOTAVALIBLE": "<color=#ff0a0a>Хранилище не доступно</color>" }
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Config Files for Craft Menu Plugin Along with @ArtiIOMI we created Config For Craft Menu and we want to share it with you knowing how much time it takes to write one by yourself The config file contains items that are normally craftable in game but for which you need DLC or an item on Steam. It was made for VIPs on my server. I wanted it bo be not P2W feature. We also changed categories for our own, that match to items on the list a little bit better Item List : Make sure to check @Flammable version, he also did a great job by doing a config for this plugin, maybe you will like it better
  9. Version 2022.9.24.1102


    This high performance patch will make craft be instant for all your players. After installing the patch and restarting your server you need to set "craft.instant 1" to activate the instant crafting. This is a standalone Harmony patch, Oxide installation is optional. Copy the Oxidation.Instacraft.dll file into your HarmonyMods folder and restart your server. What is Harmony ? Harmony is a library for patching .NET code during runtime, it directly manipulates game code (CIL) without any additional abstraction layer such as Oxide. The direct patching of the game's byte code allows more performant modding as developers no longer need to rely on third party code, events or hooks to build custom functionality.
  10. Version 1.0.3


    Features Changes the speed of crafting. Usage - Copy the downloaded DLL file into server/HarmonyMods folder - After loading the plugin it will create a directory in the server's folder called HarmonyConfig, where you will be able to change the config options. Support - If you need help or If you have any issues or suggestions you can contact me by joining my discord server: https://discord.gg/efVKDG6z6F or by adding me on discord: Farkas#6006
  11. Version 1.0.9


    Crafting of Stationary Paper with new skins for organisiation and a locked `Admin Note` Features : Vanilla Notes get a new skin when crafted Craft different stationary papers each with their own skin and name Admin Note cant be rewritten or crafted if a player doesn't have the stationarypaper.admin permission assigned (to avoid abuse) Set a crafting price (wood for now) the Admin Notes are free to craft by admins Chat notification when not enough wood to craft in your inventory Craft canceling if no free inventory space Popup with costs when crafted (custom items don't show in notifications when crafting) Can be added to kits Backpacks safe (Bank does not support custom item names) Permissions : stationarypaper.admin (to be able to craft the admin note) stationarypaper.normal (To craft the notes for vanilla price : 10 wood) Commands : /note info : for a full listing of Configuration setup and commands /note admin : Crafts a Admin Note (locked for editing) /note bomb : Crafts a Bomb Letter (Does not explode) /note crow : Crafts a Crow Note /note information : Crafts a Info Note /note love : Crafts a Love Letter Configuration : { "Main config": { "Debug": false, "Chat Prefix": "[<color=purple>Stationary Paper</color>] " }, "Crafting Costs": { "Wood ammount": 100 } } Localisation : English language file included to use a diffrent language just make a new file in the language folder. { "NoteCrafted": "You succesfully crafted a <color=orange>{0}</color>", "Info": "\n<color=green>Available Commands</color> :\n<color=orange>/note info</color> : Shows info on version/author and commands", "InfoAdmin": "<color=orange>/note admin</color> : Crafts a Admin Note", "InfoBomb": "<color=orange>/note bomb</color> : Crafts a Bomb letter (does not explode)", "InfoCrow": "<color=orange>/note crow</color> : Crafts a Crow Note", "InfoInfo": "<color=orange>/note information</color> : Crafts a Info Note", "InfoLove": "<color=orange>/note love</color> : Crafts a Love Letter", "InvalidInput": "Please enter a valid command!", "InventoryFull": "You need at least 1 more slot in your inventory,canceling the craft", "Version": "Version : V", "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use that command!" } Skins are uploaded with : Totally worth it
  12. Version 1.0.4


    No more waiting for crafting to happen, ideal for those hyperactive kids. You can control who gets access to the instant craft feature by granting the permission OxidationInstaCrafting.allow. If you'd like to unlock it to all your players just grant the permission to the default group on the console like so: oxide.grant group default OxidationInstaCrafting.allow
  13. Death

    Group Crafting

    Version 1.0.3


    Simple plugin that allows crafting speed multipliers to be set per oxide/uMod group. Commands These commands can be ran via ingame console (with permission) or RCON. gcraft gcraft <group> <multiplier> Permissions The following permission is only needed to allow users to access commands via ingame console. groupcrafting.admin Configuration The config can be edited directly or can be adjusted with the commands above. "group": Multiplier, "group2": Multiplier Oxide/uMod groups automatically populate the config when plugin is loaded. Default multiplier is 1 and increases crafting speed higher the value. For instant crafting, set multiplier to 0. Thanks to @SawyerWD for icon!


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