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TC Authorized Setup 1.4.5

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About TC Authorized Setup


Now you can prohibit or allow actions for players in a cupboard

Open UI - /tssettings (use permission - tcauth.use)


  • The maximum number of players that can authorize in a cupboard
  • Only authorized players can open crates (on/off)
  • Only authorized players can look inside and open Furnaces (on/off)
  • Authorized players are automatically not attacked by turrets and SAM site (on/off)
  • Authorized players no longer need codes and keys to open doors (on/off)
  • Automatically if players are registered on the TC (remove building parts) (on/off)
  • Automatically registered your teammates on the TC



"tcauth.use" - you can use UI (only for config setup)
"tcauth.bypass" - you can use all the functionality
"tcauth.ignore" - you ignore all the functionality
"tcauth.auth.use" - you are automatically authorizing in your teammates TC (AutoTurrets + SAM optional)
"tcauth.lock.use" - you can open what's under lock and key
"tcauth.chest.use" - you can open chests
"tcauth.turret.use" - you are automatically authorized in the turrets and SAM
"tcauth.furnace.use" - you can open the ovens
"tcauth.removebp.use" - you can destroy parts of the building at any time


P.s - (My Discord - tofurahie#4144)

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