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Manage Zone 1.1.7

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About Manage Zone


Now you can create and configure zones using a user-friendly UI

Open UI - /zm


  • Create and setup zone with GUI
  • Can damage other player in Zone
  • Can Damage other player structures
  • Can damage NPC
  • Can damage Helicopter


P.s - (My Discord - tofurahie#4144)


  "Show Notification": true,
  "Show None zone type": true,
  "Notification message when enter in zone(%ZONENAME% - Zone name, %ZONETYPE% - Zone type)": "You have entered the zone %ZONENAME%\nZone type: %ZONETYPE%",
  "Notification message when leave from zone": "You have left the Zone, now you are in the open world",
  "Zones": [
      "ZoneID(Uniq)": 1633968236,
      "Zone Name": "ZONE NAME",
      "Zone Type": "ZONE TYPE",
      "Zone Type Color(HEX FORMAT)": "white",
      "Zone Position": {
        "x": 189.8238,
        "y": 4.038739,
        "z": 606.1398
      "Zone Radius": 10.0,
      "Visible sphere?": false,
      "Can damage other players in Zone": false,
      "Can damage other player structures": false,
      "Can damage NPC": false,
      "Can damage Helicopter": false

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