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Before make changes in the config you better to unload the plugin.

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About Update Checker


Now you'll always be up-to-date on your plugins' updates on various sites


  • Auto search (you can check supported sites below)
  • User-friendly UI for customization (use permission "updatechecker.setup" | opencommand by default = "ucsetup")
  • Notifications of new versions also come to the console via the channel you specify with a download link
  • Plugins are checked after n number of minutes which is specified in config
  • Auto Reload when the configuration has been changed then the plugin will reload itself




Q: What is "Discord message ID"?
A: This will allow the plugin to edit the message he already sent earlier to avoid spam.

Q: How to get "Discord message ID"?
A: You need to copy the link to the message that will send the bot through the webhook that you specified and copy from there the last digits before the symbol /.

Example [Discord's GUIDE]:
Link: https://discord.com/channels/1109772761158647808/1109773148775251978/1110125298017648641
You need to copy "


Supported sites: [uMod | Codefling | Lone.Design | Chaos | RustWorkshop | Github | ModPulse | RustPlugins | ServerArmour | ImperialPlugins | MyVector | SkyPlugins] 

Thx for ServerArmour API from @Pho3niX90


  "Auto reload [If you change the config and save the file the plugin will reload itself]": true,
  "Command to open UI": "ucsetup",
  "Discord WebHook": "",
  "Discord message ID": "",
  "Check Interval(In minutes)": 60,
  "Ignore not found plugins": false,
  "Add a link to the plugin to be updated": true,
  "Enable auto search": {
    "uMod": true,
    "Codefling": true,
    "Lone.Design": true,
    "Chaos": true,
    "RustWorkshop": true,
    "Github": true,
    "ModPulse": true,
    "RustPlugins": true,
    "ServerArmour": true,
    "ImperialPlugins": true,
    "MyVector": true,
    "SkyPlugins": true
  "List of plugins": [
      "Name": "UpdateChecker",
      "Author": "tofurahie",
      "Plugin version": "4.0.0",
      "Link to plugin": "https://codefling.com/plugins/update-checker",
      "Marketplace": "Codefling",
      "Ignore": false


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