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Found 7 results

  1. Version 3.5.7


    MyRustServer is a Rust Server Tool that allows you to create and manage your own Rust Server in just a few clicks. The tool brings many possibilities and options that simplify your life as a server admin. No unnecessary creation of batch files, easy installation of the server and extensions, easy updating of your plugins, wipe your server with one click and manage your players. Join the discord for better and faster support Big thanks to everyone who supports the project and helped me It is a standalone program, with which you can host your own server, connecting to other server host service providers is not possible. !No Support for Cracked Servers! The dashboard shows you all relevant information about your server. Here you control your server. Auto Restart Server Auto Update Server Auto Update Oxide Only Updates on Startup Force Restart Set Game Mode (Vanilla, Softcore, Survival and Hardcore) Set CPU Affinity Set Process Priority Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server With the installer you can easily install and update your server. No batch files are used. Install or Update Server (Master, BETA, AUX01 and AUX02) Verify Server Files Install Discord Extension Install RustEdit Under Settings you give your server your personal touch. Here you can set everything for your server. Name Logo URL Web URL App Logo URL Description Tags Max Players Add Users (Admins, Mods) RCON Password Server Port Server IP RCON Port RCON IP Query Port RakNet or Steam Networking App Port Add Custom Maps Server Map (Procedural, Custom, Barren, Hapis) Map Size Map Seed - Advanced Settings Add Start Configs (convars) Backups (MRS Folder, Oxide Folder, Server Folder) Start Rust Server on MyRustServer Startup Repair MyRustServer In Plugins you can easily manage your plugins. No annoying manual reload after editing. - Editor Edit (Auto Reload Plugin on Save, create a backup) Reload Update View Website Enable/Disable Delete - Update Check Plugins for Update (Supported sites for checking are: umod, codefling, chaoscode, lone.design and myvector) Update Plguins (Only plguins from uMod can be installed automatically after checking) Paid Plugins (here you set your purchased plugins) Blacklist Plugins Update All Plugins Auto Update Plugins Auto Wipe Shedule Custom Map Custom Seed Custom Folder/File Full Wipe Blueprints Map Oxide Data Backpacks Logs Player Deaths Player Identities Player Stats Player Tokens New Map Seed on Wipe Install or Update Oxide and Carbon Uninstall Oxide or Carbon Show Server in Modded or Community Choose your build (Production, Staging or Development) View Server Console Send Commands to your Server Add Quick Commands Open Steam profile Copy SteamID Copy Name Check IP Kick Player Ban Player Teleport to Me to Player Teleport Player to Me Set/Remove Admin/Mod Send Server Messages (Restart, Updates and Wipe) Send Custom Messages Send Custom Commands Sets for each Message a Time Connect your server to your Discord to use as remote control or status information. Start Bot on MyRustServer Startup Send Server Status (Online, Offline, Restart) Send new Updates (Server, Client and Oxide) Send Wipe Notification - Send Commands Start Server Stop Server Restart Server Kill Server Update Server Update Oxide
  2. Version 1.0.2


    This is an admin plugin in the plugin the admin or the user can set the day or time for events to be scheduled, the events are needed which are custom plugins. After the plugin has been activated on the server, you can use /em to set everything, such as which event, such as when the event comes, and on which day do I want the event to start. Permissions: eventmanager.use - Anyone with this permission can open the menu If you have any questions or problems, join my discord https://discord.gg/D2zTWCEnrN Thanks to @CASHR for realizing my idea
  3. Version 1.1.1


    No more blueprints ! Great for those crazy, heavy modded servers. You can control to which users the blueprints will be unlocked by granting the permission OxidationBlueprintUnlock.allow. If you'd like to unlock to all your players just grant the permission to the default group on the console like so: oxide.grant group default OxidationBlueprintUnlock.tier0 oxide.grant group default OxidationBlueprintUnlock.tier1 oxide.grant group default OxidationBlueprintUnlock.tier2 oxide.grant group default OxidationBlueprintUnlock.tier3
  4. Version 1.0.9


    This plugin can be used by developers to manage their arena games etc. Developers can use this to handle the entry/exit of players into their games. The plugin will be primarily used by my HungerGames, ScubaArena and Skirmish game (soon to be released). It features: Registration calls to create and register the event with the plugin. Automatic running of the events in order, so you can have multiple event plugins running 1 after the other (configurable). Strip and save the players current inventory, and restore it after they leave the game. Store and restore the players metabolism stats when they join/leave the game. Register a destination for players to teleport to when joining the game. Command black listing. Build in hook management for popular plugins such as Backpacks and kits. API void EMCreateEvent(string eventName, bool automatic_start, bool stripItems, bool leaves_event_on_death, bool full_health_on_join, bool give_items_back_on_respawn, bool full_metabolism_on_join, Vector3 teleport_destination) Creates the event and allows the developer to specify the settings: eventName: the name of the event. this.Name is recommended. automatic_start: enrolls the event to be scheduled and ran by EventHelper. stripItems: strips the players items and stores them in the data file. Items will be returned upon leaving the event, or when they respawn after they have left the event unless give_items_back_on_respawn is set to false. leaves_event_on_death: Kicks the player from the event when they die. full_health_on_join: Stores the players health into the data file and sets their health to max. give_items_back_on_join: Gives the players items back when they leave the event, or when they respawn after leaving the event. If set to false, they will need to use the /recoveritems command to get their items back.This is useful if a server is running plugins such as kits, which wipes the players inventory to give the player a kit. full_metabolism_on_join: Saves and restores the players metabolism before and after a game. teleport_destination: The location that a player will teleport to when joining the game. Set to Vector3.new if you do not want them to teleport. void EMExternalPluginSettings(string eventName, bool canDropBackpack = false, bool canEraseBackpack = false, bool canOpenBackpack = false, bool canBackpackAcceptItem = false, bool canRedeemKit = false, bool CanLoseXP= false) Sets up the external plugin settings for the event. eventName: The registered name of the event. canDropBackpack: Backpack plugin. canEraseBackpack: Backpack plugin. canOpenBackpack: Backpack plugin. canBackpackAcceptItem: Backpack plugin. canRedeemKit: Can the player redeem kits. CanLoseXP: Can the player lose xp when dying in the game. void EMBlackListCommands(string eventName, string[] commands) Use to submit a list of commands that cannot be run while at the event. void EMRemoveEvent(string eventName) Removes the event from EventHelper. This will automatically trigger the EMPlayerLeaveEvent hook for each player if the event is active. void EMManuallyStarted(string eventName) Flags the event as manually started, preventing it from being run automatically if opting in for automatic_start. void EMUpdateLobby(string eventName, Vector3 pos) Allows you to update the lobby destination after an event has been created. void EMStartEvent(string eventName) Triggers an event to start. Marks the event as running so it can be used with the EMEndEvent hook. Call this when you want the game to start. void EMEndEvent(string eventName) Triggers the event to end. Goes through each participant and calls EMPlayerLeaveEvent on them before clearing the participants. Also resets manually_started to false and triggers the EMEndGame hook. bool EMEnrollPlayer(BasePlayer player, string eventName) Enrolls a player into the event. Follows the instructions of the EMCreateEvent settings by stripping items, setting health and metabolisms, as well as teleporting the player to the arena. Also checks for crafting queues, black listed items and escape blocks. Returns true if the player was enrolled successfully. void EMPlayerLeaveEvent(BasePlayer player, string eventName = null) Removes the player from the event. Strips the items that they have received from the event, then optionally restores their previous items, teleports them to the location that they were at prior to joining, sets their health and their metabolism etc, or will tell them that they need to use the command in order to get their inventory back. bool EMIsParticipating(BasePlayer player, string eventName) Returns true if a player is participating in an event (using the participants list associated with the event itself). bool EMAtEvent(ulong id) Returns true if a player is at an event (using the playerdata records). bool AddBan(BasePlayer player, string event_name) Bans the player from the specified event. bool RemoveBan(BasePlayer player, string event_name) Unbans the player from the specified event. Hooks void EMEndGame(string eventName) Is called when the game ends. Chat commands ehban <target name/id> - bans the player from all events globally. ehunban <target name/id> - unbans the player from all events globally.
  5. ZockiRR


    Version 1.1.0


    Advanced graphical plugin manager to easily manage plugins. Features Load/Unload plugins Unloaded plugins are unloaded permanently (not reloading after restarts) Convenient error lookup for not loading plugins Intuitive and super responsive UI (no lag for small UI changes and no mouse reset) Search/Filter function Back button for quick navigation No plugin dependencies Commands (Chat and Console) gplugins - Opens/Closes the UI gplugins.load <pluginname> - Loads the given plugin and removes it from the disabled plugins list gplugins.unload <pluginname> - Unloads the given plugin and adds it to the disabled plugins list Permissions Administrators don't need any permission Players can be given access with the permission 'gplugins.use' (for UI and commands) Hints Clicking the exclamation mark icon will show the error message at the bottom The disablement of plugins after restarts will not work if gplugins is not loaded Loading a plugin in any way other then gplugins when it is disabled in gplugins will not work Configuration uicolor.primary (rgba) - The primary accent color uicolor.disabled (rgba) - The disabled buttons color
  6. ZockiRR


    Version 1.0.0


    Advanced graphical permissions manager to easily manage player and group permissions. Features Assign/Revoke player permissions Assign/Revoke player groups Assign/Revoke group permissions Create, rename and delete groups Convenient overview of given permissions per plugin Hierarchical wildcard permissions Back button for quick navigation Search/Filter function Intuitive UI No plugin dependencies Commands (Chat and Console) gperms - Opens/Closes the UI Permissions Administrators don't need any permission Players can be given access with the permission 'gperms.use' Hints Directly granted permissions will be checked as green Inherited group permissions will be checked as blue To revoke all permissions of a plugin click the 1 level wildcard permission twice (grant all -> revoke all) Configuration plugins.showwithoutpermissions (true/false) - If set to false, plugins without permissions wil be hidden players.showoriginalnames (true/false) - If set to true, the original playername will also be shown uicolor.primary (rgba) - The primary accent color uicolor.disabled (rgba) - The disabled buttons color uicolor.activetab (rgba) - The active tab color
  7. Version 1.1.4


    Open UI - /zm FEATURES: Create and setup zone with GUI Can damage other player in Zone Can Damage other player structures Can damage NPC Can damage Helicopter P.s - (My Discord - tofurahie#4144) Config: { "Show Notification": true, "Show None zone type": true, "Notification message when enter in zone(%ZONENAME% - Zone name, %ZONETYPE% - Zone type)": "You have entered the zone %ZONENAME%\nZone type: %ZONETYPE%", "Notification message when leave from zone": "You have left the Zone, now you are in the open world", "Zones": [ { "ZoneID(Uniq)": 1633968236, "Zone Name": "ZONE NAME", "Zone Type": "ZONE TYPE", "Zone Type Color(HEX FORMAT)": "white", "Zone Position": { "x": 189.8238, "y": 4.038739, "z": 606.1398 }, "Zone Radius": 10.0, "Visible sphere?": false, "Can damage other players in Zone": false, "Can damage other player structures": false, "Can damage NPC": false, "Can damage Helicopter": false } ] }


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