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Found 9 results

  1. KpucTaJl


    Version 1.0.7


    This plugin does not have its own functionality This plugin is only used as an API for other plugins Creates a configurable PVE mode out of compatible events and plugins Supported Plugins AirEvent HarborEvent WaterEvent Satellite Dish Event Power Plant Event JunkyardEvent Defendable Bases BossMonster BetterNpc Convoy API void EventAddPveMode(string shortname, JObject configJson, Vector3 position, float radius, HashSet<uint> crates, HashSet<uint> scientists, HashSet<uint> tanks, HashSet<ulong> owners, BasePlayer owner) Creates a PVE event mode shortname – name of event configJson – PVE mode configuration (more details below in the description) position – event position on the map radius – radius of the event zone crates – list of all event crates (including locked crates) scientists – list of all NPCs active during event tanks – list of all Bradley events owners – list of all event owners (this parameter is necessary if you need to create an event zone several times) owner – event owner (this parameter is required if you need to run an event with the owner) void EventRemovePveMode(string shortname, bool addCooldownOwners) Removes PVE mode for the event shortname – name of event addCooldownOwners – should there be a cooldown for all event owners if this parameter is active in the PVE mode configuration? (this parameter is necessary if you need to create an event zone several times and issue a cooldown only in the last iteration) void EventAddCrates(string shortname, HashSet<uint> crates) Adds crates to the event if active in PVE mode shortname – name of event crates – list of event crates to be added (including locked crates) void EventAddScientists(string shortname, HashSet<uint> scientists) Adds NPCs to the event if active in PVE mode shortname – name of event scientists – list of added event NPCs to be added void EventAddTanks(string shortname, HashSet<uint> tanks) Adds Bradley to the event if active in PVE mode shortname – name of event tanks – list of added Bradleys event to be added HashSet<ulong> GetEventOwners(string shortname) Returns a list of SteamID for all of the Event Owners during the operation of an event shortname – name of event ulong GetEventOwner(string shortname) Returns the SteamID of the current Event Owner (if there is no Event Owner, it returns 0) shortname – name of event void SetEventOwner(string shortname, ulong owner) Sets the current Event Owner shortname – name of event owner – SteamID of the player HashSet<string> GetEventsPlayer(ulong id) Returns a list of event zones where the player is located id - SteamID of the player Dictionary<string, double> GetTimesPlayer(ulong id) Returns a list of events and the time when the player participated in the event the last time id - SteamID of the player PVE Mode Configuration float Damage – The amount of damage that the player has to do to become the Event Owner HashSet<ScaleDamageConfig> ScaleDamage – Damage coefficients for calculation to become the Event Owner bool LootCrate – Can other players and teams loot the crates if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool HackCrate – Can other players and teams hack locked crates if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool LootNpc – Can other players and teams loot NPC corpses if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool DamageNpc – Can other players and teams deal damage to the NPC if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool DamageTank – Can other players and teams do damage to Bradley if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool TargetNpc – Can an Npc attack other players and teams if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool TargetTank – Can Bradley attack other players and teams if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool CanEnter – Allow other players and teams to enter the Event Zone if not Event Owner or their team? [true/false] bool CanEnterCooldownPlayer – Allow a player who has an active cooldown as the Event Owner to enter the event zone? [true/false] int TimeExitOwner – The time that the Event Owner can leave the Event Zone and retain title [sec.] int AlertTime – The Warning time until Event Owner status will end [sec.] bool RestoreUponDeath – Prevent RestoreUponDeath plugin from functioning in the Event Zone? (Player will drop gun and inventory when in Event Zone) [true/false] double CooldownOwner – Cooldown timer for Event Owner until they can achieve the title again, after the end of an event where the player was its owner [sec.] int Darkening – Darkening of the dome (0 – disables the dome) Example: JObject config = new JObject { ["Damage"] = 500f, ["ScaleDamage"] = new JArray { new JObject { ["Type"] = "NPC", ["Scale"] = 1f }, new JObject { ["Type"] = "Bradley", ["Scale"] = 2f } }, ["LootCrate"] = false, ["HackCrate"] = false, ["LootNpc"] = false, ["DamageNpc"] = false, ["DamageTank"] = false, ["TargetNpc"] = false, ["TargetTank"] = false, ["CanEnter"] = false, ["CanEnterCooldownPlayer"] = true, ["TimeExitOwner"] = 300, ["AlertTime"] = 60, ["RestoreUponDeath"] = true, ["CooldownOwner"] = 86400, ["Darkening"] = 12 }; Chat commands EventsTime - shows the player a list of how much time has passed since participating in the event the last time Console commands (RCON only) ClearTimePveMode {steamid} - clears the list of the time when the player with SteamID ({steamid}) participated in the event the last time My Discord: KpucTaJl#8923 Join the Mad Mappers Discord here! Check out more of my work here!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Wooden Framed Glass Dome Prefab Contains 573 Objects Perfect for placing around monuments to give an extra-worldly addition to any loot location. Can be scaled dynamically for various sizes. May be broken down to take out panels where needed for access points.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Dieses Prefab ist wie der SphereTank strukturiert, hat aber noch viel mehr Überraschungen und Beute Prefab Count 673 (wie viele Prefabs sind im Pack) Dieses Prefab enthält 1 Green Card Puzzle 36 Kiste (Normal, Elite, Food, Medic) 20 Barrel (Loot-Barrel 1, Loot-Barrel 2, Oil-Barrel) 21 NPC Kopieren Sie den vorgefertigten Ordner in Ihren RustEdit Custom Prefabs-Ordner. Legen Sie das Prefab ab und wenden Sie die Prefab-Modifikatoren an. Dieses Fertighaus erfordert Rustedit.dll https://github.com/k1lly0u/Oxide.Ext.RustEdit Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme haben, können Sie mich über Discord https://discord.gg/mQcwmcwyb7 Youtube-Video kontaktieren
  4. Version 61 140822


    This map has been modified to work better with Harmony Mods, it will still work with Oxide if Harmony is not available to you. Harmony is now part of Rust by Facepunch. Please read the ReadMe file before use Enter the BioSphere World where domes protect all that is holy, step outside and your at the mercy of Rust You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities MEGACITY ONE, main living dome ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, domed city two MUSHROOM CITY, multiple smaller linked domes for growing stuff RADIO TOWER LOS RUSTOS BEACH RESORT, chill out on the beach, if you kill all the scientists OIL DERRICK ASYLUM BEACHED CARGO, cargo means loot PAIN THERAPY COMPOUND DRAGON Along with a number of smaller additions BioSphere REBORN - YouTube If you have any problems you can contact me as follows Discord (Best) please join the discord for news, updates, bug reports etc https://discord.gg/r84Cg84 Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use. Thanks Niko Thanks for downloading this Rust Custom Map, 4K in size, Highly Modified Procedurally Generated. (66K Objects)
  5. Version 1.1.6


    Seagull Island is a small-sized map designed from the start to work well with the work cart update featuring a subway and a working above-ground rail network linked together so you can ride up and down on your work cart as well as its size it utilises my mini monument remakes to save space on this tiny map enabling me to include more monuments than normal for a 1.5k map. Fully custom terrain that brings a unique look to your server. Size:1500 Editing Yes you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc . Monuments: Desert Military Base All In One Compound (outpost, bandit, fishing, stables) Mini Launch Site Mini Harbour Mini Train Yard Mini Water Treatment Above Ground Railway Jct Underwater Labs Early Warning Radar (Stats in the ocean) Warehouse Supermarket Subways Sphere Tank Oil Rig Large & Small Dependencies: Oxide and RustEdit.dll Contact And Help If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553 For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Underwater Buildable domes, in this pack I have made different sizes as well as 3 different glass versions, there's 9 in total that can be used and placed under the water. included is a small med and large version for each glass style. Enjoy.
  7. Version 1.0.4


    You can't buy this monument on this website anymore. I changed it because I don't want to participate anymore to the enrichment of some people here with my stuff, but not wanting to delete my page so that my customers can continue to download the updates, so the only solution was to disable the possibility to buy it here. But as the master say this thing is "subjest to change". If you want to buy this map, just do a simple search on google with "rust pterodome monument", you will find the second site where I sell my stuff. You can also join my discord and send me a private message to have more info : https://discord.gg/kcUm5SX Find the best way with jump puzzles and card puzzles to reach the loot in this detailed and polish monument inspired by the world of Jurassic Park. The monument can also be used as an arena event (and even use the entrance as a lobby) and is extremely easy to install on your map. After the nuclear apocalypse, the last pterodactyls recreated in laboratory have this time completely disappeared from the surface of the Earth. But one of the buildings where they were kept is still standing, and still contains some of the stuff used to keep them locked in their cage. It's up to you to explore it to recover this stuff. This monument contain an "Arena" version without any loot, ore, barrels and card puzzle, all acces are closed (except doors between lobby and arena with an admin panel to open this doors), there's invisible collider all around the dome to prevent players outside to shot players inside. FEATURES: - 2 small monuments, 1 main with lobby - 1 entrance, 3 exit - Card puzzle (green and red) - Jump puzzle - Blue card desk - Recycler - Research table - Loot tier 1, 2 and 3 - Nodes - Trees PHONES ID: - PTEROCAFE - PTEROLOBBY SECURITY CAMS ID: - PTERO1 - PTERO2 - PTERO3 prefabs : 5900 Arena version prefabs : 4900 If you have any question you can contact me as follows Discord Thanks
  8. Version 2.0.4


    Mr.Bones Welcomes you and all to his new attraction! Casidome! A Large Scale, Vertical Oriented Outpost/Bandit Replacement Monument for Roleplay, Vanilla and Modded servers alike. All elements built into the three different sections are within rustedit balance, confines, gravity and resources. This monument is also built to be a combination of all the amenities of both Bandit and Outpost but built into the framework of a fully navigable and roleplay-centric structure, but still viable for Vanilla and Modded (2x, 5x etc) servers without adding anything or breaking any game rules or balance. Included in the Casidome is: - 2 blue loot barrel - 2 regular loot barrel - 7 food trash spawns - 1 Workbench Tier 1 - 3 Recyclers. all spaced out between the three different sections - 1 Blueprint Table - 2 Repairbenches - 1 Airwolf Spawn - All the shops from Outposts - All the shops from Bandit including Black Market being split between two shops in two locations - Big Wheel with 6 seating terminals of various seating - Numerous slot machines in key parts of the dome - 2 Poker Tables with ambient fireplace setting - Various non game impacting roleplay elements, random seating locations, hidden easter eggs, - Flooded underground explorable cave system contained within the dome - Rising buildings and structures placed atop of the dome themed around the Cyberpunk aesthetic Different variations coming in the future: Different versions for all biomes Vanilla and Non Vanilla variants Even more optimized frame rate friendly variant Come on by and take a tour of Mr Bones Casidome! Don't forget, you're here forever!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    There is nothing special, a simple empty dome with little bushes around in Jurrasic Park Domes' style for flat maps or maps where you can rise terrain.


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