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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.4


    Get your server ready for Halloween! This plugin adds several options to make your server more spooky, including jumpscares when looting a crate, customizable NPC clothing and graveyards with zombies that spawn at night. Features: Graveyards with loot guarded by zombies Play spooky sound effects at night Jumpscares when looting a crate Custom NPC clothing Junk pile decorations Graveyards: The plugin comes with one graveyard built-in, you can also create custom grave yards. Graveyards spawn at night and are guarded by zombies. Inside you can find coffins with loot. They will burn down as soon as the sun rises. To create a custom graveyard you first have to build one. Any deployable in the game can be added to a graveyard with some serving a special purpose: Snowman: Placing a snowman in the graveyard will create a zombie spawn point at that position Coffin: Every coffin will be filled with loot when the graveyard spawns. The loot can be changed in the config To save a graveyard, go to the center of your graveyard and type /gy new . Now hit every object you want to include in your graveyard with a hammer. When you are done use /gy save <name> to save the graveyard. To spawn the graveyard at night you have to add the name to the config field "Grave yard configurations to spawn". Junkpiles: Every junk pile can be customized with decorations. Out of the box the plugin comes with a default configuration for each junk pile. To edit the decorations of a junk pile, use the command /jp <type> where type is a letter from a to j each representing a different junk pile. A junk pile will spawn at your current position. To add objects to the junk pile just hit them with a hammer and use /jp save when you are done. Custom jumpscare sounds: There are 2 default sounds for jumpscares: _scream and _laugh, you can also record custom sounds. To record a custom sound using the in-game voice chat, type /rec to start the recording and /rec again to stop the recording. You can check you current recording by using the command /rec test. A ghost will spawn next to you and play the sound you just recorded. To save your recording use /rec save <name>. Now you can add the name of the recording to the config field "Jumpscare sounds". Permissions: halloween.edit - Required to edit junk piles and graveyards halloween.record - Reqired for recording new sounds Configuration: { "Enable lightnings at night": true, "Enable fog at night": true, "Enable junk pile decorations": true, "Enable grave yards": true, "Grave yard population at night": 20, "Allow grave yards on roads": true, "Grave yard despawn time (seconds)": 40.0, "Minimum distance between grave yards": 50.0, "Grave yard configurations to spawn": [ "_default" ], "Grave yard loot table": [ // Removed because too long ], "Enable sound effects at night": true, "Minimum time between sound effects (per player, in minutes)": 5.0, "List of sound effects": [ "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/player/beartrap_scream.prefab", "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/player/howl.prefab" ], "Custom NPC Clothing": { "scientistnpc_junkpile_pistol": [ { "Item shortname": "halloween.mummysuit", "Skin id": 0 } ] }, "Enable jumpscares when looting a crate": true, "Jumpscare chance (%)": 5.0, "Minimum time between jumpscares (per player, in minutes)": 30.0, "Jumpscare sounds": [ "_laugh", "_scream" ] }
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Exagonal City : This city replaces the bandit town and the outpost, everything is concentrated in that area, each entrance is automated with automatic doors, lights and siren that warns the arrival or departure of the players. Count Prefab : 4262 VIDEO : Clone Respawn Custom : It is a personalized respawn, to concentrate all the players to respawn in one or more places, the idea is that it is not the simple respawn on the beach as always, it is a very small prefab and gives the possibility of telling the player the story or server theme. Count Prefab : 1009 VIDEO: Little City : It is a small city that does the function of outpost and bandit town, but this one, as it does not have vending machines, still needs outpost (soon to be updated with vending machines), the entrance is automated with lights and sirens that announce the entry and exit of players. It also contains 3 spawns to use with the Work Cart plugin and thus have 3 usable trains. The lights that illuminate Little City are autolight, they turn on and off by themselves. Count Prefab : 1265 VIDEO: Panoramic Tower: this is a very simple porefab, it is designed to stand out and be seen from far away, I use it in the center of my own Exagonal city as a reference so that players know where the center of the map is, but it can be used as standalone monument, for example adding scientificos and loot to them. It has 6 elevators and when we reach the top, we will find a panoramic restaurant. Count Prefab : 577 Video : I want to thank knockcree for teaching me so many things! Thanks !
  3. Version 1.0.0


    From the "Decoration" series! This file contains several color variations for two door dumpsters. Open and closed door variations. Full and empty variations for all colors. It doesn't contain mixed colors but if you want a green dumpster with a black lid (for example) I'll be happy to add it. Hope you like it. This price is symbolic, just to support me. Thanks! Follow in Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shalle_design Like my work? Support me in Patreon https://www.patreon.com/shalle My sincere thanks to MnfreakTim of Relaxed Rust for granting me the use of his Build Server. Meet Relaxed Rust https://relaxedrust.com/ Relaxed Rust Server IP:
  4. Version 3.0.0


    Drag n' drop! Nothing crazy looking, something Facepunch should have made themselves. Features: Simple, High Detail, low prefab count! 2038 prefabs in total! Can easily be inserted into a existing map. A refreshing look on rust's outpost structures. Something all players can recognize. Includes an interactive Recycler and Large Oil Refinery. Loot consists of: Numerous Barrels, 4 military (green) crates, 7~ basic (tan) crates, scattered food and medical boxes. Does not include a "Monument Marker" keep this in mind when placing the monument. Exclaimer: The following video is for the Arena variant, keep in mind however that these are very similar. The difference being the surround terrain and inclusion of real loot-able crates and barrels. Enjoy! NOTE: It is suggested to place this prefab on the axis it’s on once spawned in since Rust’s terrain ‘pixelation’ limits terrain slopes when pasting in prefabs. So when dropping this prefab within your map you may have to grab the entire prefab and slightly move it to align with the terrain due to this handicap (not the prefab’s fault, just how Rust’s works). NOTE #2: It is suggested to paint your own alpha texture onto the sewer tunnel entrances, this is a problem within Rust Edit.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Five Pixel Buddies Glowing Lamps. Decorative pixelart objects with a slight red glowing effect in the dark. Join the team of Duperman, Fault Boy, Harlequin, Mogaman and Thunderbolt and save the earth.


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