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EventManager 2.2.3

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About EventManager

The "EventManager" plugin is a versatile tool designed for Rust game servers. It provides a system to manage and schedule various in-game events with ease. Developed by senyaa & M&B-Studios, this plugin offers the ability to organize events such as Air Events, Water Events, Arctic Base Events, Satellite Dish Events, Junkyard Events, Power Plant Events, and more.


•The plugin supports multiple events, each with customizable settings.

•Events can have distinct display names, associated commands, and colors for UI buttons.

•Events can be scheduled to run on specific days and hours.

•The plugin includes a command to launch events, giving server admins flexibility.

•The "EventManager" plugin enhances player engagement by introducing regular events to the Rust game environment. With a straightforward interface, server administrators can effortlessly manage event scheduling and execution.

Command and Permission:

Once the plugin is activated on the server, the following commands can be used:

/em: This command allows administrators or users to set up everything, such as which event to start, when the event should begin, and on which day.

/newevent  you can add missing events according to your own preferences. Customize your event to your liking and make the Event Manager an even more versatile tool for your needs.

/newcreator, you can now easily add new creators to the event manager.



New Features:

Random Event Start: With this update, we've introduced an exciting feature that adds even more variety to the gameplay experience. Now you can add multiple events, and the plugin will randomly select an event to start. This adds a new dimension of surprise and challenge to the game environment.

Addition of Facepunch Events: We've listened to user feedback and are proud to announce that we've integrated the popular Facepunch events into the plugin. These well-known events will make the gameplay experience even more dynamic and provide extra fun.


eventmanager.use: Anyone with this permission can open the menu and access the event management features.

Added: EventManagerNotifier Plugin

Introduced a new plugin named EventManagerNotifier. This plugin enables administrators to activate chat notifications for Facepunch. Configuration options are customizable to tailor notifications to individual preferences.

If you have any questions or problems, join my discord



  "Events": [
      "MessagesActive": true,
      "EventName": "Airdrop",
      "StartCommand": "em_spawn \"assets/prefabs/misc/supply drop/supply_drop.prefab\"",
      "StartMessage": "Airdrop was <color=green>dropped</color>"
      "MessagesActive": true,
      "EventName": "Chinook 47",
      "StartCommand": "harborstart",
      "StartMessage": "Chinook 47 has <color=green>started</color> and is making its rounds"
      "MessagesActive": true,
      "EventName": "Cargoship",
      "StartCommand": "em_spawn assets/content/vehicles/boats/cargoship/cargoshiptest.prefab",
      "StartMessage": "CargoShip sets sail and has <color=green>started</color> the journey"
      "MessagesActive": true,
      "EventName": "Helicopter",
      "StartCommand": "em_spawn assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/patrolhelicopter.prefab",
      "StartMessage": "Helicopter <color=green>started</color> the sightseeing flight"

Thanks to @_senyaa

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