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Grow 1.2.2

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About Grow


Makes plants Grow in plant boxes within a small radius around the player (about 3-4 large plant boxes) by one growth stage when entering the command /grow. Multiple entries possible. Available currencies: Server Rewards, Economics, Scrap, or none.


  • Simply drag grow.cs into the oxide/plugins directory.
  • Set permission grow.use.
  • Set settings under oxide/config/Grow.json.
  • Set language file under: oxide/lang/en/Grow.json and oxide/lang/de/Grow.json.


grow.use - Allows the use of the grow plugin.

Configuration options:

currency active? - Turn currency on / off.
if currency true = ServerRewards - Set currency to Server Rewards.
if currency true = Economics - Set currency to Economics.
if currency true = Scrap - Set currency to Scrap.
cost - How much should it cost.



This plugin allows you to customize the language of in-game messages for the "Grow" plugin. It includes both English and German language files, and you can easily switch between them as needed.

To set the language file, navigate to the following paths in your server directory:

  • For English: oxide/lang/en/Grow.json
  • For German: oxide/lang/de/Grow.json

Simply edit the appropriate file with the desired language and save your changes. The plugin will then display messages in the selected language.



Support in German and English.


P.S.: new version fixes the "G-Point" 😛


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