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Advanced Clan Pings 1.0.2

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About Advanced Clan Pings

Every pvp in Rust tends to be caotic, with many players giving confusing calls to their team mates like "Under the rock" or "Over there". With this plugin your players will spend less time trying to figure out where the enemy is and more time focusing on the pvp.

This plugin is a tool for clans to give better calls by placing a ping with a click of a button where the player is looking at. This ping can be seen only by the player who placed it and the members of his team. Players can choose from a different variation of ping types and colors, as well as the showing time.

When a player is pointing with a weapon towards the plugin direction, it will fade to ensure it doesnt disturb the player while he is shooting.

  • Players can place a ping by pressing the FIRE_THIRD button. 
  • Players can open the customization menu by using the command /ping or by holding the FIRE_THIRD button. 

This plugin works with any clan plugin or team plugin.






  • advancedclanpings.use - Will allow the use of this plugin.


  "Plugin Settings": {
    "Maximum ping distance:": 300,
    "Maximum ping time (Change message in Lang folder):": 60
  "Menu Settings": {
    "Menu Header Text:": "<color=#ff9b12>MENU</color>",
    "Marker Type text:": "Marker Type:",
    "Color Text:": "Color:",
    "Enable Ping Text:": "Enable Ping:",
    "Ping Time Text:": "Ping Time:",
    "Enable Button Text:": "ENABLE",
    "Disable Button Text:": "DISABLE",
    "Close Button Text:": "CLOSE"


Players can also change their own ping within the menu:



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