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About MLRSC4

Introducing MLRSC4 – The Rust Plugin That Turns the MLRS Wagon into an Explosive Hotspot!

MLRSC4 offers a simple yet brilliant solution for server administrators looking to regulate access to Rust's Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) in a fun and engaging way.

This plugin ensures that players who enter the MLRS wagon and have the required permission will automatically have C4 spawned on them, set to explode after a predefined delay.

Key Features:

  • Automatic C4 Spawning: For players with the special permission "mlrsc4.use" who enter the MLRS wagon, C4 is automatically placed on them.
  • Customizable Explosion Delay: Administrators can set the timer for the C4 explosion, giving them full control over when the boom happens.
  • Simple Configuration: MLRSC4 makes it easy to decide who gets access to the MLRS and who gets a surprise explosive welcome if they attempt to use the system.

Benefits of MLRSC4:

Perfect for servers looking for a creative way to control MLRS usage, this plugin adds a layer of strategic planning and turns accessing the MLRS wagon into a risky yet fun endeavor. MLRSC4 is ideal for making players think twice before entering the wagon, while still providing an entertaining experience for everyone involved.

Flexible Usage Options:

What makes MLRSC4 stand out is its versatility. You can use the plugin in two ways:

  • Increase the Thrill: By extending the time until explosion, you give players a chance to experience the thrill of launching rockets under pressure, with the possibility of succeeding in time.
  • Prevent Usage: Set the timer very short to prevent the use of MLRS rockets outright. Players who enter the wagon will "go boom" immediately, serving as an effective deterrent against unauthorized use.

Make the MLRS wagon an unforgettable part of your Rust server with MLRSC4.

Get the plugin now and let the sparks (and C4s) fly – choose how you want to shape the gameplay!


Lang-File: English and German included


  "NumberOfC4": 5, // The number of C4 charges that will automatically spawn when a player with the required permission enters the MLRS wagon.
  "ExplosionDelay": 10.0, // The delay in seconds before the spawned C4 charges explode.
  "Permission": "mlrsc4.use", // The permission a player must have to avoid being affected by C4 when entering the MLRS wagon.
  "ShowMessage": true // Determines whether a warning message is displayed when C4 is spawned and set to explode.


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